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WWE management not happy with The Rock going off script on Raw

WWE management was not happy with The Rock going off script during his segment on Raw last week.

In fact, there were people freaking out backstage when Rock decided to talk to the fans dressed as WWE Hall Of Famers. The feeling was that if anyone else (other than John Cena) did what he did then they would have been fired. But Rock is one of those people that can get away with doing what he wants, can go off script and go over his allotted time because there’s nothing you can really do to him.

I did notice the fans in the front row earlier in the show. For those that did not watch the show, there were some fans sitting in plain view of the hard camera and they were dressed as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Undertaker and The Rock. At one point, during the Bray Wyatt vs. Kane match, the fan dressed as Savage got up from his seat to do the Savage twirl with his finger and that got a loud reaction. They tried to shoot around it so it wasn’t as obvious on TV. Security was told to tell them to cut it out and they were eventually taken out of the arena but they were let back in and moved to the opposite side of the hard camera and told to calm down.

Rock commented on the segment on his twitter account:

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