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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/14/15 results: New WWE Champion, Vince McMahon returns



Show: RAW

Location: Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center

Date: December 14th, 2015

Airing Live On The USA Network

Welcome to the WWE Raw Pre-Show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Scott Stanford, Corey Graves and David Otunga hype what we will see tonight which is Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler as well as The Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW in an Extreme Rules match. There is a recap video package of the TLC PPV and Roman Reigns attacking Triple H. Roman Reigns will be kicking off RAW to confront Sheamus and The League of Nations. There were several video packages recapping what took place at the TLC PPV.

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video package of the TLC PPV to start the show. Stephanie McMahon walks down to the ring. Stephanie says that she is not ruthless person, but a human being. She said that it was difficult to see Roman Reigns beat down Triple H. She said that it appears that the fans wants her to be a ruthless person so that is what she is going to be. She was about to fire Reigns, but his music hits and Reigns walked down to the ring. Reigns said that he is a father too and today is his daughter's birthday. He also said that he doesn’t regret whipping Triple H’s ass. Stephanie said that he better have something sharp to say because she’s ready. Reigns said that if she is going to fire him then do it. Stephanie said that he is a coward and a loser. She said that he attacking Triple H is a disgrace. Reigns questions her and said that she is a disgrace. He said that Triple H and her whole family is one too. Stephanie slapped him several times then said that she is not going to fire him, but Vince McMahon might and he is on his way right now. She then leaves the ring.

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Non-Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

They lock up, Ambrose shot off the ropes but ran into a dropkick by Ziggler. This led to Ziggler locking in a face lock, but Ambrose fought out of it with a series of right hands. Ambrose hit a knee strike then clotheslines him out of the ring followed by an outside dive. Back in the ring, Ambrose missed a dive off the top rope and Ziggler rolled him up for 2. Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds, but blocked, and we cut to break.

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We’re back with Ziggler catching Ambrose with a drop kick. Ziggler missed a splash and Ambrose went for a suplex, but blocked, and Ziggler hit the fameasser for 2. Ziggler missed the super kick, and Ambrose hit a face first slam for 2. Ambrose went to the top rope and hit a dropkick. Ambrose fired up the fans and hit a clothesline then a bulldog for 2. Ambrose missed a clothesline, and Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold. Ambrose fought out but missed a spear and Ziggler hit the superkick. Ambrose no sold it and clotheslines him. Kevin Owens walked down to the ring and attacked Ziggler causing the DQ.

Winner: Ziggler.

Owens attacked Ambrose and hit him with the Pop-Up Powerbomb then grabbed the IC Title. He threw it down and hit another powerbomb. Ziggler then tried to attack Owens, but Owens kicked him in the knee. Owens then power bombed Ziggler onto Ambrose.

-Commercial Break-

Kevin Owens cuts a backstage promo about how he will beat Ambrose until he puts him in a psych ward and regain his IC Title.

Team ECW is in the back talking about how last night they were beaten up, but tonight is different because they’re back in Philly. Bubba said that he’ll bring his family and Bray bring his so they can extreme and end this tonight.

Stephanie McMahon is shown waiting on Vince.

Singles Match: R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas.

As the match begins, Vince McMahon is shown arriving. Vince told Stephanie to go back to Connecticut and that he would take care of this. Yeah, so back to this match. Both guys did some comedy. Vince McMahon walked out to the ring and did not look happy. He demanded that the match be stopped. McMahon said that someone is back in the locker room sweating and is worried about what will happen. McMahon compares himself to God. McMahon then left the ring and grabbed a chair. He said the Reigns is going to sweat a little bit more, and we cut to break.

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We’re back with Vince McMahon in the ring and told Reigns to get out to the ring to take his medicine. He demanded that Reigns get his ass out here. Reigns went through the actual entrance stage and not through the crowd. McMahon said that he sees that Reigns is scared and that he just has that presence so deal with it. McMahon told him to apologize on his knees. Reigns shook his head no. McMahon said that there was a time where he would beat an apology out of him as Reigns smiled. McMahon then took off his jacket and tie. However, Sheamus would walk out before anything could happen. Sheamus said that he wants the privilege of beating an apology out of Reigns. Sheamus then said that no one should disrespect Vince or the McMahon family. Sheamus challenged Reigns for a match tonight and said that he’s so confident that he’ll put the WWE Title on the line. McMahon asked the fans if they want to see that and they popped. McMahon said that there is no chance in hell that is happening. Reigns took the mic out of McMahon’s hand. Reigns asked him why not? Reigns that McMahon does not have grapefruits, but prunes. Reigns said that times are passing McMahon by because he is old. McMahon said that he had his match, but on one condition. McMahon said if Reigns doesn't win the match then Reigns is fired. McMahon faked a handshake and kicked him in the nuts. McMahon then left the ring and walked to the back.

