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WWE Monday Night Raw results 10/13/14: Dean Ambrose faces Cena & gets his contract

Raw is in Atlanta, GA tonight.

They showed a highlight package of the Cena/Ambrose stuff from last week.

Opening segment – Dean Ambrose comes out. Ambrose said that there’s nothing that he likes more than to be locked in the cell with Seth Rollins so he can brutalize him so bad that he wishes he never heard the name Dean Ambrose but before he gets there, there’s something pissing him off. He said he has a matter to deal with…that’s John Cena, the face of WWE. He said that he needs to get through John Cena first and he doesn’t have a problem dropping John Cena where he stands and he did last week but Cena did the same to him on Smackdown. He said that The Authority just wants to protect the golden boy Seth Rollins. He said that he will grab the contract at Hell in a Cell and he’ll beat John Cena senseless with the pole and then he’ll beat Rollins head like a basketball and no one can do anything about it.  John Cena comes out. Atlanta boos Cena. Cena says that Atlanta is excited. He tells Ambrose to relax because the Cena/Ambrose match is made and it’s 2 weeks from now at Hell in a Cell and it’s a match the WWE Universe wants to see because they know that they both have a chance and the Universe wants to see who gets their hands on Rollins. He said that Ambrose is talking trash maybe so Ambrose can leave him unconscious again..”or maybe you walk out of here, or maybe you don’t.” Cena said that Ambrose has the match of his life coming up and “shut up and instead of coming out here and getting all crazy, use your two weeks to get ready for the biggest match of your career.” Ambrose said that he was born ready and has been ready to whoop Cena’s ass for years. He told Cena not to talk to him like a chump and not to act like he can trust him. Cena told to him to throw it all away by losing his temper. Cena said that he will realize that he’s way over his head. He told him to pipe down and use his time to get ready. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out on the stage. Triple H told them to slow down because they have two weeks. They got in a $9.99 mention. Stephanie said that Ambrose and Cena will be in tag action tonight. Steph said that they’re afraid to fight each other. Triple H said he thinks that they’ll rip each other apart. Steph said that Ambrose and Cena will face The Usos and Gold and Stardust in a triple threat match. Gold and Stardust’s music hit so the match starts now.

Commercial break.

The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust vs. Ambrose & Cena – The match started after the commercial break. Cena started the match against Jimmy Uso. Cena and Ambrose got along early on and Cena even tagged Ambrose and then they worked together for a brief while. Late in the match Goldust cost a hot tag from Jimmy to Jey. Ambrose took out Goldust at ringside. Cena finally did make a hot tag and Stardust tagged in too. Cena hit the 5 knuckle shuffle and the AA on Stardust but he landed on his feet. Goldust hit a powerslam on Cena. Jey hit a superick on Goldust. Double dives on the outside from The Usos to the Dust brothers. Cena also did a dive onto The Usos, Gold/Stardust to the outside. Ambrose then did a dive to the outside on everyone. Ambrose tossed Goldust and Cena into the ring. All 4 men in the ring. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds. Cena hit the AA on Stardust for the pin.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came back on the stage. Triple H said Steph was right because they were able to get along. He gave her $1.00. He said he hates to lose and maybe they lacked the proper motivation and maybe they just need that spark to make this all go down. He said that since they both want Seth Rollins then they don’t need to wait. He said that they will have their match tonight instead of at Hell in a Cell. It will be a contract on a pole match, no holds barred to get the right to face Seth Rollins.

They showed highlights of Big Show knocking out Rusev 3 weeks ago on Smackdown. They face off tonight. AJ Lee came out for her match. It starts after the commercial break.

Commercial break.

AJ Lee & Layla vs. Alicia Fox & Paige – AJ got the pin with the shining wizard even though Layla left her to fight alone. AJ attacked Layla after the match and rammed her into the barricade.

They showed Big Show pulling the flag 2 weeks ago.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Randy Orton tells Triple H and Stephanie that Seth Rollins says he’s the future and the future is a long way off and he said that he wants the spotlight…that’s fine as long as he doesn’t steal his spotlight. He said that Cena and Ambrose can’t beat him so he wants a match too at Hell in a Cell. He wants the loser of Ambrose vs. Cena.

A Wyatt family vignette airs. This one is focused on Erick Rowan. It ended with “Erick Rowan is set free” and the pregnant woman’s stomach like last week.

Ziggler comes out for the next match.

Commercial break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton – Cesaro is on commentary. Cesaro said that Ziggler is afraid to give him a rematch. Orton worked over the shoulder by pushing his shoulder into the post. Than he went for the draping DDT but Ziggler countered with a dropkick. Orton was knocked to the outside of the ring. Orton looked over to the aisle way and saw Seth Rollins on the stage area. Commercial break. Orton kept glancing over at Rollins during the match. Late in the match Orton hit a superplex off the top rope. Orton hit his trademark powerslam and then the draping DDT. Then he set up for the RKO but Ziggler rolled him out for a near fall. Ziggler hit for the famouser but Orton moved. Ziggler kicked him and got a near fall.Ziggler went for the famouser again but Randy turned it into a RKO for the win. No interference from anyone. Good match. Ziggler then walked around ringside and then got in the ring and looked at Orton. Rollins hit the curb stomp on Ziggler. Orton didn’t look neither happy or mad about it.

Commercial for See No Evil 2.

Commercial break.

