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WWE Monday Night RAW 12/19/16 results: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho



Show: RAW
Location: Columbus, OH
Date: 12/19/16
Airing Live On The USA Network

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens walked out to the ring to open the show. Owens welcomed us to their show and said that he would do anything to keep the Universal Title and that includes taking a Code Breaker from his best friend. We get still shots from Roadblock. Owens said that Jericho not being his best friend anymore hurt more than that Code Breaker but they’re friends now so it’s all good. Jericho said that he had to do it to make everyone believe that they weren't friends. Jericho said that they will be handing out punishment in cole just like Michael Cole. Jericho said that Santa Claus hands out gifts and makes list. Jericho put Santa on the list. Mick Foley walked out and said that Jericho can’t talk about Santa like that. Foley said that Jericho has been naughty. Foley showed still shots of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins attacking Jericho and Owens. Owens said that he is a national treasure. Jericho mocked Foley for wearing a sports jacket. Foley took it off and showed off his horrible sweater. Jericho booked Reigns and Rollins vs. Jericho and Owens. Foley said that they were in Pittsburgh which got him booed and then said Columbus. Owens said that they would find a way to win. Foley pointed up at the small cage, which was lowered. Foley booked Reigns vs. Owens at the Royal Rumble while Jericho is in the cage. If Jericho doesn’t get in the cage then Jericho will not be able to wrestle again. Jericho got in it and Foley locked it. Foley couldn’t find the key but did pull out a bunch of merchandise. Jericho was raised up and Foley told officials to work on getting Jericho down.

-Commercial Break-

We see Jericho being attended by EMT’s backstage and needing oxygen.

Singles Match: Big Cass vs. Rusev.

Big Cass jumped him to begin the match and landed a series of kicks in the corner to get himself DQ.

Winner: Rusev via DQ.

Rusev got away from Big Cass and escaped through the crowd.

-Commercial Break-

Sasha Banks walked down to the ring with a crutch and a knee brace. Banks said that last night she literally gave her blood, sweat and tears. She said that tapping out twice broke her heart. She said that her and Charlotte Flair have made history by competing in a bunch of gimmick matches. Banks said that she walked out of Roadblock without her Women’s Championship but said that the better woman won. She said that she doesn’t feel like a boss anymore and that she learned how to win and lose with respect. She called out Flair to congratulate her. This led to Nia Jax walking out instead. Jax said that she doesn’t know why Flair isn’t here tonight but knows that Banks will not be the boss to her because she is weak and a little girl. Jax kicked the crutch out of her hand. Jax tossed her across the ring then left.

-Commercial Break-

We see Foley talking with Cesaro and Sheamus in the back. Foley said that he feels like a proud popa. Foley revealed the new tag team titles. They’re the same design as the old ones only with a red strap and a medal. We see Braun Strowman attacking random people backstage and destroying things. Foley wanted to know what he was doing, which was pretty obvious. Strowman wants Sami Zayn. Foley told him that Zayn has already left the building. Strowman told him to get him here or else.

Singles Match: Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander.

They lock up, Alexander hit a hurricanrana and then a drop kick to send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Dar in control of Alexander. Alexander fought back and hit a drop kick then a springboard crossbody. Alexander hit his backbreaker finisher for the win.

Winner: Alexander.

Post-match, Dar grabbed the microphone and said that they are not done. He wants Alicia Fox, who is Alexander’s storyline girlfriend.

-Commercial Break-

The New Day walked to the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro followed. Sheamus mocked The New Day and said that it’s a new day on RAW. The New Day was not happy that they didn’t get the new titles. New Day congratulated Cesaro for winning the titles. Sheamus pointed out that he was the one who won the titles. The New Day said that they would never get close to their record. Gallows and Anderson walked down to the ring. They mocked New Day for being a joke and Cesaro and Sheamus for thinking that they’re champions. Gallows said that Cesaro and Anderson wouldn’t be champions if they didn’t beat down New Day for weeks. The Shining Stars walked out and a brawl broke out.

-Commercial Break-

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: New Day, Sheamus, and Cesaro vs. Shining Stars, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Anderson beat down Kingston in the early going. Gallows was tagged in and hit a big boot for 2. Anderson was tagged in and locked in a headlock. Anderson followed up with a heel kick. Gallows missed an elbow drop and Kingston went for a springboard move but was caught and Gallows hit a chokeslam to send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

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We’re back with Gallows hitting a big boot to Kingston. Shining Stars take out Sheamus, Cesaro and Big E. Anderson and Gallows hit a double team move on Kingston for 2. Big E got the hot tag and hit a suplex to Anderson. Sheamus tagged himself in and hit a series of strikes to Epico then a rolling senton. Sheamus knocked Primo off the aron and Epico rolled up Sheamus for 2. Cesaro was tagged in and they hit their tag team finisher on Epico for 2. Sheamus took out Primo then Gallows took out Sheamus. Anderson took out Big E and Cesaro hit an uppercut to Anderson. Cesaro with the Giant Swing to Epico then the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winners: New Day, Sheamus, and Cesaro

We see Amore talking with Big Cass backstage. Amore said that he feels that he cost Big Cass his matches lately. Big Cass told him to calm down. Amore received a letter, which was a telling him that he has to go to sensitivity training tonight for exposing himself in the workplace.

