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WWE management will make a decision soon on Jimmy Uso

There may be some news coming on Jimmy Uso tonight or sometime within the next 24 hours after his latest DUI arrest.

Dave Meltzer noted on Twitter that a decision on what to do with Jimmy is expected soon.

WrestleVotes reported earlier today that two “high level people in power” were said to be extremely disappointed at his latest arrest. heard that there was talk of releasing him after his previous DUI arrest but the company opted to keep him. It’s unclear if people in management have that same mindset this time. It is clear that something needs to change with Jimmy Uso to prevent something like this from happening again as he could have injured himself or innocent people.

Here is what Meltzer tweeted: “As of this point there is now actual fallout from WWE on Jimmy Uso. The company has not made a statement either. Decisions, whatever they may be, will be done soon.”

Jimmy Uso has been involved in a storyline with his cousin Roman Reigns. If he gets suspended or released, then this obviously puts a big dent in the long term plans for The Usos. As noted earlier, there were big plans in store for them for SummerSlam.

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