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WWE Monday Night Raw results 10/20/14 – Mick Foley returns; Rollins turns on Orton

Raw is in Kansas City.

They show highlights from last week

Opening segment – the show the cage lowered halfway. The Authority (Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Triple H, Kane) come out to the ring dressed in suits. He said that Seth, Kane, and Randy will compete against Cena and Ambrose tonight. He said that if Ambrose and Cena make it tonight then they will go straight to hell…Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Triple H says the cell changes your life even though he’s won more than anyone else. He said it’s not a match you win, it’s a match you survive. He said Sunday will be the end of two of WWE’s most heated rivalries. Rollins said that he likes the “Mr. Money in the Bank” nickname. The crowd chanted “you sold out” at him. He was thinking about a new nickname…undisputed future of the WWE. Orton didn’t seem to like that. Rollins said the keyword is “future” because that is something Dean Ambrose will no longer have after he beats him. Orton took the mic and said that the true main event is going to involve superstars that have been around longer than a hot cup of coffee and he will end the decade long rivalry once and for all. Triple H said that they are both in the main event because it is a double main event. Triple H said that Orton’s match against Cena won’t be just about the end of the rivalry because the winner receives an opportunity against the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Orton said he’ll make him so proud unlike the Royals who won’t win one this year. He said that he will beat Cena and he will beat Brock too. Triple H says he knows Orton, Rollins, and Kane will make him proud tonight in the main event but also this Sunday at Hell in a Cell. He said that The Authority always wins and that is best for business. Triple H’s music played followed by Kane’s music and ring pyro.

They showed highlights of Sheamus’ in ring interview on WWE Main Event when Mizdow impersonated Sheamus and then Sheamus attacked Mizdow.

Sheamus comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

Sheamus & The Usos vs. Damien Mizdow, Gold & Stardust – The Miz was supposed to be in this match but he had Mizdow replace him. He said that this is an opportunity for Mizdow. Miz sat on commentary with the announcers. There was a commercial break early in the match. Pretty good match. They all ended up on the outside at one point with Shemus diving on everyone. Sheamus hit the brogue kick on Stardust but Mizdow was the legal man and rolled up Sheamus for the pin. Miz celebrated like he was the one who won the match.

Commercial break.

They showed a Susan G. Komen video with a breast cancer survivor telling her story.

Backstage, Randy Orton admits not being the easiest guy to deal with. He thanks Triple H and says that he will be the guy to beat Brock Lesnar after he beats Cena. Triple H said that this has been a long time coming for him but this was Seth’s idea. He said that Seth was looking out for him. Orton said that what he needs to do right now is thank Seth personally.

Wyatt Family vignette focusing on all three members this time. He said that Luke and Erick are set free. He said that “she” told him he was special. He talked about the spirit talking to him about the journey he will walk on alone. He ended with “It’s coming.”

AJ Lee comes out for her match.

Commercial break.

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox – this was originally supposed to be a tag match but it was changed before Raw. They showed highlights of AJ Lee defeating Layla on Smackdown and then Paige attacking AJ after the match. Paige is at ringside during this match. AJ and Alicia had a pretty good match with Alicia dominating for much of the match. When Paige got on the offense, Paige got mad at Alicia and shoved her. Alicia ended up pinning AJ when AJ got distracted. The Paige/Alicia mini-argument was just to trick AJ and cause the distraction.

Backstage, Randy Orton thanks Seth Rollins. Orton asked him why he would look out for him. Rollins said he’s a team player. Orton told him to stay out of his business because he can take care of himself. Rollins said that if he beats Cena then he can beat Brock to become champion and then the future takes care of itself (Rollins looks down at his briefcase).

They showed a commercial for DX: Confidential. It will air on WWE Network tonight.

Commercial break.

They plugged a Hulk Hogan exclusive interview after Raw on the WWE Network.