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Tag Team Match: Jack Swagger and Ryback vs. Rusev and Alberto Del Rio

Ryback and Rusev started off the match by exchanging right hands. Rusev poked him in the eye and tagged in Del Rio, who put the boots to him. Moments later, Swagger got the hot tag and started to clean house on Rusev. Swagger hit a power slam then locked in the ankle lock. Del Rio attacked him from behind, and Ryback took him out with a big boot. Rusev hit a superkick for the win.

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Winners: Rusev and Del Rio.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Neville vs. Tyler Breeze with Miz at ringside.

Throughout the match, Miz is telling Neville to do different spots. Breeze hit a back kick to the gut of Neville then beat him down in the corner. Neville landed a kick then the Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Neville

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Extreme Rules Match: Team ECW vs. Wyatt Family

A brawl breaks out at ringside, and they have weapons. Harper hit Bubba and Devon with a superkick. Harper went to the top rope, but Dreamer hit him with a kendo stick. Strowman took him out with a clothesline. Bubba went for a suplex while Rowan went under him and power bombed Bubba that forced Harper off the top rope crashing onto a table.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back the Wyatts in control of Team ECW. Rhyno fought back and Gored Bray Wyatt. Dreamer hit a drop kick to the face of Harper with a trash can. Bubba and Bray brawl into the crowd. Harper and Dreamer brawl onto the stage. Dreamer hit a slam to Harper off the stage and through some tables. Dreamer attacked Strowman with a kendo stick, but Strowman picked up Dreamer and sent him through a barricade. Rowan and Harper attacked Bubba with a kendo stick and crutch. Harper hit him with a big boot then set up a table. Harper tried to put Devon through a table, but Devon fought back, and he and Bubba hit a 3-D through a table on Harper. Bray attacked Devon and hit him with Sister Abigail. Rhyno with a belly-to-belly on Rowan. Rowan kicked Ryno in the face and Bray hit Sister Abigail to him. Rowan put Rhyno on a table then went to the top rope and hit a splash to win the match.

Winners: The Wyatts.

-Commercial Break-

The New Day walks down to the ring and cuts a promo about their big win at the TLC PPV. Kingston said that he woke up this morning feeling like he got hit by a mac bus. Big E said that going through a match like change their perspectives. They wanted The Usos to come out to the ring. They do while limping. New Day said that Usos earned their respect and wanted to have a truce. New Day the bring out The Lucha Dragons. Kingston praised Sin Cara for some of his moves during the match. Kingston said that Kalisto is one of the toughest WWE stars in history. Kalisto brought up Xavier Woods throwing a trombone at him to win the match. Woods said that it was just in the heat of the moment. Woods apologized to him for doing that. Woods said that the three tag teams took the tag team division to another level. Woods said that they did that for the fans. New Day offer them a handshake and the three tag teams shook hands. Lucha Dragons and Usos left the ring. New Day then said that tonight is about The New Day. They then started dancing in the ring. This led to The Usos and Lucha Dragons running down to the ring and attacked the champions. Usos and Dragons stood tall in the ring.

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Tag Team Match: Charlotte and Becky Lynch (Ric Flair) vs. Alicia Fox and Brie Bella

Brie and Charlotte started things off. Brie locked in a back submission, but Charlotte kicked Brie in the head to get out of it. Lynch and Fox got the hot tags. Lynch with a series of kicks to Fox then a flying forearm then a side kick. Charlotte speared Brie out of the ring. Flair tripped Fox, and Lynch locked in the Disarmer for the win.

Winners: Lynch.

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WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Sheamus © vs. Roman Reigns with Vince McMahon at ringside. 

They brawl to begin the match. Sheamus dumped Reigns to the floor then kicked him in the face. Sheamus hit a rolling senton then to the floor. Sheamus sent him into the ring post and then suplexes him on the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Reigns throwing several punches. Reigns with a series of clotheslines then a clothesline. Sheamus tossed him out of the ring, but Reigns tripped Sheamus as he was getting out of the ring. Reigns hit the Drive By on the apron. Sheamus with a big boot then went to the top rope. However, Reigns ran up and hit the samoan drop for 2. Sheamus hit a backbreaker to cut him off for 2. Reigns caught Sheamus and hit a powerbomb for a near fall. Reigns missed the Superman Punch, but Sheamus blocked and hit a power slam for 2. Sheamus went for the cloverleaf submission, but Reigns made it to the bottom rope. Reigns with a headbutt then a big slap. Reigns then connected with the Superman Punch for a near fall as Vince McMahon pulled the referee out of the ring. Sheamus attacked Reigns from behind then hit White Noise for a near fall. Rusev and Alberto Del Rio ran down to attack Reigns. Rusev hit a super kick to Reigns, but Reigns fought back and hit a Superman Punch to Del Rio, Rusev, Sheamus, and Vinnie Mac. Sheamus with the Brogue Kick to Reigns for a near fall. Reigns were bleeding from the top of his head. Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick and Reigns speared him for the win!

Winner and new champion: Reigns.

Reigns celebrated in the ring to close the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.