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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/15 results: live coverage

WWE Monday Night Raw results
June 22, 2015
Indianapolis, IN

Opening segment 

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out to the ring. Great reaction from the crowd. Fans chant “suplex city” as Heyman starts talking. Heyman plays a video on the big screen showing what Brock did on the night after WrestleMania. This was a refresher for fans that didn’t know why Brock has been gone for the past 3 months. Heyman said that WWE wants a public apology in exchange for his return. Heyman says that Brock would not get his title shot against Rollins if he does not apologize to Michael Cole and JBL. Cole and JBL said that it’s not necessary. Lesnar goes out by the announcers table by JBL and Cole. Lesnar shakes JBL and Cole’s hand. Cole looks scared to death. Lesnar playfully grabs Cole in a headlock. Lesnar goes back in the ring. Heyman makes sure that Cole has accepted the apology. Heyman offers a public apology in advance for what his client will do to that slinky, slimy, disgusting, repulsive… etc. etc. etc. Seth Rollins. He said way more than that. He said that Rollins has been protected in NXT, The Shield, and in The Authority from day one. Heyman said that Rollins has a first class ticket to “suplex city bitch.” He said that Lesnar will be making these accommodations. This recap does not do justice to Heyman’s promo. Great stuff.

Ambrose is shown walking backstage. He’s up next.

Commercial break.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Just a few minutes into the match Kane rams Ambrose into the steel steps. That was their cue to go to commercial. Ambrose got in a lot of offense after they came back from break. It looked like he was setting up for Dirty Deeds but Seth Rollins came out and distracted him. Ambrose took out Rollins at ringside. Ambrose went to the top rope but Rollins grabbed his leg and that allowed Kane to grab Ambrose by the neck and chokeslam him off the top rope. Rollins stood in the aisleway and pointed at Kane. Cole says that perhaps Rollins was extending an olive branch to Kane.

They showed still photos of Owens vs. Cena from the MITB PPV. Cena will be on Raw later tonight.

Commercial break.

Backstage Rollins tells Kane that they can’t be stopped when they are in sync. Rollins wants to get the band back together. Kane says that it’s obvious that Rollins needs back up because he is afraid of Brock Lesnar. Rollins says that he beat Brock for the title at WrestleMania. Rollins says this about family and not Brock Lesnar. He offers to shake Kane’s hand but Kane walks away.

They showed still photos of Bray Wyatt costing Roman Reigns the MITB contract last week at the PPV. Then they showed Reigns’ promo from last week’s Raw and the segment from Smackdown where Bray distracted Reigns during his match.

The Prime Time Players come out for their match.

Commercial break.

They touted Titus O’Neil’s “Dad of the Year” award.

Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension

Easy win for PTP. Darren Young got the win with the Gut Check. The New Day was watching the match on the monitor backstage.

Sheamus’ music played as PTP was still in the ring. He’s coming out for his match.

Commercial break.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Roman had the early offense so Sheamus got out of the ring to regroup. Sheamus tried to grab Roman’s leg but Roman fought him off. The action spilled to ringside for a few seconds and then back into the ring. Very physical match. There was a spot in the match where Roman was going for the running kick to Sheamus on the ring apron but Sheamus caught him with a clothesline and took over on offense. Sheamus got in several minutes of offense but Roman fought back. Roman got in a clothesline on Sheamus on the announce table. Roman crawled back into the ring and Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen. Bray was having a tea party. The implication was that Bray was talking to Roman’s daughter but they didn’t show her. Roman ran to the back to go after Bray Wyatt. Lame. The camera showed an empty rocking chair. I guess the match is over.

Commercial break.

They show Roman backstage looking for Bray Wyatt. You could hear Bray’s voice. Roman enters the room where Bray Wyatt was and he see photos of himself and writing on the wall that says “ANYTHING BUT YOU” and “LIAR.” Roman’s eyes and mouth are cut out of the photos. Stupid storyline.

They showed highlights from Heyman and Brock’s segment from earlier tonight.