2nd hour segment – Randy Orton, still in his suit, comes down to the ring. The cell is hanging over the ring. Orton says it’s not the first time John and him have been in the cell. He says time really flies because it felt like 2002 was yesterday when he and Cena made their debuts. He said Cena was some punk kid from Boston that thought he could rap. Fans heckled him. He said that the Royals will not win. That got boos from the crowd. He said that John and him became the top stars of their generation. He said that he respects John but at the end of the day he’s still that jacked up punk kid from Boston and simply put he’s better than Cena and “you can take your hustle, loyalty, and respect and shove it up your ass.” He said he doesn’t care about fighting for what is right. He said the last time he faced Cena on PPV he beat him and he’ll do it again. He said that he will beat Cena and he will savor every second of it and then he will go on to face the Beast…Cena’s music interrupted. Cena came out. He told Orton to shut up…”shut your mouth.” He said everybody knows Orton is gifted and a future Hall of Famer but everytime he opens that cruddy piehole all he does is prove to be the biggest dumbass alive. Cena mocked Orton with a grandfather voice talking about 2002. Cena said that Orton is so stupid with all that’s going on in Kansas City right now and tells them that the Royals have no shot at winning “the championship.” He said in 2002 he might have been right. He said that’s the year Orton was last relevant. He said now in 2014 the Royals are in the World Series. Crowd pandering as usual here. He said that the Royals have their eyes on the World Series championship. Orton said being in the World Series and winning it are 2 different things. Cena said that Orton will be in the match on Sunday but he won’t win because he gets what he wants….he wants to fight The Beast. He said that the structure is destructive and painful and this Sunday Orton will be locked with a man on a mission and locked in with a man that sees Brock Lesnar. He said Sunday he’s locked in with the man that runs the place and hell is coming with him. Paul Heyman interrupted on the stage. Heyman said that this revisionist history is laughable…the class of 2002 featured Randy Orton, John Cena, and the next big thing that he signed … the beast who conquered The Rock for the WWE championshp. He said that if you think about it, the reigning defending, undisputed, WWE heavyweight champion of the world in 2002 is the reigning undisputed WWE heavyweight champion of the world in 2014. He said that this Sunday the two of you are going to enter the Hell in a Cell. Heyman walked into the ring. He said hopefully they’ll define their legacies against each other because they are both stepping into the cell with an equal but Brock has no equal and the winner of the match will be the loser because he’ll step into the ring with a beast. He said he respects Orton but he assures him that he wants no part of his beast. Cena was about to leave before Heyman told him he’s not done. Heyman said Cena wants the title and the beast. He said that it’s not sound thinking. He said that if he gets by Randy Orton then he has to step into the ring with his challenger eating carnivore Brock Lesnar. Cena puts Heyman on his back and teases an AA. Heyman hegs off. Orton hits an RKO on Cena. Orton yells at Cena saying “who’s stupid now?” Heyman laughs.Orton tells Heyman he can leave but instead gives him an RKO too.

They recapped the Big Show vs. Rusev match last week with Henry breaking up Rusev’s submission and then they showed Show KO’ing Rusev on the outside of the ring. They cut backstage and show Rusev and Lana getting ready to walk out to the ring. He’s next.

They showed the WWE 2K15 soundtrack commercial. Then they showed the new WWE 2K15 commercial called “feel it.”

Commercial break.

“Moments ago” with Orton RKO’ing Cena and Heyman.

Rusev vs. Big E – Lana is at ringside. Rusev was in control of the match before they took a commercial mid-match. Rusev won the match by making Big E submit to The Accolade. Lana grabbed the mic and said that the cowardly Big Show will prove and fail all Americans this Sunday. She said deserves to be in the circus to wallow in his own excrement. Rusev said that he will rip Show’s giant heart out and devour it. He said that Show will fail his country and all these people will despise him for it. Lana asked everyone to rise for the true red, white, and blue. The flag didn’t come down from the ceiling like it was supposed to. Big Show was on the big screen smiling. Instead, the American flag came down from the ceiling. Rusev teased pulling down the American flag. A “soldier” (a plant from WWE) in uniform tried to get in the ring as security tried to get him out. Rusev kicked him in the face and left.

Commercial break.

Big Show helped the soldier during the commercial break.

Big Show addresses Rusev – After the break, Show is in the ring nearly in tears. Show struggles to speak at first. Show said that there are lines you do not cross. He said that you do not disrespect an American soldier…ever. He paused. Then he said that if Rusev wants his attention and to get inside his head..well, his head is a very dark place and he will unleash every bit of wrath within him all over Rusev. Show said he’s an American and a giant and at Hell in a Cell Rusev’s 15 minutes (of fame) will be up. Big Show left the ring but changed his mind and went back in the ring. He said that on second thought…”Rusev, get out here now.” He said that if he wants a piece of an American then he can come out and get some. He said if Rusev won’t come to him then he’ll come to Rusev. Someone in production told Big Show where to find Rusev’s dressing room. Show kicked a door open. No one was in the room.

