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WWE Monday Night Raw results 10/27/14: Cena vs. Rollins, Orton goes nuts, Ryback returns

Monday Night Raw: 10/27/14
San Antonio, Texas
AT&T Center

Raw starts off with still photo highlights from both of the Hell in a Cell main events.

Opening segment – They cut to the arena. Triple H, Kane, and Stephanie McMahon are already in the ring. Stephanie said that if you missed the show last night then you missed a hell of a show. Triple H said it was a slightly bittersweet night with Randy Orton losing his epic encounter with John Cene. He said that then there’s Seth Rollins who is quickly becoming the standard bearer of the WWE. He then introduced “Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins.” Rollins was accompanied by Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Fans chanted “you sold out.” Rollins paused for the chants. He said “man you guys are the best. thank you so much.” He said that finally the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose is out of his hair once and for all. He said that Ambrose is no longer a thorn in his side and he proved that intellect conquers over unbridaled mayhem. Now that he’s done with Ambrose he sees the man that defeated Randy Orton last night on the horizon. He said he’s moving on to John Cena. “Cena sucks/Lets go Cena” chants from the crowd. Seth said that later tonight he’ll be able to “see” John Cena just like all of the fans will able to “see” John Cena when he leaves him like he left Dean Ambrose last night…lying in a puddle of his own failure. Rollins music played. Then Orton’s music played and Orton walked out and doesn’t look happy. Orton said he’s sorry to break up this love fest…he asked “what are you the standard bearer, the future of WWE?” He asked why he’s heard twice tonight that he lost to Cena last night…he said maybe he lost because of the curb stomp from last week. He said that he’s still seeing stars and maybe he should go to anger management like he did in 2006 but he made a promise to himself that if the Authority didn’t deal with Rollins then he’ll deal with him…Orton then attacked Rollins. The Authority tried to break them up. Triple told them “we are not doing this..we are not doing this here. we are not doing this tonight” Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere on Rollins and walked off. Mercury and Noble helped Rollins to his feet.

Rollins vs. Cena later tonight.

WWE 2K15 commercial.

Commercial break.

Gold & Stardust vs. Mark Henry & Big Show – this is for the tag team titles. The showed a clip from earlier on the pre-show of Show and Henry discussing strategy. Goldust and Mark Henry started the match. Henry and Show dominated the match for the first few minutes. Fans chanted “sexual chocolate” when Henry tagged in against Stardust. Show tagged in the match by tagging Henry on the back but Henry wasn’t ready to be tagged out. Show and Henry argued over the way Show tagged him. Commercial break. After the break the action resumes and Goldust has Show in a chinlock. Show reversed it and got Goldust in a leg submission for a few seconds but Stardust broke it up. Show tagged in Henry and Henry dominated Stardust. Goldust distracted Henry and Stardust clipped Henry’s knee. Goldust tagged in and got some offense in. Stardust tagged in and put Henry in a front facelock while Show rallied the crowd. Stardust dropkicked Henry. Henry fell into the corner where Show was so Show tagged himself in again like he did earlier. Henry is not happy about this. Show hit the KO punch on Stardust and tossed Goldust out of the ring. Henry got in the ring and said something to Show, then he hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Big Show. That’s his heel turn. He picked up Stardust and placed him on Big Show. Gold & Stardust win and retain their titles. After the match Show gets up so Henry gives him another World’s Strongest Slam. He yelled at Big Show saying “nobody hits me!” Show used the ropes to get himself up again. Henry waited for him to turn around and then hit another World’s Strongest Slam. Then he did a splash on him. He walked off and yelled “that’s what I do!!”

Roman Reigns interview is next.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Renee Young asks Mark Henry why…Henry says Show he is jealous of him and always has been and always has been and he did it to Show before Show did it to him.

They showed a video package on Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns interview – Roman Reigns appeared via satellite. Roman said that it’s good to be seen and he feels great and he’s getting stronger everyday. He’d do anything to be in San Antonio tonight. He said that last night was complete carnage and he knew Dean would bring the fight and he knows the scumbag sellout Rollins and he said that Rollins hides behind people. He said that he will make Rollins the past, not the future… “believe that.”

AJ Lee came out for her match. Commercial break.