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger – Zeb Colter is at ringside in Jack’s corner. They plugged Stone Cold’s podcast again. Randy Orton came out to ringside to watch the match. Seth saw him and nodded. They’re playing up that there’s tension between Seth and Randy. Commercial break. After the break Rollins is dominating the match. Swagger was finally able to turn things around for a while. Orton still looking on outside. Swagger hit a Swagger bomb but only got a two count. Then he went for the gutwrench suplex but Rollins countered. Rollins dove off the middle rope but Swagger caught him and slammed him but only got a two count. Swagger took out Rollins knee and then got the Patriot Lock but Rollins rolled through and then hit a kick to the face. He went for the curb stomp but Swagger moved and then locked in the Patriot Lock but Rollins got to the ropes. Swagger tossed Rollins on the top turnbuckle. Rollins got the win with a rollup and handful of tights. Orton ran in the ring and hit the RKO on Swagger. Orton got up in Rollins face and said something to him. Orton and Rollin stared at each other face to face in the middle of the ring. They both said somethings to each other but then they backed off without getting physical.

Commercial for The Monday Night Wars. Tomorrow’s episode features the cruiserweights.

Commercial break.

Commercial for the WWE Network. The announcers plugged it too. They plugged Raw Backstage Pass airing tonight after Raw, tomorrow’s Main Event, and WWE Countdown.

Renee Young backstage. She talks to Dean Ambrose. Ambrose said not to expect him to go out there and be a nice guy. He said he’s not a nice guy and Triple H knows that. He said he gets to the next stop 2 weeks early and he puts Cena in his place 2 weeks early and at the PPV he’ll send Rollins straight to hell. He said Cena and Rollins are on the highway to hell.

Tom Phillips talks to the Big Show in the locker room area. Big Show said that Tom forgot to mention that he knocked out Rusev and proved that Rusev is not unbeatable and he has a glass jaw and he will shatter it. He said Mark Henry came so very close and if someone will carry 318 million Americans and the thousands in Atlanta then the weight can go on his shoulders cuz his shoulders are the biggest in town and he’ll show Rusev what he learned in sensitivity traininig.

Rusev comes out for the next match. Commercial break.

Rusev comes out for his match. Lana is with Rusev. Before Show comes out Lana cuts a promo. She said today the U.S. celebrates Columbus day. A day for honoring the discovery of this pathetic country. She said that some say Columbus was stubborn, clueless and an egomaniac and not nice to the Indians who vanished to a reservation where they built a casino. She said that the fact is that most non-Indiana are stubborn and clueless just like Columbus who will lose their money faster than the Braves will lose their base ball game. Rusev then cut a promo. He said something in Russian at first. The crowd got on his case. Rusev said that Big Show’s actions will have consequences. Fans chanted “USA, USA.” Lana told the crowd to shut up. Rusev said that if Big Show has a spine then he will rip it out with his hand and just like Mark Henry he will fail the stupid Americans. He said that Big Show will be crushed.

Rusev vs. Big Show – This match is taking place during halftime so they had Rusev talk until the game went to halftime. Show manhandled Rusev in the early stages of the match. Show gave him a tomahawk chop as the crowd did the Braves tomahawk chant. Big Show continued to beat on Rusev for several minutes until Rusev hit a dropkick on Show. Rusev clotheslined Show over the top rope. Commercial break. Rusev had the upper hand throughout the commercial break. Rusev had the upper hand for a few more minutes after the break. Show tried an elbow off the second rope but Rusev moved out of the way and locked him in a headlock. Lots of rest holds in this match. Show broke out of the hold and slammed Rusev but he couldn’t go for a cover because he was in pain. His back specifically. Show went for the KO punch but missed. Rusev kicked him. Rusev went for the Accolade and locked it in. Mark Henry walked down to the ring and cheered Show. Henry got up on the ring apron and Rusev got up and knocked him down. He locked in the Accolade again on Show. Henry got in the ring and attacked Rusev forcing a DQ. Rusev wins by DQ. Show was upset that Henry came in the ring. The flag was hanging in the ring while Show and Henry were standing in the ring. Show then walked over to Rusev at ringside. Henry was on the other side so Rusev and Lana were cornered. Rusev ran towards Henry and he and Henry fought back and forth. Show hit the KO punch on Rusev. Big Show’s music played as Henry helped walk Show to the back.

They plugged tonight’s Main Event.

Renee Young talks to Sheamus backstage. Sheamus said that the only thing worse than Miz is 2 of them and they’re like a bad rash that won’t go away. He said the cure is 2 brogue kicks and then call him in the morning.

They aired a commercial for the WWE 2K15 soundtrack.

Commercial break.

They plugged the season premiere of Chrisley Knows Best that airs tomorrow. They showed Chrisley and his kids at ringside. Tom Phillis talked to him at rindside. He said his son Grayson watches WWE every day. They plugged the show.

Sheamus vs. The Miz – Mizdow is at ringside. Mizdow was great mimicking Miz on the outside. Fans chanted “we want Sandow.” Miz won by countout thanks to Mizdow.

Naomi, Nikki Bella, Natalya, and Rosa Mendes greeted NeNe Leakes backstage. Cameron got in NeNe’s face. I guess there will be an angle between them.

Commercial break.

They showed a Susan G. Komen video.

Cameron, Summer Rae & Nikki Bella vs. Natalya, Brie Bella, & Naomi – Rosa is at ringside. Justin Roberts introduced NeNe Leakes. She is with Rosa at ringside. Brie got the pin on Nikki with her finisher. The babyfaces celebrated with NeNe Leakes.

They plugged tonight’s main event.

Commercial break.

John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose – Kane, Rollins, and Orton are at ringside. There was interference from the Authority but there’s no disqualification. The Authority beat up on Cena and Ambrose during the match. Cena hit the AA on Kane. While that happened Ambrose went for the contract and mocked Cena and grabbed the contract. Ambrose vs. Rollins will be the match at Hell in a Cell. Randy Orton vs. John Cena at Hell in a Cell. Cena and Orton looked like they were about to square off but Orton backed off.


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