They showed Dean Ambrose eating popcorn watching See No Evil 2. Cena asked what he was doing. Ambrose said he was doing research. Cena asked him if this was his strategy. Ambrose said he and Cena are like Superman and Batman. Batman likes to beat up scumbags and Cena is the nice guy. Cena said that he and Ambrose have to beat 3 guys tonight. Ambrose told him to relax. Ambrose said that handicap street matches are his specialty. Ambrose said take as many down as they can. Cena said The Joker fits Ambrose more than Batman. Ambrose ended with “why so serious?” Then he sat down to eat popcorn again.

Commercial break.

Congratulated Stephanie McMahon on becoming a 2015 Eisenhower USA Fellow.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae – Nikki was watching backstage on the monitor. Brie hit the dropkick off the middle ropes and then her face buster finisher. She got the pin and led the “YES” chants. Nikki was upset backstage.

The show Dean Ambrose walking backstage about to make his way into the arena area. He has a huge grey bag with him.

Commercial break.

WWE Network commercial with Warrior’s final speech. The announcers plugged the network and Hell in a Cell and Raw backstage pass with Hulk Hogan and the DX: Confidential special.

Dean Ambrose segment – Ambrose comes out with the big grey bag. Ambrose said that he’s been having dreams over these last 4 months. He said that he finally gets Rollins in the Hell in a Cell this Sunday. He opened the grey bag to reveal a Seth Rollins dummy. He sat the dummy in a chair in the middle of the ring. He talks to the dummy and tells it that he’s just a puppet for The Authority. He says that dirty work doesn’t suit him because he never liked to get his hands dirty. He said that the first body part that he rips off will be his hands. He rips an arm off the dummy. He slaps the dummy with the arm and asks it if he feels good for selling out. He said “Seth you’re no dummy” because he should know what happens to people tha tscrew him over. Then he puts a screw driver through the dummys nose. Then he hits it with a hammer. He said that he saw himself (in his dream) chopping Seth’s testicles and he remembered that he already sold his testicles to The Authority. Then he puts tongs on the dummy’s “testicles.” Then he piledrives the dummy. The real Seth Rollins comes out. Noble and Mercury are behind him. Rollins says Ambrose has finally found an opponent that he can relate to on an intellectual level. He said that we all know Ambrose can beat him but at least he can go after a comedy career with Carrot Top. He asked him if he’ll bring out watermelons or balloons next. Amrbose tossed the arm at Rollins. Fans chanted “you sold out” at Rollins. Rollins said “you’re damn right I sold out.” He said it kind of stings coming from the fans because he’s a midwestern kid too but that’s where the similarities end because he knew that from a very young age he was destined to be more than just a midwestern piece of trailer park trash. He said that none of the loser fans have any idea what it’s like to be famous, rich, and a somebody., He said that’s why they have their cameras taking pictures and video and later they will post them on instagram and talk about Seth being the best part of Raw. Seth said that he sold out, sold The Shield out, he sold Dean Ambrose out. Ambrose said that he’s saving the worst for Sunday but he can give the fans an early preview. Ambrose has a power drill in his hand. Seth said he doesn’t sweat Ambrose or the drill and he doesn’t sweat Hell in a Cell.