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox – this is for the Divas championship. Alicia is already in the ring when they came back from commercial. Paige is at ringside with the announcers. Paige said that her “bestie” is at fault for her loss last night. She said that she didn’t beat up Alicia last night and she just had a bad day. She said Alicia is great. Fans chanted for “CM Punk” and “lets go AJ.” Alicia was on offense early in the match. Paige said that Alicia is wearing black and she’s turning into a “punky woman.” She said that she loves the way Alicia screams. More lesbian overtones. After several minutes on defense Aj finally took over with a DDT. Paige got up and yelled at Alicia. The distraction allowed AJ to rollup Alicia for the win. Paige got in the ring and apologized and gave her a wrist band as a peace offering. Then she kicked Alicia and dumped her out of the ring. Then she rammed Alicia into the barricade and then monkey flipped her into the barricade. She wasn’t done though. She rammed her head into the barricade several times and yelled at Alicia and threw her jacket at her. Lawler got up to help Alicia.

Cole recapped some of what Roman Reings said a few minutes ago and then they showed still shots of the main event last night specifically Bray Wyatt appearing and costing Dean Ambrose the match. Ambrose takes on Cesaro later tonight. Cena is up next.

Susan G. Komen video promoting the gear.

Commercial break.

2nd hour segment – John Cena comes out to the ring. He said that the crowd is acting like they’re raising a championship banner tomorrow (the Spurs). The crowd was alive for this. They’ve been good all night actually. He said “indeed, go Spurs go.” He said that it might not have been the last chapter in the Orton/Cena rivalry but it was certainly one of the best. He said now he defeated Orton and he has earned the opportunity to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship. Some fans booed. He said that while Brock sits at home thinking he’s a champion he’s fighting like a champion. He said that when Brock returns he’ll realize that he will lose and so until then every single thing he does will be a statement to Brock Lesnar just like last night. He said tonight in San Antonio, TX (big pop)…a city of champions that’s a main event worthy of San Antonio…the Authority standard bearer and self proclaimed future of the WWE gets a first class wake up call because if Rollins is the future then the future ain’t tomorrow, next month, or next year. He said tonight he goes through the future because Seth Rollins is about to go face to face with the man that runs the place. Stephanie came out. Stephanie congratulated on his victory last night. She said that she can’t wait for tonight’s main event against Rollins…the standard bearer and she can’t wait for Survivor Series where we will see a traditional tag team elimination match for the low low price of… Cena said $9.99. Stephanie said she has a business proposition for Cena. She said Cena works so hard to win the people over and he has to pander to them to get them to cheer him. She said he doesn’t have to do this. She said “even I can do it.” Cena said he’s just listening to the people something she might want to think about doing. She said do you hear them chanting “Cena sucks?” She said her point is not to upset or offend him. She said she wants him to do what’s best for business. Loud “Cena” chants. She said that one arena chants his name and that “moves” him after years of people chanting against him. She said they care about Cena tearing himself apart and seeing blood and guts and people tearing each other apart…something he does and why? For their appreciation? She said it doesn’t have to be that hard. She said he could join The Authority. She said he could come to a place where he’s loved and appreciated and respected. She said that he will face Brock Lesnar for the championship…a man who has handily beat him time and time again and left that carcass laying to the people’s cheers but maybe The Authority can help guarantee a victory for Cena. She asked him to think about it. She said that the winner of the match tonight could be the captain of Team Authority and he can have the power, respect, and accolades, and he deserves to be part of a family. Cena said he deserves is a chance to come down the ramp and tell the people how much he loves doing this. He said that the fans show up every Monday night because “we are all a part of this.” He said that he is there for them. He said that she’s asking him to sellout so he could be a glorified team captain. She said when he loses these people won’t remember John Cena but they can make sure they do. He said they’ll remember Cena as a lowlife, sellout punk and he’ll never do that. He said “hell no.” Triple H’s music played and he came out. Triple H said “told ya.” He said that Cena plays the hero and mockingly said “we’re all in this together.” He said “you’ve been here 10, 20 years?” He said he’s been here 20 and it gets harder every single year and he’s starting to “eek” by every single night and Cena is hanging out by a thread because he knows what Triple H knows and Cena can’t fight the future. He said that it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is for him and doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s going to get. He said this business is about longevity and doing the right thing. He said that Cena can hobble in the ring for one last hurrah but he knows Cena is smart. He said that maybe he has to prove it to Cena. He said he will prove to Cena that Cena can’t stop the future. He said that at Survivor Series they’ll make an example out of Cena with Team Authority. He told him to find someone with the guts to stand up with him to see if they can survive against the Authority. He said Team Authority will face Team Cena’s team. He said that Cena cannot fight the future because the future will run through him..whether it’s tonight or at Survivor Series because The Authority controls the future. He said that Cena better smarten up and realize that The Authority always wins.

