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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/31/17 results: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

Show: Raw
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: 7/31/17
Airing Live On The USA Network

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video of last week’s episode of Raw. Kurt Angle walked out to the ring to open the show. He hyped his son Jason Jordan appearing on Miz TV and the Triple Threat match later tonight. He wanted to address the fans. He brought winning a gold medal with a broken freakin neck over 20 years ago. He thanked the fans for their support. This led to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walking out to the ring. Heyman said that he has figured out Angle’s strategy. Heyman said that Angle needs to take the Universal Title off Lesnar. Heyman hyped up Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe. Heyman said that he understands why Angle is doing this and how people in power are telling him to take the title off of Lesnar. Heyman said that Angle has been told to have Lesnar pay the ultimate price. Heyman said that if Lesnar loses the title then he leaves WWE and he will be leaving with him. Heyman promised that Lesnar will not lose his title at SummerSlam to any Superstar. Heyman said that there will be an announcement at SummerSlam, which will be that Lesnar is still the Universal Champion.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team Match: The Hardy Boyz vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Matt and Anderson start things off. Matt with a series of headlock takeovers. Anderson hit a back suplex. Hardy Boyz worked over Anderson with quick tags. Gallows was tagged in but The Hardy Boyz hit poetry in motion in the corner.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Gallows in control of Jeff. Jeff fought back with a series of strikes and kicks. However, Anderson was tagged in and knocked hi down from behind. Anderson missed a dive in the corner and Matt was tagged in as well as landed a series of strikes. Matt with a bulldog out of the corner for 2. Matt with the side effect for 2. Gallows with a kick to the back of the head of Matt. They went for the Magic Killer, but Jeff broke it up. Gallows took out Jeff then hit a clothesline to Matt. Matt avoided a splash and hit the Twist of Fate then hit Jeff, who landed the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz

The Revival and The Hardy Boyz exchanged words then brawled on the stage. Gallows and Anderson joined in on the brawl. Anderson and Dash were sent crashing to the floor. Dawson got hit with two Twist of Fates while Gallows was sent into the stage. Jeff hit a dive off the stage to Dash and Anderson. The Hardy Boyz stood tall on the stage to end the segment.

Renee Young interviewed Dean Ambrose backstage. Ambrose cut a promo about his feud with The Miz and reconnecting with Seth Rollins. Ambrose said it felt like old times with Rollins last week. This led to Rollins walking up and agreed with what Ambrose said. Ambrose noted that Rollins burned him once and wouldn’t happen again.

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We see Sheamus and Cesaro mocking Rollins for trying to get back together with Ambrose. Rollins said that if they want a fight then they got it. Rollins challenged one of them to a match tonight. Sheamus accepted his challenge.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari & TJP, and Tony Nese

Alexander and Nese started things off. Alexander with a series of arm drags then a head takeover and a drop kick. Daivari was tagged in, but right into an arm drag. Swann was in next and hit a hurricanrana for 2. Tozawa in now and hit a drop kick then a back splash for 2.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with the heels in control of Tozawa. Moments later, Tozawa fought back and tagged in Swann. Swann hit a series of moves to TJP then tagged in Tozawa, who hit his finisher for the win.

Winners: Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

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The Miz, Maryse, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel walked down to the ring to open the second hour. Miz introduced Jason Jordan, who walked out with new theme music. Jordan said that the fans may boo him but Miz is an expert on receiving boos. Miz wants Jordan to join the Miztourage. Jordan turned him down. Miz said that he can help Jordan and that Jordan needs his help. Jordan still turned him down. Miz said, of course, Jordan would turn him down since his father is the Raw GM. Jordan tried to downplay it. Miz said that WWE will chew him up and spit out. Jordan said that he would rather have that happen to him then be associated with Miz. Miz brought up Angle’s history and that he is a sad broken down man. Jordan threatened Miz to not talk about his dad. This led to Miz trying to attack Jordan, but Jordan caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex then got out of the ring. Miz and Jordan had a staredown.

A video package to hype the main event was shown.

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Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus

They lock up and Rollins caught him with a drop kick. Sheamus avoided a clothesline and Rollins sent him to the floor. Rollins went for a dive but Sheamus caught him with a forearm shot then sent him into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Sheamus in control of him. Sheamus hit a suplex off the top rope. Moments later, Rollins fought back with a series of strikes and hit an outside dive. Back in the ring, Rollins hit the sling blade then went to the top rope but knocked Cesaro down. Sheamus went for a move but Rollins rolled up Sheamus for 2.

