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WWE Monday Night Raw results 10/6/14: The Rock returns; Ambrose takes out Cena

Raw is live from Brooklyn, NY.

They start off with highlights from last week’s Raw showing the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins segments.

Opening segment – Seth Rollins comes out to the ring. Rollins said that’s what happens when you embarrass Seth Rollins. Noble and Mercury come out. They want him to leave. Seth understands that he has a target on his back and he loves it because this is what he lives for. He said that everyone wants a piece of Seth Rollins. John Cena runs out and attacks Rollins but Rollins runs out through the crowd. Dean Ambrose pops up in the crowd and attacks Rollins. Rollins tries to get back to ringside and he’s attacked by Cena. Ambrose and Cena bet up on Rollins. Mercury and Noble break it up allowing Rollins to escape. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out on the stage area. Steph says that this show will not dissolve into chaos before it even gets started. Steph warned Rollins but his ego got in the way. Triple H says that Ambrose and Cena weren’t working together but it’s clear that they both want an opportunity to get a piece of Seth Rollins. Steph said that since they both want to get their hands on Rollins then she’ll throw it to the WWE Universe. She asks if they want to see Cena and Ambrose get their hands on Rollins. Triple H asks the Universe too. Everyone cheers loudly. Triple H says that if the Universe wants it then they’ll give it to them in that ring tonight. Tonight it will be John Cena and Dean Ambrose taking on Seth Rollins and his partner Kane and their partner Randy Orton in a handicap match.

They showed Big Show pulling the flag down last week. Cole claimed that it caused an “international incident.” They showed Big Show’s segment from Smackdown where he apologized to the Russian people. Cole said that Show has been assigned to sensitivity training. Later tonight, Rusev and Lana will respond.

The show The Usos and Dolph Ziggler backstage getting ready for their match.

WWE Network $9.99 commercial.

Commercial break.

Dolph Ziggler & The Usos vs. Goldust, Stardust, & Cesaro – Goldust, Stardust, and Cesaro dominated the first half of the match. There was a commercial break during this match. When they came back from commercial Goldust still had the upper hand on Jey Uso. Jey finally was able to get the hot tag to Ziggler. Ziggler cleaned house, including a neck breaker on Cesaro. He got the sleeper hold on Cesaro. Ziggler hit the famouser but Goldust broke up the pin attempt. Both Usos dove onto Stardust and Goldust on the outside. Cesaro almost got a pin on Ziggler after an uppercut but The Usos broke it up. Stardust made a blind tag and hit his finisher but Ziggler kicked out. Jimmy Uso and Ziggler superkicked Stardust. Jimmy did the splash off the top and got the pin on Stardust. Good match.

The announcers talked about Susan G. Komen. They showed highlights of John Cena on the Today Show from earlier today.

Commercial break.

Kathie Lee and Hoda w/ The Rosebuds – Kathie Lee and Hoda came out wearing Susan G. Komen robes. Some of the audience booed but they got cheers too. Kathie Lee said her mother was born in Brooklyn. There was a glass table set up. They said that they have fun on their show but no one parties like Monday Night Raw. They drank wine and gave a toast to Monday Night Raw. Kathie Lee plugged her wine. Hoda said that they have to behave on the Today Show but tonight they can get crazy. They turned up the Adam Rose music and then Hoda did a dance. They broke fake bottled on each other. Adam Rose then did his spot where the Rosebuds catch him. He said “your turn.” Hoda and Kathie both did it an dwere carried out by the Rosebuds. The cameraman was careful not to film up their dresses.

They showed another vignette for Luke Harper.

Commercial break.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas – Henry attempted the Worlds strongest slam on the announcers table but Bo Dallas escaped and ran back in the ring. Henry was counted out. Bo Dallas wins again for the third time.

Total Divas commercial. Back to back episodes this coming Sunday.

Commercial break.

They showed a Smackdown 15th anniversary commercial.

They showed a recap from “earlier tonight” from the opening segment.

