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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/24/17 results: 2-on-3 Handicap match, Bayley vs. Sasha Banks



Show: Raw
Location: Washington, DC at the Verizon Center
Date: 7/24/17
Airing Live On The USA Network

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video of last week’s episode of Raw. Kurt Angle walked out to the ring to open the show. He brought up how he finally got to reveal his big announcement, which was that Jason Jordan was his son. He said that he was terrified about it but he knows that he did the right thing. He said that Jordan will have his first match on Raw tonight. He brought up how Braun Strowman attacked Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe last week. He was about to reveal Brock Lesnar’s opponent at SummerSlam… but Strowman walked out to the ring. Strowman told him that he is should be facing Lesnar because he won at Great Balls of Fire and that Lesnar fears him. He vowed to break Lesnar in half and win the Universal Title. This led to Joe walking out and reminding everyone how he was so close to beating Lesnar. He said that he doesn’t fear Strowman and that Strowman saved Reigns from losing to him again. Joe thinks he should be the #1 contender. And finally, our next Superstar out to the ring is Reigns. Reigns said that they both haven’t done anything in WWE. He reminded us all of the titles that he has won in WWE and retiring The Undertaker. He teased a brawl with Joe. Angle booked Joe vs. Reigns vs. Strowman vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam. Joe was unhappy with Angle’s decision. They all started brawling in the ring. Security attempted to break them up but that didn’t work. Some of the Raw Superstars attempted to break them up. Strowman hit his finisher to Reigns then left the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Elias Samson sang us a song before he was interrupted by Finn Balor.

No DQ Match: Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson

They started brawling and Balor sent him out of the ring and into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Samson in control of Balor. He was targeting the left shoulder of Balor. Moments later, Balor fought back and grabbed a chair but Samson knocked him down and hit him several times with it.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Samson hitting a neckbreaker. He set up a chair in the corner but Balor sent him head first into it. Balor with a series of kicks then hit him with a few chair shots. He finished it off with his double foot stomp finisher. However, the lights went off then back on with Bray Wyatt hitting Sister Abigail to Balor. Samson pinned Balor.

Winner: Samson.

Post-match, Wyatt posed over Balor in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

A video package to hype Jason Jordan was shown. Angle was interviewed by Renee Young about Jordan facing Curt Hawkins tonight. He thinks Jordan will be a successful star. He said that he is nervous for the match. Emma walked up and asked when she would get the spotlight. She teased that maybe she would have to start dating Jordan. Angle booked Emma against Nia Jax for tonight.

Enzo Amore and Big Show were talking backstage. Show wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into. Amore reassured him that he would be fine.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Big Cass vs. Enzo Amore

They started brawling to begin the match. Amore attempted to give him a fight but was caught by the big man and choke-slammed down to the mat. Big Cass hit a big boot for the win.

Winner: Big Cass.

Post-match, Big Cass attacked Amore. This led to Cass hitting Big Show with a big boot and beat him down.

Alexa Bliss cut a backstage promo about how a friendship between Sasha Banks and Bayley will be destroyed.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Nia Jax vs. Emma

Emma punched and then Jax dropped her. Jax knocked her down and hit a front senton for the win.

Winner: Jax.

Akira Tozawa cut a backstage promo about facing Arya Davari tonight. However, before he could say anything, Titus O’Neil walked up and said that Tozawa had a bad left shoulder. He informed Tozawa that he got the match cancelled. Tozawa told him no and that he was going to the ring right now.

-Commercial Break-

Akira Tozawa walked out to the ring for a match but Neville walked out and down talked him. He said that Tozawa was a shell of himself. Tozawa attacked him and hit his finisher. This led to Davari running out and attacking Tozawa as well as Neville.

We see Bayley and Sasha Banks talking backstage. They vowed to not let their friendship be destroyed.

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-Commercial Break-

A recap video package of the opening segment was shown.

Jordan cuts a backstage promo about how he is glad to have this opportunity and that all eyes are on him right now. He said that he is nervous about the match and that to find out that Angle is his father is amazing.

-Commercial Break-

#1 Contender Match: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

They do some mat wrestling to begin the match. Banks slapped her then hit an arm drag. Bayley fired back with one of her own. Bayley went to the top rope but Banks knocked her down and we cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Bayley hitting a neck breaker for 2. Banks went for the Bank Statement but Bayley got out of it. Banks with a chin lock but Bayley got out of it. Banks went to the top rope but Bayley knocked her down. Banks sent her crashing to the mat then hit a frog splash for 2. Bayley rolled her up for 2.

Winner: Bayley.

Bliss and Bayley had a staredown in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Jason Jordan vs. Curt Hawkins

They lock up and Jordan started throwing Hawkins around the ring. He hit a spear in the corner then his finisher for the win.

Winner: Jordan.

-Commercial Break-

The Revival walked out to the ring and cut a promo about The Hardy Boyz. This led to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walking out to the ring. They bragged about how they beat up New Day as well Hardy Boyz and were bald first. Gallows called them nerds.

Tag Team Match: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. The Revival

Dash and Anderson started things off. Anderson slapped him then Dawson was tagged in. They worked over Anderson in the corner. Gallows got tagged in and hit a series of back body drops. Anderson and Gallows clothesline them out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Gallows hitting a big boot to Dawson then a splash. Gallows missed a splash in the corner but was able to follow up with a big boot. Dash took out Anderson and Dawson took out Gallows with a chop block. This led to the Hardy Boyz walking down to the stage to distract Gallows and Anderson. The Revival hit the shatter machine to Anderson for the win.

Winners: The Revival

Post-match, The Revival, and The Hardy Boyz brawled. The Hardy’s cleared the ring and stood tall.

We see The Miz giving Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel a pep talk backstage.

-Commercial Break-

2-on-3 Handicap Match: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. The Miz, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas

Ambrose and Axel started things off. Ambrose hit a clothesline then tagged in Rollins, who landed a series of right hands. Rollins hit a hip toss then tagged in Ambrose, who hit a knee strike. Rollins and Ambrose hit a series of tag team moves to Dallas and Axel to send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Miz in control of Rollins. Miz, Dallas, and Axel worked over Rollins. Moments later, Rollins fought back and got the hot tag to Ambrose, who hit a series of clotheslines to Dallas. Ambrose knocked Miz off the apron then took him out with a dive. Ambrose rolled up Dallas for 2. Ambrose went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop for 2. Miz caught him with a big boot and Rollins clotheslines Miz to the floor. Axel sent Rollins into the barricade. Axel was tagged in and hit a back elbow. Miz tagged himself in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale but Rollins broke up the pin attempt. Miz took out Rollins with a clothesline. Ambrose sent Miz to the floor. Ambrose and Rollins hit outside dives. Back in the ring, Miz rolled up Ambrose for 2. Rollins hit Miz with a knee strike and Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to Miz for the win.

Winners: Ambrose & Rollins.

Rollins and Ambrose hugged it out and Rollins went for the Shield fist pump but Ambrose denied him and rolled out of the ring to close the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.