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WWE Monday Night RAW 1/16/17 results: Six-man tag team match, Brock Lesnar appears

Show: RAW
Location: Little Rock, AR at the Verizon Arena
Date: 1/16/17
Airing Live On The USA Network

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw, there was a memory graphic for Jimmy Snuka shown as well as a Martin Luther King Jr. video package. Roman Reigns walked down to the ring to open the show. He said that as a member of The Shield, he couldn’t complain about being outnumbered. He owned up to his loss to Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho last week. He said that Owens would be complaining at the Royal Rumble when he has to face him by himself. He said that no one in the entire world can beat him in a singles match and vowed to main event WrestleMania 33 for a third straight time. Paul Heyman walked down to the ring and announced that Brock Lesnar is here tonight. Heyman vowed a storm was about to hit RAW as Lesnar is backstage. The fans started chanting Goldberg at Heyman. Heyman said that Goldberg is not here tonight. Heyman said that Lesnar would destroy everyone and win the Royal Rumble match. Reigns said that Lesnar is not here with him right now then got into his face. This led to Owens and Jericho walking down to the ring. Jericho said that Owens would retain the Universal Title at Royal Rumble. Owens vowed that he would be champion at WrestleMania 33. Rollins said that he would win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania. Bran Strowman and Brock Lesnar walked out to the ring. Sami Zayn ran through the crowd and attacked Strowman. A brawl broke out with Lesnar and Strowman still standing. Reigns took out Lesnar, but Lesnar popped up and hit an F5 to Reigns. Lesnar then walked to the back.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team Match: Enzo and Big Cass vs. Rusev and Jinder Mahal

Mahal and Enzo started things off. They lock up, and Cass was tagged in. Cass landed a series of shots then attacked Rusev with knee strikes. Cass clotheslines Mahal to the floor, and we cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Rusev hitting a big slam to Enzo for 2. Moments later, Big Cass got the hot tag and hit a slam to Mahal for 2 as Rusev broke it up. Cass hit a big boot to Rusev and Mahal rolled him up for 2. Cass with a big boot to Mahal and Enzo with a splash for the win.

Winners: Enzo and Big Cass.

-Commercial Break-

A promo for The Undertaker being in the Royal Rumble match was shown. Also, a recap video of the WWE UK tournament was shown. Nia Jax’s attack on Sasha Banks was shown.

Tag Team Title Match: Cesaro and Sheamus © vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Cesaro hit a backbreaker to Anderson to start things off. Sheamus hit a shoulder block then they hit a double team move. Cesaro missed a splash and Anderson connected with a back elbow. Sheamus was tagged in, and so was Gallows. Sheamus hit a series of strikes to Gallows. Anderson took out the legs of Sheamus and Gallows kicked Sheamus in the head sending him to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Anderson in control of Cesaro. Cesaro fought back and hit a drop kick to Anderson and Gallows. Cesaro hit a 619 to Anderson. Cesaro takes out Gallows with a dive and an uppercut to Anderson. Cesaro with a springboard uppercut to Anderson for 2. Cesaro with the giant swing to Anderson. Gallows took out Cesaro with a big boot and Anderson covered him for 2. Anderson with a spine buster to Cesaro. Sheamus attacks Gallows and hit a clothesline to Anderson. Sheamus accidentally took out the referee. Anderson sent Sheamus into the ring post, and Anderson and Gallows hit the magic killer to Cesaro. Another referee ran down and counted the pinfall. The original referee got up right away, and DQ’d Sheamus thus Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are the winners but not the champions.

Post-match, Gallows, and Anderson hit the magic killer to Sheamus.

A video package was shown for Jimmy Snuka.

-Commercial Break-

Zayn coached up Reigns and Rollins for their match later in the night.

Singles Match: Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese.

Neville jumped Swann before the match got started. Swann fought back, but Neese jumped in as referees backed them up. Neville dumped Neese out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Neville was asked why he would attack Swann before their match at the Royal Rumble. Neville said that everybody thinks he is a bad guy and that they’re hypocrites and that he would break Swann at Royal Rumble.

