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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/28 results

Raw starts off with highlights of the Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon angle from last week and highlights of Brock Lesnar being announced as John Cena's opponent.

Opening segment - John Cena kicks off the show. He still has both titles. Cena noted that there's a lively crowd in Houston and normally he'd share their enthusiasm but last week it was revealed that plan C is what he hoped would never happen...Brock Lesnar. He said that he's a marked man by The Authority because they want the title off of his neck so badly that they hired a mercenary. He referenced the cheers during Heyman's promo because some of the WWE Universe wants to see Brock beat the hell out of him. The crowd chanted "YES." He said that 40 men have been champion but one beast has defeated the streak. He said that he will get the beating of a lifetime. He said though that he will not lay down and will fight and will got to SummerSlam to beat Brock Lesnar like he did in 2012. He said that if Brock becomes champion people won't realize what will happen to the title. He said he doesn't know who can stop Brock...not The Authority and certainly not Paul Heyman. Heyman then came out on the ramp. Heyman said that Cena is about to be turned into a victim. Heyman said that Cena's never been victimized. He told him to ask The Undertaker what it's like to be victimized. He said that actually he can't ask him because no one has heard from The Undertaker since WrestleMania. Heyman said that Brock is charging forward and on the offensive and Brock will not just F5 and pin Cena...he will victimize Cena ruthless and mercifully. Cena told him that he's sick of his crap and he wants to talk to him "real." He talked about Heyman having passion for the letters "E-C-W." He said that he (Cena) and Heyman share passion. He said that he has passion for what he does. He said that Brock has no passion for anything but himself but what separates him from Brock is heart. He said that he will have beat every last breath out of his body and he will walk out as champion with this "son of a bitch." Awesome promo. Cesaro came out and shook Paul's hand and hugged him. Paul looked surprised. Cesaro said that even though he and Heyman went their separate ways he won't allow Cena to talk to Heyman like this. He said that Cena isn't a wrestler, he's a walking billboard. He mocked Cena's sneakers. He said that Cena can't wrestle. He said he'd prove it in a match right now. Cena said that it will be an honor t wrestle circles around Cesaro. The match is next. 

John Cena vs. Cesaro - Great match. Cesaro did the giant swing late in the match. Cena tried for the AA off the middle rope but Cesaro broke it up with headbutts. Cesaro did the a cross body block off the top but Cena rolled through it and went for the AA. Cesaro landed on his feet and hit an upper cut. Cesaro then went for the neutralizer, Cena reversed, Cesaro with a boot. Cesaro went to the top rope again but this time Cena caught him and hit an AA from the top rope. Cena got the pin.

Backstage, Stephanie and Triple H are talking. Steph said that she cannot bare to look at her daughter's disappointment. She said "this better work." Randy Orton walked in and told Triple H that last week wasn't the original plan and it was supposed to be Orton vs. Cena at SummerSlam. He told Triple H to change the match. Triple H said that plans change but he'd not gonna change the main event. Triple H said as long as Reigns is in the picture there are no title shots because he'll screw them up. Orton said he'll get rid of Reigns "tonight" but Triple H said that Reigns faces Kane tonight. Orton said that he now has a problem with "you" (Triple H).

Paige and AJ Lee segment in the ring - Paige skipped to the ring. Paige said that sometimes emotions get the better of her but she still thinks of AJ as her best friend in the whole wide world. She said last week what she did was deplorably and she admitted that she crossed the line. She promised to never act that way again. AJ came out. AJ says she gets why she's mad. AJ said that she doesn't play little girl games and she doesn't smile in front of someone and then whisper behind their back and if she wants to talk crap then it's gonna be to her face like a real woman. Paige said that she swears that she's her friend and if AJ doesn't believe that then she's crazy. AJ didn't like being called "crazy." Paige said that she'd never make fun of AJ's mental health. AJ attacked Paige and threw her out of the ring and then attacked her on the outside. There were loud "CM PUNK" chants.

2nd Hour segment - Triple H and Stephanie come out to the ring. They replayed the angle with Brie and Steph from last week. The fans chanted "jailbird" at Stephanie. Triple H said he was disappointed last Monday night and he was disgusted and angry because the fans laughed when Steph was arrested. Triple H said that everything was a simple misunderstanding and Stephanie was just defending herself. Triple H said that all of the charges have been dropped except for the assault and battery charge and Brie Bella refuses to let that go. He said that Steph has asked Brie to come to Raw this week to put the whole ugly incident behind them. Steph asked Brie to come out. Instead, Jericho's music hit. Jericho came out. Jericho sang a song... "bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you...." The fans sung along. Jericho told Steph that "orange is the new black." Jericho asked Triple H why he didn't go to the police station right away. Jericho said that Triple H is starting to realize that Steph is a dirty, filthy brutal, bottom feeding, trash bag...Triple H told him to shut up. Triple H said that he should focus on Bray Wyatt. Jericho said that's the real reason he's out there and he wants Bray Wyatt tonight. Triple H told him that he will have to wait til SummerSlam but tonight...Seth Rollins attacked Jericho...Triple H said that tonight Jericho can face Seth Rollins.