Winner: Rollins.

Post-match, Cesaro, and Sheamus beat down Rollins until Ambrose ran down to make the save.

Samoa Joe cut a backstage promo vowing to make either Reigns or Strowman go to sleep.

-Commercial Break-

Bray Wyatt walks down to the ring and cuts a promo about Finn Balor. He said that Balor is just like the fans, they run from who they are. He said that he is everywhere and the fans live through Balor and believe that their lives can be special. He said that he sees Balor as a shell of a man that never was. He asked the fans what it was like to see their hero broken last week. He said that when he knocks you down, there is no getting back up and escape. Balor’s Demon music played with Balor ending up in the ring but not dressed up as the Demon. Balor had his back to him then caught him with a kick and a baseball slide then a drop kick sending Wyatt over the barricade. Balor stood tall on the ring steps.

Strowman cut a backstage promo about how he is not like other men and cause chaos.

-Commercial Break-

Triple Threat Match: Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

They all start brawling to begin the match. Strowman tossed them to the floor and we cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Reigns and Joe double teaming Strowman, who was later thrown out of the ring. Reigns with a series of clotheslines to Joe, who caught him with an armbar. Strowman pulled Joe out of the ring and into the barricade. Reigns and Strowman brawled into the crowd. Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch on Strowman but Strowman got out of it. Joe sent Reigns into the barricade then a head kick. Reigns with a series of clotheslines to joe when they got back into the ring. Reigns hit Joe with a Superman Punch off the steps. Strowman caught Reigns with a big boot. Strowman tossed Reigns into the steps then into the ring. Joe caught Strowman with a kick and a back splash. Joe with a back splash to Reigns for 2. Joe set up steps in the corner and locked in the Coquina Clutch on Reigns but Strowman broke it up then hit his finisher to Joe for the near fall as Reigns broke it up. Strowman smashed Reigns up against the turnbuckle then picked up the steps but Reigns hit the Superman Punch and hit Strowman with the steps. Reigns hit a spear to Joe for the win.

Winner: Reigns.

We see Enzo Amore talking to The Big Show backstage. Amore wanted to thank him for having his back. Big Show said that it’s a battle that he doesn’t mind fighting and that Big Cass needs to learn some respect.

-Commercial Break-

Elias Samson is in the ring to sing us a song about Pittsburgh. This leads to Kalisto interrupting.

Singles Match: Kalisto vs. Elias Samson

Kalisto with a series of quick moves. Samson caught him and sent him into the ropes to send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Samson still in control. Kalisto never made a comeback but rather a beatdown. Samson hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Samson

Alexa Bliss cuts a backstage promo about facing Bayley at SummerSlam. She bragged about how she will beat Bayley then mocked Sasha Banks for losing to Bayley last week. She said that no one will able to bail out Bayley in her match against Nia Jax.

-Commercial Break-

We see Ambrose and Rollins talking backstage. Rollins thanked him for helping him out earlier. Ambrose said if he didn’t make the save then it would make him look bad. Ambrose said that Rollins wouldn’t have done the same thing for him.

Singles Match: Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Bayley hit a series of moves until Jax swatted her away and to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Jax in control of Bayley. Jax sent her face first into the mat. Jax then mocked Bayley, who struggled to get back into the ring. Bayley attempted to fight back with a series of strikes then a bull dog. Alexa Bliss ran out to the ring but Bayley knocked her down. Bayley sent Jax into the steel steps and won the match by count out.

Winner: Bayley

Bliss attempted to attack Bayley but Bayley was able to avoid her.

Big Cass cut a backstage promo how he will leave The Big Show in a big heap lying in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Enzo Amore cuts a promo about how Big Show will leave Big Cass black and blue. He then he introduced him.

Singles Match: Big Show vs. Big Cass

They start brawling to begin the match. Big Show landed a series of headbutts in the corner. Big Show sent him to the floor but Cass caught him with a knee strike the used the top rope to his advantage. Big Show knocked him down with a shoulder block. Cass took out the left knee of Big Show and worked it over. Big Cass hit a big boot then went to the top rope but Big Show landed a big chop. Big Show with a series of clotheslines but Cass caught him with a big boot out of nowhere. Amore jumped Cass from behind causing the DQ.

Winner: Cass

Cass hit a big boot to Amore. Big Show hit Cass with the KO punch. Big Show stood tall to end the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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