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WWE makes a change to Seth Rollins' name



The evolution of Seth Rollins in WWE is interesting to say the least.

People in management love Rollins because of his in-ring but more importantly (according to the decision-makers) his character work is what keeps him as a player in storylines.

Rollins started his main roster run as part of the super serious Shield faction. He went on to win multiple titles, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and he's slid into various roles over the last few years.

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During his feud with the Mysterio family, he was the Messiah, and last year he introduced The Visionary character. Rollins is now playing an outlandish version of himself and he's taking it a step further with a slight name change.

For years, Rollins has referred to himself as Seth "Freakin" Rollins and that is now officially part of his name. The official change happened at WWE Day 1 on Saturday as it was listed on the lower thirds graphic during his entrance. The "Freakin" part of his name was added to his titantron last night on Monday Night Raw and it has also been added to his profile page on

Rollins wrestled a Fatal 4-Way match last night to determine the number 1 contender for Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship. He lost the match but there is chemistry with Kevin Owens so perhaps he and Owens will move into a Tag Team Title program heading into WrestleMania season.