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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/15/16 results: Big Show vs. Strowman, 5-Way Intercontinental Title match

Show: RAW

Location: Anaheim, CA at the Honda Center

Date: February 15th, 2016

Airing Live On The USA Network

Welcome to the WWE RAW Pre-Show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Scott Stanford, Booker T, Corey Graves, and David Otunga begin the show by talking about Valentine’s Day. Brie Bella will be interviewed on RAW. Also, Paul Heyman will be on RAW.

There is a recap video of last week’s episode of RAW. The panel discusses The Dudley Boyz turning heel on RAW last week. Big E vs. Mark Henry is announced for RAW.

Welcome to WWE Monday Night RAW, there is a recap video of last week’s show shown. Dean Ambrose walks down to the ring. 

Ambrose hypes the #1 contender’s match between him, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar at Fastlane. Ambrose said that sometimes you gotta do what you got do when you’re facing Lesnar. Ambrose challenges Lesnar to come out to the ring. Stephanie McMahon walks out instead. McMahon said that Ambrose will have his chance against Lesnar at Fastlane then hyped Fastlane. McMahon announced that Ambrose would defend his Intercontinental Title in a 5-way match tonight. She added that if Reigns helps him tonight, then Ambrose would be out of the #1 contender’s match at Fastlane.

: Dean Ambrose © vs. Kevin Owens vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust.

All five men start brawling. Ambrose and Stardust stay in the ring and exchange strikes. Ambrose hit him with a back elbow then hit a suplex. Ambrose hit a missile drop kick to Stardust but was taken out by Owens. Owens laid in the strikes then landed a right hand for 2. Ambrose fought back until he was sent face first into the turnbuckle by Owens. Ambrose connected with a big boot then sent Owens to the floor. Ziggler took out Ambrose with a drop kick for 2. Ziggler hit him with a dropkick then an elbow drop for 2. Stardust took out Ziggler and Breeze took out Stardust. Owens hit a clothesline to Breeze then went for the powerbomb and sent him out to the floor with it. Ambrose kicked Owens then went for Dirty Deeds, but was blocked. Ambrose hit a hurricanrana then took out the other three men outside the ring with a dive. Back in the ring, Ambrose hit Owens with a neck breaker then an elbow for 2. Stardust sent Ambrose into the steel steps.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Ziggler and Stardust exchanging right hands. Ambrose hit Stardust with a clothesline then a bull dog. Ambrose went to the top rope, but Ziggler met him and hit a facebuster. Stardust sent Ziggler to the ring post. Owens hit Stardust with a superkick and covered Ambrose for 2. Owens hit Ambrose with a cannonball to Stardust and Ambrose and Ziggler. Breeze hit Owens with the Beauty Shot for 2. Ambrose sent Breeze to the floor and hit Stardust with a clothesline. Ziggler hit Ambrose with the Zig Zag. Breeze sent Ziggler to the floor, and Owens hit the Powerbomb to Breeze for the win.

Winner: Owens.

-Commercial Break-

Dean Ambrose promises to go onto beat Triple H at WrestleMania 32. Kevin Owens cuts a backstage promo about how he was right about the IC Title belonging to him. Dolph Ziggler congratulates him. Ziggler challenges Owens to a title match at Fastlane. Owens denied his offer and walked away.

The New Day walk down to the ring. Big E mocked Coldplay’s performance at the Superbowl. They then hyped their appearance on the “Cutting Edge Peep Show” at the Fastlane pay-per-view event. Edge and Christian will be interviewing the trio. Big E brought up that Mark Henry walked out on them last week in their match. Henry then walked down to the ring.

Singles Match: Big E vs. Mark Henry.

Big E hit Henry with a series of knees then sent him to the floor and back into the ring where he put the boots to him. Big E hit the big splash for a near fall. Big E hit another splash for 2. Henry fought back but missed a clothesline. Big E went for the Big Ending, but just drop Henry and covered him. Henry was holding his left shoulder.

Winner: Big E.

-Commercial Break-

Brie Bella cuts a promo in the ring about Daniel Bryan entering the next chapter in his life. Charlotte and Ric Flair walk down to the ring. Charlotte said that she was shocked by Bryan’s retirement. Charlotte wonders what Brie’s “goat-faced Vegan” kids will be like. Brie then slapped Charlotte and Charlotte retreated to the back.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs. The Miz with Chris Jericho on commentary.

Miz attacked Styles before the match and put the boots to him. Styles hit a back elbow but was kicked in the face. Miz hit him with a knee strike then a big boot. Miz then hit a neck breaker for 2. Miz went for it again, but was blocked, and Styles hit a series of kicks. Miz sent Styles to the floor then drop kicked him out of the ring. Miz talked trash to Jericho and Styles took out Miz with a forearm shot.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from break with Miz hitting him with a clothesline. Styles hit him with a clothesline then a forearm shot. Styles with a clothesline then a pump handle knee breaker. Miz cut him off with a clothesline for 2. Miz went for his finisher, but Styles blocked and rolled him up for 2. Styles kicked him in the head for 2. Miz knocked off the top rope. Miz went for a suplex off the top, but Styles blocked it and hit a springboard forearm for a near fall. Styles missed a strike and Miz hit the Skull Crush Finale for 2. Miz put the boots to him in the corner. Styles tripped him and locked in the Calf Crusher for the win.