Mick Foley comes out. Foley talked about his daughter loving The Shield. He says he watches Raw, Smackdown, and the network for an undisclosed monthly sum. He said his daughter was right because The Shield was dominant. Mick said that as great as Dean is, in almost scenario he envisions Seth coming out victorious. Seth said that just when he thought Mick was an old dinosaur, he realizes that Mick has some good thoughts in that half working brain. Mick said “almost” any scenario. He said the cell is no ordinary scenario. He said Ambrose wants to rip Seth’s face off. Mick said it’s the 300th consecutive day that he’s worn Santa attire because he clings to the last vestiges of his innocence. He said he’s proud of the tooth that was knocked out 18 years ago. He said that he’s been there and done that and the scars that you wil not heal from are the emotional ones. Ambrose said that he lost his innocence a long time ago and he’s not worried about adding more scars or losing teeth. He said nobody in the company understands him but if there’s anyone that gets him just a little bit and knows that he’s ready for Hell in a Cell…he asked Rollins if he’s ready and to ask himself. Seth said that they’re both crazy and out of their minds. He said that it has nothing to do with how crazy Dean think’s he is and he will beat him and he will beat him the same way he’s beaten everybody because Mick and Dean are down here and his brain is “up here.” He said it’s not about how crazy you are, it’s about how smart you are. Mick said the “thou that will not kill you makes you stronger.” He said the person who said that quote never fell off a cell. He said he’s not sure if Seth and Dean are prepared for what awaits them after the cell.  Mick said that KC fans get the game they’ve been waiting for for 29 years and Ambrose and Rollins get the match they’ve been waiting for their entire lives. Ambrose tried to hit Rollins with a chair but Rollins escaped. Ambrose hit him with the dummy as Rollins tried to get in the ring. Then Ambrose threw the dummy at Rollins.

Commercial break.

WWE 2K15 commercial. Same one from earlier.

 Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler – JBL gave best wishes to Ox Baker and his family. Ox passed away this morning. Good match between these two as usual. Cesaro hit a nice uppercut for the pin on Ziggler. Cole wonders if Cesaro has earned a title shot. After the match Cesaro hit the neutralizer on Ziggler.

Backstage, The Authority argued over who’s in charge in tonight’s match. Kane yelled at them to put aside their differences and take care of business tonight. Kane said that it’s time to give the golden boy (Cena) a taste of hell.

Commercial break.

The Miz will do a special edition of Miz TV this Sunday. Paul Heyman will be part of the roundtable on the pre-show.

They showed a “by the numbers” video package for Hell in a Cell.

Wyatt family vignette played. The same one from earlier.

Cena and Ambrose come out for the main event.

Commercial break.

They show Hulk Hogan talking to Renee Young backstage but we can’t hear what he’s saying. They’re saving him for after Raw on the WWE Network.

John Cena and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Kane – The match started with everyone brawling in the ring. Cena knocked Kane out of the ring. Ambrose knocked Orton out of the ring. That left Rollins and Ambrose to start the match.Just a bout a minute later they all brawled on the outside. Ambrose dove on everyone from the announcers table. Ambrose brought a chair into the ring. It’s legal since it’s a street fight. He hit Rollins with the chair on Rollins’ back. Ambrose then got a chair from underneath the ring but Kane attacked and threw him down to the floor on top of the table. They went to a commercial break. After the break Rollins had the upper hand on Ambrose. Then it was Orton’s turn. He beat up on Ambrose for a couple of minutes but Ambrose fought back, hit a boot to the face, and a dropkick from the top rope. Then he tagged in Cena. Cena and Rollins went at it for a while. Cena brought the table into the ring. He tried to AA Rollins but Rollins slipped out and rammed Cena into a steel chair that was wedged in the turnbuckle area. Orton rammed Ambrose into the steel steps. Kane hit Ambrose over the head with the steel steps. Rollins set up the table in the corner. Kane also rammed Cena into the steel steps on the other side of the ring on the outside. Kane then rammed Cena into the table in the corner of the ring. Ambrose started to get into the ring but Kane kicked him and knocked him back to the outside. The cell lowered and covered the ring area.Orton slid under the cell before it came down completely. Ambrose dove on The Authority and started taking them out. Ambrose hit a dropkick on Rollins (who was on the ring apron) and knocked Rollins into the cell back first. Ambrose then hit Orton with repeated kendo stick shots. Ambrose then dove off the second rope and landed on Orton with the chair. He hit Kane with the chair too and tossed Orton and Rollins outside. Ambrose then dove onto Rollins on the outside. Fans chanted “this is awesome.” Orton set up for the RKO, Cena got in, Kane chokeslammed Cena. Randy hit the RKO on Ambrose for hte win. Crazy match. Rollins then curb stomped Orton after the match. Rollins celebrated on the top of the cell. The show ended with Rollins music playing while everyone else was laid out in the ring underneath the cell.


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