The Miz and Rybaxel vs. Dolph Ziggler and The Usos - Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E were at ringside. Good match. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Ryback for the win. Miz was on the outside relieved that his face was safe.

Bo Dallas vs. R-Truth - he said that everyone knows that Truth cannot be undefeated like Bo and he's lost alot of matches during his career but he knows that one day he will be victorious if he just BOLIEVES. Bo took a victory lap during the match. R-Truth rolled up Bo Dallas and got the pin in less than a minute. Bo grabbed the mic and said that he can't BOLIEVE that R-Truth was the first to beat him. Bo said it's ok and then attacked him. Bo then did another victory lap.

Jack Swagger and Rusev segment - Lana cut a promo in the ring. She said that American flag used to mean supremacy over all nations and it used to fly on battlefields and even on the moon. She said that it's now a faded banner for a ruined nation ruled by cowards that get fat off of your apathy. She said that Russia continues to prove it's might and is commended by the fearless leader Vladimir Putin. She said that the "puppet" Obama warns his finger like a schoolteacher. She said that Obama is a laughable leader. She said lets take a look at the fool that you elected. A photo of George Bush was on the screen. Swagger and Colter interrupted. Colter said that the American flag is a real flag. Colter said that the flag represents the thousands of men and women that died to protect our freedom. Swagger ran down and attacked Rusev. Rusev fought back but Swagger got the best of him. Rusev held the Russian flag outside of the ring while Swagger held the American flag in the ring.

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Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow - Damien Sandow was dressed as an astronaut and cut a promo on his way to the ring. Sandow wrestled in the astronaut suit. Rose got a quick win with the Party Foul.

Kane vs. Roman Reigns - The match never got started. Orton attacked Reigns in the crowd as Reigns made his way to the ring. Reigns took out Kane with the superman punch. He hit Orton with the superman punch too. Kane finally chokeslammed Reigns. Kane left Orton in the ring with Reigns. Orton attafked Reigns. Orton pushed Reigns into the steel steps. Orton then put Reigns on the barricade and drove him to the floor with a DDT. He didn't stop there though. Orton then hit the RKO on Reigns on the announcers table. The table didn't break so he did it again and it broke the second time. Commercial break. After the break they showed Reigns being checked on by the referees. He was still at ringside. 

Fandango vs. Diego - Diego came out with El Torito, Layla, and Summer Rae. Diego pinned Fandango after Fandango was distracted by El Torito and the girls on the outside of the ring. It didn't make any sense for him to get distracted since he was about to hit the legdrop off the top and the girls and Torito were nowhere near Fandango.

Backstage, Stephanie knocks on Nikki Bella's dressing room to talk to her. She said she's looking for Brie. Nikki tells her that she'll be there soon. Nikki said that there aren't many times that people like Steph eats a plate of crap so she hopes she likes the taste of it.

Another backstage segment with Goldust and Stardust. Goldust knows where the cosmic key is. He says "they have it." I'm guessing the tag titles.

Natalya and Naomi vs. Alicia Fox and Cameron - Short match. Naomi made Cameron tap with a leg submission. She had her legs wrapped around Cameron's head.

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins - These 2 had a good match. Things picked up in the later part in the match. Jericho hit a code breaker but Bray's music hit. The lights went out and when they came back on The Wyatts were in the ring and attacked Jericho. Bray hit Sister Abigail on Jericho.

Backstage, Stephanie is on her way to the ring to confront Brie Bella. They showed a commercial for Lesnar vs. Cena at SummerSlam.

Stephanie McMahon/Brie Bella segment - Steph talked about how her arrest affected her and her children. Brie made her way to the ring from the crowd. She got music too. Brie said that she's heard enough and told her to get to the point and asked Steph if she was going to stand there like a rich bitch. Steph asked her to drop the charges. Steph said she could give Nikki a raise as long as she agrees to Nikki's demands. Brie said she wants her job back. Steph said that she thinks one Bella is enough in WWE. Brie agreed to drop charges if Steph gave her the job back. Steph was walking away but Brie also said that she wants a match at SummerSlam. Steph asked her if she wants a Divas title match or a Total Divas spectacular. Brie said that the match she wants is against Stephanie. Steph said that she hasn't competed in the ring in over 10 years. Steph said that Brie could have any match except against her. Brie said that she won't drop the charges. Steph asked Brie to stop and said it's unfair. Steph said she can't wrestle and can't compete against Brie. Fans started chanting "YES." Steph refused to lower herself. Steph finally agreed while crying. Steph then slapped Brie and said that "at SummerSlam i'm gonna make you my bitch." Brie then attacked Steph and they rolled around. Officials came down to break it up. The officials were Jaime Noble, Joey Mercury, and Fit Finlay. Triple H came out too.