Commercial for WWE Rivalries. Premieres after Raw on the WWE Network.

Commercial break.

The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. The Usos – Miz started the match against Jey. Fans chanted for Mizdow throughout the match. Standard match. Usos hit double dives to the outside on Miz and Mizdow. There was a commercial break during the match. Late in the match Mizdow saved Miz from being pinned but seconds later he was rolled up and pinned after Jimmy and Jey switched places without the referee seeing them. The Usos win.

Backstage, Cena is talking to Ziggler. They shake hands.

Hulk Hogan is up next.

Commercial break.

They plugged the latest edition of Muscle & Fitness. It has a feature on the WWE Performance Center.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler runs into Kane. Kane said that there’s a report going around that he was seen talking to Cena and he interprets that as an act of aggression against The Authority. He said he’d like to make that superstar squeal in pain and he’d like to end that superstar. He said “see you in the ring Dolph.”

Hulk Hogan segment – Hogan is in the ring. The crowd loves Hogan. Loud “Hogan” chants. “Well let me tell ya something brother!” He said he can’t believes how happy he was when Cena beat that no good Randy Orton. Some fans booed. He said that he can’t wait to see Cena take on that stinky beast Brock Lesnar and win his WWE title. He said that the wave of pink makes us all realize that Komenmania is running wild in San Antonio, Texas. He said Komenmania has been running wild all month long. He thanked WWE for letting him be a spokesman. He said that the fight continues even after October. He said that these courageous women (at ringside) fight the fight everyday and they are the real superstars and inspiration for all of us. He said the he would love to have them stand up to be recognized by the WWE Universe. He said that with all the energy and the pink all he’s got to say “whatcha gonna do when Susan G Komen and the breast cancer survivors run wild on you brother.” That was it. They had the breast cancer survivors go in the ring while Hogan’s music played and the announcers stood up clapping. They all did the trademark Hogan poses with Hogan.

Backstage, Bo Dallas is walking towards the ring for his match.

WWE 2K15 commercial.

Commercial break.

Bo Dallas open challenge. Bo said he issued an open challenge and said it’s time to find out who BOLIEVES.

Bo Dallas vs. Ryback – Ryback pretty much squashed him. He’s a babyface, got a big pop, hit the meat hook clothesline, and won with the shell shock finisher.

They cut to Dean Ambrose backstage. He’s coming out next.

Commercial break.

They showed what happened earlier between Rollins and Orton at the start of the show.

Ambrose had a limp as he walked to the ring. As he walked to the ring they showed highlights of the match last night with Rollins and then the attack by Bray Wyatt. Ambrose stood on the announce table with a microphone. He said he went straight to hell last night and he loved every second of it and he beat Rollins within an inch of his life but when he got to hell he got Bray Wyatt and he doesn’t kinow how or why Bray did it but he doesn’t care and it’s a crazy world. He said not to mess with an animal with claws that are sharper than yours and you don’t screw with Dean Ambrose. He took off his hoodie. Fans changed for Ambrose. Ambrose got in the ring and attacked Cesaro with the microphone. He went nuts on him. Ambrose got out of the ring but Ambrose followed him out and kept attacking with the microphone. It continued up the rampway. The match never got started. Cesaro tried to get away again but Ambrose kept catching up to him and attacked him on the stage. Ambrose asked where’s Bray Wyatt. He said he doesn’t do magic trick and he’s not into smoke and mirrors. He told Bray to come out so he could kick his ass. A video of Bray appeared on the big screen. Bray says that he understands and everytime he looks at Ambrose he’s looking at his reflection. He said that they’re both under a system. He said that this world is not made for “us.” He said “think about it.” He asked what happens next and he said to understand that he’s not his brother and not his friend. He said “I am you.” He said that he will dismantle Ambrose’s mind. He told Dean to run. The lights came back on. The announcers acted spooked.

Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella behind her) came out for her match. Brie held the ropes open for Nikki. They showed still photos highlighting the match from last night.

Commercial break.