Hour 2 segment – Dean Ambrose comes out. Ambrose said that something is really bothering him. He said that John Cena has been up in his space and he doesn’t like it. He said that Cena was supposed to be his partner on Smackdown and then … highlights from Smackdown were shown of Cena chasing Rollins out of the arena leaving Ambrose alone in the ring and getting beat up by Orton and Kane. Ambrose said that he told Cena not to give him a reason not to like him. Ambrose said that he’s trying real hard but before they go to battle he wants Cena to come out so they can settle this issue face to face. Cena comes out to the ring. Lots of boos for Cena. Cena thanks the WWE Universe for a very raucous Brooklyn introduction. Cena said that Ambrose launched himself onto him earlier. Cena said that if the Universe understand Ambrose’s actions then Ambrose should understand. Ambrose says he doesn’t give a crap about Cena and Cena doesn’t give a crap about him but the one thing they have in common is that they both don’t care about what people think of them but if they can’t co-exist then he could drop Cena where he stands right now and fight The Authority by himself later on tonight. Cena said that the last time he did that they put his head through cinderblocks and he was out for 5 weeks. Cena said that he admits that he has something that no other superstar has.. guts to do and say whatever he wants. Cena said that he also has zero problem with dropping Ambrose’s ass and Ambrose is also giving him a reason not to like Ambrose. He told Ambrose not to give him a reason. Fans chanted “Cena sucks.” Ambrose said “i’m kind of hungry.” He said he was going to hop on the Q train to Coney Island and maybe check out the Wonder Wheel. “good luck tonight.” He was implying that he was leaving and Cena is on his own tonight in the main event.

Commercial for Leprechaun: Origins from WWE Studios.

Commercial break.

The announcers talked about what happened “moments ago” with Cena and Ambrose. They showed “exclusive footage” of Ambrose catching the train during the conmmercial break. His hair is dry here so it was obviously filmed earlier today. Backstage Triple H asks Cena whats up with these kids nowadays. He says that Dean Ambrose was given the opportunity to partner with John Cena and he leaves his partner hanging to get a hot dog. Triple H said that the 3 on 1 handicap match doesn’t seem right. Cena said he doesn’t care what kind of match he has tonight. He said that if he has to go through Kane and Orton to get to Rollins then that’s what he’s gonna do. Triple H sarcastically said that he admires his determination. Triple H said that he will make Seth Rollins start the match so he can get a piece of him. He told him to Keep Calm and never give up.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae – Brie has to compete with one arm tied behind her back. Fans chanted for “Derek Jeter.” Brie won the match as Nikki looked on from the stage. Brie led the crowd with “YES” chants.

Backstage, Kane is looking at a fruit basket. Miz and Mizdow are there. Miz gave the basket to Kane. He said it was the L.A. way to say sorry. Kane said that he doesn’t like apples, or oranges, or apologies and “we” see right through both of you. Kane says that Miz has a match with Sheamus tonight. He says that he has a feeling that he will eat a brogue kick later. Mizdow takes the basket with him.

Commercial break.

Susan G. Komen video.

 Jack Swagger vs. Tydon Kidd –  Swagger has a right black eye. Natalya is at ringside. Swagger started off strong but ended up chasing Tyson around the ring. Tyson used Natalya as a shield and the distraction allowed Tyson to get a kick to Swagger’s head. Tyson was about to do a move off the top but Swagger caught him and tossed him off the top and put him in the ankle lock for the win. Tyson looked mad at Natalya.

The announces plugged the Edge and Christian reunion on the WWE Network tonight. They cut away to Edge and Christian at the WWE Studios. They plugged the special. It airs after Raw on the network.

Roman Reigns is next.

Commercial break.

Roman Reigns interview “via satellite” – Cole asks him how he’s feeling. Reigns says he’s feeling better and able to move around a little bit more. He said he’d rather be in Brooklyn but it’s only a matter of time and he’s counting the days down until he’s in the middle of the ring kicking ass. He said that with the right attitude it will happen a lot sooner rather than later. Very short interview, less than a minute.

Commercial for the Brothers of Destruction DVD.

Commercial break.

WWE Network commercial featuring Ultimate Warrior’s last promo.

El Torito vs. Mini-Gator – Los Matadores and Slater Gator are ringside. Hornswoggle is dressed as a gator. Just a comedy match. Torito rode the gator at one point and then covered his head with the cape. Fans chanted “this is stupid.”  Mini-Gator did the gator roll to Heath because he couldn’t see temporarily and didn’t know who it was. Fans chanted “Derek Jeter” in this match too. Torito wins. Short match.

Again, they showed Show pulling the flag last week and then apologizing on Smackdown. Cole again said it caused an “international incident.” They showed Big Show backstage. Rusev and Lana are next.

Commercial break.

Rusev and Lana segment – Lana said that today is Vladimir Putin’s birthday. She told everyone to get on their feet to pay respect to Rusev. She said that there will be no match tonight with the Big Show because Show was suspended for desecrating the Russian flag and he should be in prison just like the fans. She said by supporting him the fans are committing a hate crime. Rusev spoke in Russian at first. He said that America is nothing and Big Show is afraid of him. He told Big Show to come on down so he could crush him. He called Big Show a coward just like the fans are cowards.

