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WWE may be doing Smackdown/Raw SuperShows again

WWE may go back to doing SuperShows (Raw and Smackdown tapings on the same night) as a way to cut on costs. It's not something they would do all the time and would most likey (if they go through with it) be done on occasions. SuperShows are bad for the live crowds because they would have to sit through three hours of Raw and then the Smackdown tapings. Usually when they did the SuperShows in the past they would do 90 minutes of Smackdown and not show the backstage segments to the live audience.

Also, they can't really do the SuperShows unless they're on the west coast. If they did it on the east coast then that means that Smackdown would tape at 11pm (or so) after Raw and obviously that's too late for a TV taping. The only other option for the east coast (which the likely wouldn't do) is to tape out of order with Smackdown taping before Raw. On the west coast they can just do Raw at 5pm and then tape Smackdown at 8pm.

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