-Commercial Break-

Neville walked down to the ring and cut a promo about destroying Rich Swann and TJ Perkins at Roadblock. He noted that the fans cheered him. Neville said that it’s been a long time since people have cheered him unless they feel sympathy for him. Neville told them to take their sympathy and shove it. He vowed to destroy the division. This led to Rich Swann walking down to the ring. Swann asked him what’s up. Neville said that he has taught him everything and that Swann’s career as risen but where is the respect for the true Cruiserweights. Swann said that being Cruiserweight Champion means he is the best in the division and that Neville cannot handle it. Brian Kendrick walks out and said that Swann should show respect Neville. Kendrick said that Neville should’ve been in the division from the beginning. Neville agreed and thought Swann didn’t earn his opportunities and thinks Swann should be taught his place. They jumped Swann and TJ Perkins ran down to the ring to make the save but Neville took him out. Kendrick hit Sliced Bread to Perkins.

We see Darren Young, Bo Dallas, Bob Backlund, Jinder Mahal and Amore in sensitivity training.

-Commercial Break-

Titus O’Neil and Sin Cara were supposed to wrestle each other but Strowman walked out and destroyed them both. Foley walks out and pleads with him to stop. Strowman tossed Cara off the stage onto a tree and some gifts.

-Commercial Break-

Jericho is shown talking with Owens backstage. Jericho thought he looked like a moron earlier. Owens gave him a pep talk and it fired Jericho up.

Flair walked down to the ring. She told them to bow down to their queen. She praised herself for winning back the RAW Women’s Title and said that she is on a PPV winning streak. She said that no one is on her level. This led to Bayley walking down to the ring. Bayley congratulated her for winning the title and said that Banks vs. Flair will go down as the greatest female rivalry in history. Flair said that Bayley doesn’t even belong in the ring but in the crowd. Bayley said that it’s time for Bayley vs. Charlotte rivalry to begin. Bayley said that she hasn’t forgotten about what Flair did to her at Survivor Series. Flair said that she has always been number one and Bayley has been number four. Flair said that Bayley has never been good enough. Bayley challenged her to a match right now. Flair said to get her a referee.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley

They lock up and Flair locked in a headlock. Bayley locked in a headlock and then worked over the left arm of Flair. Bayley rolled her up for 2. Flair rolled out of the ring to regroup.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Flair being in control of Bayley in a head scissors lock. Flair let her go and hit a knee drop then a headlock. Bayley fought back with a series of strikes. Bayley hit a DDT then a back splash. Flair shoved her face first into the turnbuckle. Flair hit a moonsault off the top rope for 2. Bayley rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Bayley.

We’re back with the sensitivity training. More comedy.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with the sensitivity training. Amore tried to pick up the sensitivity manager. Rusev and Jinder Mahal attacked Amore. Lana slapped Amore. Rusev put him through a table.

Tag Team Match: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.

Owens and Rollins started things off. Owens got in the early offense then tagged in Jericho, who walked into a series of chops by Rollins. Rollins hit a sling blade then a suplex. Reigns and Owens were tagged in. Owens hit a knee strike then tagged in Jericho, who received an uppercut by Reigns. Jericho and Owens tried to go to the back but Rollins cut them off.

-Commercial Break-

We're back with Reigns hitting a Drive By to Owens. Back in the ring, Reigns hit a series of clothesline. Owens cut him off and landed a series of strikes. Jericho was tagged in and beat him down even more. Reigns caught Owens with a samoan drop. Rollins got the hot tag and hit a series of splashes to Jericho and Owens. Rollins with a double team DDT for 2. Rollins clotheslines Jericho out of the ring. Rollins hit an outside dive taking out Jericho and Owens. Reigns hit Owens with a Superman Punch while Rollins ht Jericho with a knee strike and then went for a frog splash but Jericho put his knees up. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho on Rollins but Rollins got to the bottom rope. Reigns hit Jericho with a Superman Punch. Strowman ran down to the ring and attacked Reigns causing the DQ.

Winners: Reigns and Rollins via DQ.

Post-match, Jericho, Owens and Strowman beat down Rollins. Strowman hit his finisher to Rollins and Reigns then stood tall to close the show.