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi – Not a bad match. Brie was at ringside for the match. Late in the match Brie held Naomi’s foot and the distraction allowed Nikki to hit Naomi with a forearm and take control of the match. Nikki won with the Rack Attack. Nikki told Brie to raise her hand as the winner.

Kane vs. Ziggler is next.

Commercial for John Cena: Greatest Rivalries DVD.

Commercial break.

They showed a graphic that said that when Raw debuted on Fox Sports in Mexico it only took 2 weeks before they beat Monday Night Football. That’s a ridiculous stat when you think about it.

They plugged the on sale date (Saturday) for the Royal Rumble.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane – Kane controlled the match early on. Ziggler fought back but Kane would cut him off and put him in a chin lock. Kane charged at Ziggler but Ziggler pulled the ropes and Kane fell to the outside. Kane climbed back up but Ziggler dropkicked him. Commercial break while Kane is on the outside. Back from the commercial and Kane is in the ring and beat up on Ziggler during the break but Ziggler fights back and does a face buster on Kane. Kane cut Ziggler off with a stiff right hand to the jaw. He got just a 2 count. Kane continued beating on Ziggler for a few minutes. Ziggler caught Kane with an elbow in the corner and a dropkick to the knees. Ziggler hit Kane with punches in the corner and then a neckbreaker and a jumping elbow. Kane then got Kane in a sideslam. 2 count. Kane dove off the top but Ziggler move and hit the famouser but only got a 2 count. Dolph went for the superkick, Kane countered, Ziggler countered the chokeslam, hit the superkick, went to the Zig Zag but Kane shoved him off and kicked him in the face. 2 count. Finally Kane went for another chokeslam but Ziggler slid down Kane’s back and rolled him up for the win. Really good match. Rollins attacked Ziggler on the aisleway and brought Ziggler into the ring so he and Kane could continue the attack. Cole said it was a message to Cena. Cena ran down, Rollins ran out of the ring. Cena punched Kane and clotheslined Kane out of the ring and then held Ziggler’s hand up. Ziggler’s music played.

WWE Rivalries commercial.

Commercial break.

Cena is already in the ring.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins – Mercury and Noble are at ringside. Rollins has his ribs bandaged because of last night. Early in the match Rollins distracted the ref to allow Mercury to get a cheap shot on Cena. Rollins dumped Cena on the outside and Noble and Mercury kicked Cena while Rollins distracted the ref. Seth was in control for a several minutes early on. Cena tried to fight back but Rollins would cut him off. Rollins was holding his ribs at certain points to sell the beating from last night. Commercial break in this match. Rollins did a dive on Cena on the outside and hit his back on the announce table. Rollins went for a superplex off the top rope but Cena fought him off and did a crossbody on Rollins instead. 2 count. He went for the AA but Rollins countered with a DDT. 2 count.  Really good TV match. Rollins and Cena fought outside the ring. Rollins rammed Cena into the barricade. Back in the ring. Rollins hit Cena with a knee to the head off the top rope. 2 count. Rollins put Cena in a sleeper hold. Cena fought out of it, went for the STF, Rollins countered and got up and hit a dropkick. Noble attacked Cena on the outside again. The referee counted. Cena barely got back in at 9. Rollins attacked with punches and stomps. Cena made a comeback with his trademark moves. He did the 5 knuckle shuffle, Noble distracted him, Rollins charged, Cena back body dropped Rollins onto Mercury and Noble on the outside. Cena brought Rollins in the ring, Rollins hit him with a kick to the head. 2 count. Rollins charged but Cena hit him with both feet to the face. Tornado DDT on Rollins. 2 count. Cena went for the AA, Rollins landed on his feet, Rollins went for a spin kick but missed. Rollins with the sliced bread. 2 count. Great great match. “this is awesome” chants. Rollins on top  rope but Cena meets him with punches to the face. Rollins slides down Cena’s back and picks him up and runs and drops him in the opposite corner. Curb stomb attempt, Cena countered, STF by Cena. Kane got in the ring and attacked Cena. Disqualification. Match is over. Ziggler ran down and attacked Kane. Noble and Mercury jumped in too. The rest of the roster ran down. There were about 20 guys in the ring. Rollins, Noble, and Mercury slipped out and left the ringside area. Triple H and Stephanie came out on the stage. Cena hit the AA on Heath Slater. AA on Bo Dallas. Cena stood alone. Cena’s music played. Cole asked who will join John Cena for Survivor Series. Raw ended with Cena looking at The Authority.


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