The New Day walked down to the ring and hyped the Royal Rumble and all of the entrants in the match. They pointed out that it means that every man is for themselves. They noted that if one of them win the Royal Rumble, then that means all of them win it and main event WrestleMania 33 together. Titus O’Neil walked out. He said that he would like to replace The New Day. He wants one of their spots in the match. O’Neil and Big E will wrestle next, and if O’Neil wins, then he takes Big E’s spot in the Royal Rumble.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Big E vs. Titus O’Neil.

The match starts the commercial. O’Neil beat him down in the corner. Big E landed a back elbow. Big E tossed him to the floor and landed a series of right hands. O’Neil pushed Woods down and then hit a big boot to Big E then landed a series of right hands. O’Neil landed a big boot and then a powerslam. O’Neil hit a leg drop for 2. Big E fought back and hit a splash then the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E.

-Commercial Break-

Charlotte Flair walked down to the ring and cut a promo about being better than everyone. She said that when you look up average in the dictionary it lists Bayley and that’s why she is such a fan favorite. She said that Bayley is an average fan. She showed a photo of Bayley with John Cena, Ivory, Rob Van Dam and Bret Hart. Flair brought up that Bayley was a poet as a kid while she was winning state championships as a kid. She mocked someone with glasses at ringside. She showed Bayley reading her English high school letter about wanting to be a pro wrestler. Flair started reading the letter and said that it was a pile of indie dreams. Flair said that unlike Bayley, she didn’t wrestle on the indy scene because she was born in this business. This led to Bayley walking out, but Flair got out of the ring and walked up to the ramp. Bayley said that it’s not necessary for Flair to bring up that kind of stuff. Flair said that Bayley was a fan. Bayley said that Flair trying to embarrass her was not working as she is proud to be in the WWE. Bayley said that Flair’s father got her into WWE. Bayley said that her father did take her to every WWE event in San Jose while she was growing up. She vowed to beat Flair at the Royal Rumble.

Singles Match: Brian Kendrick vs. Cedric Alexander

Alexander sent him into the corner and hit a drop kick then an outside.

Back in the ring, Kendrick caught him with a heel kick. Kendrick locked in a submission hold, but Alexander fought out of it and hit an elbow strike. Alexander with a springboard crossbody for 2. Alexander hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Alexander.

-Commercial Break-

Alicia Fox was asked if her relationship with Alexander is over. She said that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

A video package announcing Kurt Angle for the WWE Hall of Fame was shown.

-Commercial Break-

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Sami Zayn.

They all brawl to begin the match.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Rollins in control of Jericho. Sayn was tagged in and hit a standing moonsault for 2. Owens was tagged in and hit a powerslam but missed a back splash. Reigns got the hot tag and hit a series of right hands to Owens. Reigns with a clothesline and a series of right hands. Strowman took out Zayn and Rollins as Owens hit a super kick to Reigns.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Owens having Reigns in a headlock. Reigns fought out of it and tagged in Rollins, who hit a sling blade to Jericho. Rollins with a neck breaker while Zayn took out Owens. Rollins hit Jericho with an outside dive while Zayn took out Owens with a dive. Back in the ring, Jericho blocked the Pedigree and Strowman was tagged in. Rollins beatdown Strowman and tagged in Zayn. Rollins took out Owens and Jericho with a dive. Zayn hit a crossbody on Strowman for 2. Strowman hit a powerslam for the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Braun Strowman

Post-match, Strowman carried Zayn to the stage and put him on the announce table. Rollins and Reigns took out Strowman. However, Owens and Jericho then took out Reigns and Rollins. Owens and Jericho were about to powerbomb Reigns but Rollins made the save. Rollins hit a Pedigree to Jericho then Owens took out Rollins as well as Reigns with a chair. Owens powerbombed Reigns through the announce table to close the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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