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WWE might have long-term plans for Dr. Shelby

Dr. Shelby made his return this week on Monday Night Raw as the man hired to counsel Bayley and Sasha Banks after their bitter break-up. It’s not the first time they’ve used the character. Back in 2012, Shelby was part of segments with Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Someone at WWE (probably Vince McMahon) seems to be a big fan of the character because a trademark was filed for the name “Dr. Shelby.” That could be a sign that there are long-term plans so if you are a fan then you might be in luck because it looks like the character might be sticking around at least for a little while longer.

The character is played by Michael Aspinwall.

Check out this video from Aspinwall’s YouTube channel. It was recorded back in March after Daniel Bryan announced that he was cleared to return to action:


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