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WWE Monday Night RAW 3/27/17 results: Brock Lesnar – Goldberg face off, Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens



Show: RAW
Location: Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center
Date: March 27th, 2017
Airing Live On The USA Network
Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. We get an introduction video of RAW with a mixture of The Undertaker to open the show. Michael Cole hypes two segments that are taking place on the show.

Bayley walks down to the ring and hyped WrestleMania 33. She brought up buying the show as a kid and how the odds are stacked against her at WrestleMania. This led to Charlotte Flair walking down to the ring and calling Bayley a paper champion. Flair said that she would still be champion if it wasn’t for Sasha Banks and vowed to win the championship this Sunday. The fans started chanted for CM Punk. Banks walked out and said that Flair is out of her mind. Banks said that they will be friends after WrestleMania and vowed to beat Bayley at the event. This led to Nia Jax walking out and a brawl broke out.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team Match: Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

Banks and Flair start brawling to begin the match. Jax was tagged in and went for a suplex but Banks kicked her and tagged in Bayley, who hit a drop kick. Jax tagged in Flair and Bayley sent her head first into the corner several times for 2. Banks got the hot tag and hit Flair with a series of clotheslines then a drop kick. Banks hit a crossbody for 2. Flair with a back elbow then tagged in Jax, who shoved her into the corner and sent her to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Jax in control of Banks. Flair and Jax worked her over until she fought back and got the hot tag to Bayley, who hit a series of splash to Flair in the corner. Bayley hit a back suplex for 2. Flair knocked her down and locked in the Figure Four. Banks broke it up and sent Jax into the steel steps. Flair knocked out Banks and Bayley hit her finisher to Flair for the win.

Winner: Bayley.

Post-match, Jax attacked Banks and Bayley from behind. She then ran over Flair. The segment ended with Jax standing tall.

-Commercial Break-

A video package of Stephanie McMahon firing Mick Foley last week was shown. Sami Zayn announced in a backstage interview that he would be the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. McMahon walked up and booked him in a No DQ match against Kevin Owens. If Zayn loses, he's fired.If he wins, then he is in the battle royal.

Singles Match: Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar. Neville was on commentary for this show.

Aries hit a drop kick to start off the match and send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Aries hitting a big chop then a forearm shot for the win.

Winner: Aries.

Post-match, Aries had a staredown with Neville to close the segment.

-Commercial Break-

Seth Rollins walked down to the ring to open the second hour of the show. He called out Triple H for their contract signing, which led to “The Game” walking out. Triple H told him if he attacked him then he will beatdown Rollins and the match is off at WrestleMania. Triple H wants to explain all of his rights that he is giving away. Rollins sat down and Triple H said good boy. Triple H vowed to take that crutch and attack Rollins’ knee and that he will destroy what he created. Triple H said that when that happens and Rollins’ career is over and that he can’t sue WWE. Rollins told him to sign the contract. Triple H said that if no one hates you then you are not making money. Triple H said that he would rather drive a nice car and live the good life. Triple H said to screw everyone else and take all that life has to offer. Triple H tried to warn him into what he is getting into and signed the contract. Triple H said that there has never been a one-legged man to win an ass kicking contest. Triple H vowed that Rollins will not walk out of WrestleMania. Rollins said that he has thought a lot and that he is liked himself before he met Triple H. Rollins said that this is about redemption because he gave up everything to stand next to Triple H and for what. Rollins said that Triple H better destroy him at WrestleMania because he will tear him apart to take back who he truly is. Rollins shoved the contract into Triple H’s chest. Triple H kicked the table into the bad knee of Rollins then kicked it. Rollins kicked Triple H in the head but Triple H took out the bad knee. Rollins sent Triple H to the floor then hit him in the back with the crutch. Rollins stood tall to end the segment.

-Commercial Break-

Rollins vs. Triple H was officially announced for WrestleMania 33.

Over The Top Rope Challenge: The Big Show vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas vs. The Shining Stars

Mahal and Big Show started brawling. This led to Bo Dallas walking out and being eliminated by The Big Show. Shining Stars walked out, and Big Show eliminated him. R-Truth, Curtis Axel, R-Truth ran out and eliminated Big Show with the help of the other eliminated stars. Show fought back and attacked all of them. Braun Strowman walked out and said that if he wanted too then he could Big Show’s ass, but he doesn’t want to do that right now but will at WrestleMania 33.

Gallows and Anderson cut a promo backstage about how they will beat Sheamus & Cesaro as well as Enzo Amore & Big Cass at WrestleMania 33.

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A video package of The Undertaker digging was shown.

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns said he is not worried about mind games and doesn’t believe in dead men. He said that he would go out and tell the whole world what he is going to do to The Undertaker.

Gallows and Anderson attacked Cesaro and Sheamus in the backstage area.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Neville vs. Jack Gallagher.

They exchange strikes to begin the match. Neville knocked him down to send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Neville in control of Gallagher. Gallagher fought back and hit a headbutt that sent Neville to the floor. Neville fought back and locked in his submission finisher for the win.

Winner: Neville.

Post-match, Aries cuts a promo backstage with The New Day. He asked The New Day if he can beat Neville at WrestleMania 33.

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns walked down to the ring to open hour three, and yes this is the final hour of the show. Reigns said that he would put The Undertaker down this Sunday. He said that he doesn’t care who you are, this is his time now and his house now. A cemetery was shown with Taker cutting a promo about how he would put Reigns in the ground. He said that he has carved out a special place for Reigns. Taker said that at WrestleMania, the Roman Empire will fall and that Sunday will be his last ride. Taker said that Reigns would have his final day at WrestleMania. The lights went out and then back on with Taker in the ring telling him to rest in piece. The lights went out, and then we cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

Big Cass and Enzo Amore hype their upcoming match at WrestleMania in the ring. This led to Anderson, Gallows, Cesaro and Sheamus running down. A brawl broke out with Anderson and Gallows using a ladder to take out their opponents.

Kevin Owens cuts a backstage promo about Chris Jericho. He vowed to take the US Championship away from Jericho at WrestleMania.

-Commercial Break-

A video package to hype Rollins vs. Triple H was shown. Michael Cole ran down several matches for WrestleMania 33.

-Commercial Break-

No DQ Match: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

They start brawling to begin the match. Owens sent him to the floor. They brawl towards the stage and Zayn hit a dive off of it onto Owens. We’re back with Owens hitting a DDT to Zayn on the steel steps. Owens went for his powerbomb, but Zayn blocked and hit Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Samoa Joe ran down to the ring, but Chris Jericho hit him with a steel chair. Owens took out Jericho, and Zayn rolled up Owens for the win.

Winner: Zayn.

Zayn will be in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Jericho attacked Owens with a chair. Jericho put Owens on the List of Jericho.

-Commercial Break-

Paul Heyman walked down to the ring with Brock Lesnar. Heyman said that Lesnar wants the Universal Title, needs that title and Goldberg has that title. Heyman said that Goldberg rose to the occasion. He said that Goldberg is the man, but Lesnar is the beast. Heyman said that Goldberg is going to suplex city and that he will check in but will not check out. Heyman said that WrestleMania 33 would be a death of a superhero. He said that Lesnar doesn’t fear the spear, but Goldberg can’t survive the F5. This led to Goldberg walking out to the ring. Goldberg said that the people didn’t come to see them to talk but rather to fight. Goldberg and Lesnar start brawling. Goldberg speared Lesnar on the floor then stood tall in the ring to close the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you this Sunday for WrestleMania 33.