Seth Rollins tries to convince J&J Security to get on the same page with him. Noble is not buying into it. Rollins says that family jokes around with each other. Rollins says he needs them and they are friends. Rollins says he doesn’t need them because of Brock Lesnar. He says he needs them because he is their WWE Champion and J&J is a huge part of The Authority. He says it’s on them if he doesn’t make it to Battleground. J&J are not buying into it. They walk off.

Neville comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

They showed a clip of John Cena on The Today Show. He was on to promote Tough Enough.

Neville vs. Kofi Kingston

Xavier Woods and Big E are at ringside. The Prime Time Players came out to ringside to even things up for Neville but the referee told them that they would not be allowed at ringside. The New Day hovered around Neville so the referee told Big E and Xavier that they need to leave too. Kofi was yelling at the referee so Neville took advantage of the distraction and dropkicked him and then he hit the Red Arrow. Neville gets the win.

They showed a clip from last week’s attack on Machine Gun Kelly. Cole said that Kelly has recovered.

They aired a commercial for the WWE live event from Japan. It will air on the WWE Network on July 4th at 5:30am eastern.

Commercial break.

King Barrett vs. Zack Ryder

They had R-Truth do another goofy pre-taped inset promo as Barrett was making his way to the ring. Easy win. Barrett won after hitting the bull hammer.

They showed a clip from Kevin Owens’ interview with Michael Cole from last week. Click here to see the interview.

Commercial break.

John Cena addresses Kevin Owens

Cena talks about being damn proud to be the U.S. Champion. He said that a man named Kevin Owens is on a mission to make and take opportunity by any means necessary. Cena said that Owens put Cena out of commission and last week Owens took the opportunity to assault a 95 pound musician. He says that Owens is a great wrestler but he thinks Owens is a garbage human being. He says Owens knows how much the title means to him and knows how embarrassed and humiliated Cena would be if he had to hand over the title to a dirtbag. Cena talked about Kevin Owens’ challenge to him. John Cena says that he will put his title up at Battleground. Owens comes out on the stage and says that he is not upset about what Cena said. Owens said that he doesn’t put much value into other people’s opinion and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. Owens said that he’s been called out of shape, a slob, and a dirtbag. Owens said that “this out of shape dirtbag beat you at Elimination Chamber and left you laying in the ring at MITB.” Owens said that Cena cares about what the people think and that’s fine but Owens cares about winning titles. Owens says that he took the NXT title when he stepped foot in NXT and now that he wants the U.S. title. He wants to make it a symbol of his excellence. Owens says that Cena didn’t actually say that he’d give him a title match. Owens said that he will give Cena something that he wants and craves. Owens says that he will give Cena the people’s approval and wants to make sure that they “cheer the mighty John Cena” and “boo the mighty foreigner.” Owens says something in French. Cena says that these people are not indifferent to him because of where he’s from. They are indifferent to him because he’s a disrespectful suckbag. Cena also says something in french. He says something in Chinese too. Then he speaks in English again. He says that he accepts Owens’ fight at Battleground and “I will kick your ass.”

Rollins talks with Stephanie and Triple H. Seth feels that he’s damaged his relationship with J&J. He wants the family to be back together. Steph asks if he’s considered an apology. Triple H says that Seth is worried about Brock Lesnar being back. Triple H says he believes Seth can get the job done but Seth is scared because Seth is smart. If he wasn’t smart then he’d be an idiot but a smart man always has a plan B and a smart man has backup and a smart man has a full proof plan. He says a smart man walks to the ring and apologizes. He wants Seth to go out and say “I am sorry.” Seth asks what happens if Brock shows up. Triple H asks him how bad does he want this family. The camera zooms in on Seth’s face as they go to commercial.

Commercial break.

The Bella Twins vs. Naomi and Tamina

Alicia Fox is at ringside. There appeared to be a botch with Tamina tripping over the referee at one point in the match. Naomi accidentally hit the rear view to Tamina and Nikki capitalized on the mistake by hitting the rack attack and getting the win.

They showed a trailer for Terminator: Genisys and they spliced in clips of Roman Reigns into the trailer. I guess they figured they’d keep wrestling fans interested by doing that.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were shown talking backstage.