THE ROCK COMES OUT. Fans are chanting “holy sh**” and “this is awesome”

Rock told them to known their role and shut their mouth. Rock cut a promo and said that he was clangin and banging at the gym this morning except that he doesn’t pull his shorts up to his nipples like Rusev. Then he got on a jet and then flew to the Big Apple. “Then the Rock’s jet landed in Queens and took a cab to Manhattan and visited Lana’s favorite place in the city…the meat packing district.” Then he said that he swam to Staten Island and jumped on the 4 train and headed right to the Bronx so The Rock could get out and show respect to the captain and say “DEREK JETER.” Fans chanted for “Derek Jeter.” Then after that The Rock had one last borough to go to. He said that he crossed a certain iconic bridge and down Atlantic Ave and up to the Barclays center and down the ramp into the ring in front of the millions so he could proudly say “Finally the Rock has come back to Brooklyn.” Lana asked who does he think he is interrupting Rusev. She told Rock to shut up. He told her to stop dressing like a Soviet street walker.  Rusev called him an American piece of garbage. He warned him to leave or he will crush him. Rock said that his breath smells like chewbacca’s hairy bean bag. Rock said that live in person she’s beautiful. He called her gorgeous and stunning. “Smokin.” He said its too bad she’s walking around like someone shoved a bottle up her Putin. Rock did the “it doesn’t matter what you think” before Rusev talked. Rock said that nobody has been able to beat Rusev and he will tell him a fact… he said that we don’t boo him because he supports Russia. He said we boo because they are world class international a-holes. Lana said that Rusev is hungry. Rusev took off his medals. Rock said that just like Jay Z once said.. “allow me to reintroduce myself. I am the jabroni eating…no sleep til Brooklyn, the Rock whips your ass.” The Rock then beat up Rusev and knocked him out of the ring. Rock stood tall in the ring. Rock ended with “if ya smell what The Rock is cookin.”

The announcers welcomed the fans watching on Fox Sports Latin America. They showed highlights from earlier of the Ambrose/Cena segment.

WWE Network commercial.

Commercial break.

Susan G. Komen video promoting the merchandise.

Paige and Alicia Fox vs. AJ Lee and Emma – AJ got fed up with Emma and walked off during the match. Paige kicked Emma and then hit the rampage cradle DDT finisher for the win.

#TheGreatOne is trending on twitter.

Another Wyatt family vignette. This one focuses on Erick Rowan. Bray said that Erick Rowan is being set free. At the end they show a pregnant woman’s stomach and written on her stomach … “it’s coming.”

Commercial break.

The announcers wished Bruno Sammartino a happy 79th birthday.

The Miz vs. Sheamus – Mizdow is at ringside. There was a commercial break during this match. The crowd didn’t care for the match. There were “Mizdow” and “We want Sandow” chants. The crowd cheered when Mizdow took a cheap shot on Sheamus. Sheamus brogue kicked Mizdow. The distraction allowed The Miz to roll up Sheamus for the win.

They showed highlights from Hulk Hogan’s Susan G. Komen speech from last week. Joan Lunden is up next.

Commercial break.

Smackdown 15th anniversary commercial.

Jerry Lawler talks to Joan Lunden – Jerry Lawler is in the ring and introduces Joan Lunden. She talked about her battle with breast cancer and talked about early detection. She said because of everyone’s support it allows her and others stronger in the fight against breast cancer. They showed breast cancer survivors at ringside. They were each announced by name. She said that they are in the true warrior club. She asked fans to help Susan G. Komen to make the disease a thing of the past. John Cena joined her on stage and they walked off together.

The main event is next.

Commercial break.

Nene Leakes will be the guest host next week.

Edge and Christian plugged the Smackdown special that airs after Raw.

John Cena vs. Kane, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton – Rollins started the match against Cena. There was not much to the match. The referee called for the DQ because Kane, Rollins, and Orton beat on Cena and they would not stop when the referee told them to stop. Orton was about to go for the RKO but Ambrose’s music played and Ambrose came out with a hot dog cart. He rolled it down to the ring. He stood on the aisleway eating a hot dog. Orton and Kane walked up to him. Ambrose sprayed them with ketchup and mustard and then rammed the hot dog cart into them and then attacked Rollins in the ring. Orton and Kane, covered in mustard and ketchup got back in the ring. Cena tossed Rollins out of the ring. He hit the AA on Orton and clotheslined Kane. Ambrose dove on Rollins. He poured sauerkraut and rellish on Rollins and then used tongs on Rollins below the belt. Cena hit the AA on Kane. Rollins got away. Triple H and Stephanie came out on the stage. Triple H said it was impressive and said that Ambrose and Cena are on the same page. He said that at Hell in a Cell John Cena will face Dean Ambrose. The winner will face Seth Rollins in the Hell in a Cell. Steph said that John Cena or Dean Ambrose will go straight to hell. Ambrose snuck up and hit dirty deeds on Cena. Fans loved it. The show ended with Ambrose’s music playing and Ambrose standing over Cena.

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