Winner: Styles.

Post-match, Jericho grabbed a microphone and got into the ring. Styles stopped him and said that he knows why he’s out here. Styles said that Jericho can’t stand that he lost to him. Styles said that Jericho wants a third match, and he wants it at Fastlane. Jericho said that it’s a great idea, but he’s not sure what he thinks about and that he will give Styles an answer on SmackDown.

-Commercial Break-

The Dudley Boyz call out The Usos. They don’t come out. Devon said that they were not a nostalgia act, but rather the baddest tag team on the planet. Bubba said that for those who missed SmackDown, he brought up that the tables are gone forever. Bubba plugged the WWE Network and recapped their achievements. Bubba said that their legacy would be defined by championships and not tables. Bubba said that he doesn’t give what the fans chant.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Paige vs. Summer Rae

They lock up to begin the match. Rae caught her with a spinning heel kick then put the boots to her in the corner. Paige fought back and connected with a big boot. Paige with a series of strikes then a knee for a near fall. Rae rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Rae.

-Commercial Break-

Paul Heyman walks down to the ring. He hypes the main event of Fastlane. Heyman calls out Roman Reigns tonight. Michael Cole mentioned that Brock Lesnar would be appearing on Sportscenter Tuesday night. Heyman said that he knew that Reigns and Ambrose can’t beat Lesnar. However, he knows that Reigns believes he can beat Lesnar and go onto beat Triple H at WrestleMania 32 for the WWE Title. Heyman said that Ambrose is a huge challenge to Reigns. Heyman said that Reigns had to make a choice. Either be WWE Champion or be friends with Ambrose. Heyman said that those were those who choice WWE Title and they are the top dogs in the business. Heyman said that Lesnar will stand in Reigns’ way. Heyman made it clear that Lesnar and Ambrose are Reigns’ enemy. Reigns shook his hand and said thank you to Heyman for saying what’s on his mind. Reigns said that he is willing to pay the price, and that’s why he has no problem beating Ambrose. Reigns brought up that he has beaten Ambrose in the past. Reigns said that he has never beaten Lesnar, but he has beaten Lesnar’s ass. Reigns said that he has everything on the line at Fastlane, but promised to win the WWE Title at Mania. They shook hands again. Heyman then left the ring. The Dudley Boyz attacked Reigns from behind. Bubba hit him with a big boot. Ambrose ran down to make the save. He and Reigns hugged. Ambrose went for the Dirty Deeds, but Reigns blocked it. Ambrose pointed at the Mania sign and said it’s all about that.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

Ryder caught him with a back elbow then a drop kick. Ryder hit him with the Broski Boot for 2. Slater rolled to the floor, and Ryder took him out with a dive. Back in the ring, Slater caught him with a heel kick then a DDT for the win.

Winner: Slater.

-Commercial Break-

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Lucha Dragons and Neville vs. Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Rusev.

Kalisto and Rusev start things off. Kalisto sent him to the floor then the faces hit an outside dive to take out League of Nations.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Sheamus in control of Kalisto. Moments later, Cara fought back and tagged in Sin Cara, who hit a hurricanrana to Del Rio. Cara hit a spring board dive to take out Del Rio. Cara sent Del Rio to the floor and hit a dive outside the ring. Back in the ring, Del Rio kicked him in the face and hit his double stomp finisher for the win.

Winners:  Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Rusev.

-Commercial Break-

Alberto Del Rio cuts a backstage promo about his upcoming match with Kalisto. Del Rio said that Kalisto’s win over him was a fluke. Del Rio said that he wants a two out of three falls match with Kalisto.

Singles Match: Becky Lynch vs. Naomi

Lynch hit a knee strike that sent Naomi to the floor. Back in the ring, Naomi hit her with a series of kicks then a drop kick. Naomi followed up with a leg drop then worked over the left arm of Lynch. Moments later, Lynch fought out of it and hit the Disarmer for the win.

Winner: Lynch.

Post-match, Tamina attacked Lynch from behind. Naomi and Tamina beat her down until Sasha Banks ran down to make the save. Banks and Lynch stood tall in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo in the ring about how he can promise all of us paradise if they bow to him. Braun Strowman told Big Show to either rise up or run.

Singles Match: The Big Show vs. Braun Strowman

They lock up then they exchange strikes. Strowman hit him with a shoulder block. Big Show fought back and then was attacked by The Wyatt Family causing the DQ.

Winner: Big Show via DQ.

Post-match Ryback ran down to make the save. They beat him down until Kane came through the mat to make the save. Show, Ryback, and Big Show stood tall in the ring to close the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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