Commercial break.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Big Show is on commentary. Ryback won the match by hitting the meat hook clothesline and then a splash off the top rope. Big Show did not get involved in the match. Show got in the ring after the match and yelled at Mark Henry for not beating him. Henry shoved Big Show. Big Show looked like he was about to KO Henry but he walked away instead.

They plugged Tough Enough and the Tough Enough app.

Jo Jo interviewed Ryback backstage. Ryback says he’s here to take on all comers and he knows that he can lose his title without being pinned or submitted at Battleground. He said that his parents, who haven’t spoken in over 15 years, recently came together to watch him win his title. He got the fans to chant “feed me more.” Big Show stepped in and said he will expose Ryback as a little boy in a giant’s world. Ryback attacked but Big Show got the better of him. Ryback fought back and rammed Big Show into a wall. Ryback walked off as he said “you’re not so big now.”

Commercial break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Adam Rose

Rose cut a promo before the match started. He talked about true love and kissed Rosa. Rusev was backstage watching the match on the monitor. Dolph got the winning by hitting a superkick when Adam Rose came off the top rope. Lana and Dolph kissed after the match. Rusev was shown backstage looking very upset. He threw his crutches up against the wall but fell down. Summer Rae walked into frame and gave him a crutch. She said that Lana is not worth it.

Kane, J&J, Steph, and Triple H were talking backstage. Triple H told them that Seth is under pressure as WWE Champion and they know his schedule better than anyone. Steph says that she just wants them to hear Seth out.

Commercial break.

Seth Rollins apologizes?

Rollins says he’s going to be the bigger man and will admit that he’s been wrong. He asks Kane, Joey, and Jaimie to come out so he could apologize. Seth said that they are his foundation. Seth says that this has nothing to do with Brock Lesnar and he is not afraid of Brock Lesnar because he’s beat him before and he will beat him again at Battleground. He says this is about family. Seth gets annoyed at the “suplex city” chants from the fans. Seth tells J&J “I am so so sorry.” He said that they are role models and he patterned his style after them and they’ve always been there for him. He apologized to both of them individually and collectively. He said he’d love it if they’d be part of his family again. He told them to think about it while he talks to Kane. Seth said that he needs to apologize to Kane the most and he’s called Kane a bunch of things and Kane is not a dinosaur because Kane is alive and well. He said Kane gets better with age every day, month, and year and will forever and always be the devil’s favorite demon and personally “you’re my favorite WWE Superstar of all-time.” Fans are chanting “you sold out” at Seth. Seth aplogizes and asks him to come back to reform the family again. Kane doesn’t say anything. Seth says that he is practically begging and asks them again to take him back. Seth offers to shake Kane’s hand. Brock Lesnar comes out instead. Rollins is worried because he hasn’t gotten Kane and J&J to shake his hand. Lesnar circles the ring as Paul Heyman smiles at ringside near the announcers. Rollins is standing in the ring as Mercury, Noble, and Kane look like they are getting ready to take on Lesnar. They walk out of the ring instead so Rollins is left alone. Kane runs back down to ringside and attacks Lesnar but Lesnar clotheslines him and he takes out J&J. Brock gets in the ring and Rollins attacks but Brock hits the German suplex on Rollins. He hits another. He hits a third suplex and goes for the F5 but Kane gets in there and chokeslams Lesnar. Brock gets up and Kane goes for another chokeslam but Brock fights back and German suplexes Kane. Brock tries for the F5 on Rollins again but Kane takes out Brock’s knee. Lesnar rams Kane into the corner but Rollins and Kane double team him. Rollins wraps Brock’s knee around the ring post and Kane hits Brock’s knee with a chair. Kane and Rollins continue the attack in the ring. Lesnar tries to fight back but Mercury gets in the ring and holds Lesnar’s leg for Kane. Now it’s 3 on 1. Rollins hits a knee off the top to Brock’s head. Kane hits a chokeslam on Lesnar. Rollins hits a pedigree on Lesnar and then poses with the WWE title.

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