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WWE Monday Night Raw results 11/17/14: New champ crowned, Team Cena takes shape

WWE Monday Night Raw
Berglund Center Coliseum
Roanoke, VA

Raw opens with highlights from Raw showing Ryback, Cena, and company.

Opening segment – Stephanie McMahon and Triple H come out to the ring along with Team Authority, Noble, and Mercury. Luke Harper is there too as part of Team Authority. Triple H talked about Vince McMahon coming to the ring 3 weeks ago and adding the stipulation to Sunday’s match at Survivor Series. Triple H said that the fans would love to see Steph and Triple H as regular employees like “all of you.” Steph told them to remember this feeling because “how does it feel to want?” Triple H said that the fans are sheep and they need to be led. He said it’s ironic that Vince comes to the ring now and he’s cheered and worshiped but years ago he was the evil Mr. McMahon. He said that it’s now The Authority’s role. He said the fans can’t see what they do for them. He said the fans would rather have the inmates run the asylum…inmates like Cena and Ziggler. He said the last place where inmates ran the asylum was WCW. He said they picked up WCW at the auction after inmates ran the asylum. He said that they will not and can not let that happen. He said it comes down to one match…Team Authority, the most dominant, lethal team ever assembled. He said it’s captained by Seth Rollins. He said Team Authority will face a group of self righteous malcontents…led by the golden boy of malcontents John Cena. He said that the Authority can’t lose and he’s glad that the network is free for everyone to witness the greatest victory the he and The Authority will ever have as The Authority will go on under their leadership. Steph said “what about tonight?” She said that despite trying to get Team Cena on the right page, they continue to side with their captain John Cena so therefore there’s no other choice. Triple H said that Team Cena will be decimated figuratively or literally and at the end of the nigh they will have the biggest contract signing ever. He said that we’ll see tonight who will have the guts to sign their name next to Cena’s. Steph then named the members of Team Authority…Rollins, Henry, Kane, Rusev, and Luke Harper. She said that Harper delivered a decimated Dolph Ziggler to their feet last week. Harper said, “I’m a team player.” Steph said she’s proud to have him and “all of you” on the team unlike Cena who is down by one competitor. She said that last week Steph thought Team Authority had Ryback but things didn’t work out and negotiations don’t always meet expectations. She said that the important thing to note is Team Authority is not going anywhere. Ryback’s music interrupted. He came out on the stage. He has a microphone. Fans chanted “feed me more.” Ryback said that The Authority wants whats best for business and Cena wants whats best for the Universe. He said Ryback wants whats best for Ryback. Steph said she respects that and she admits that last week tensions ran a little high and there were some decisions made that Team Authority may regret. She asked, “isn’t that right Kane?” Kane said he regrets what transpired. Steph said Ryback should think about if he wants to join John Cena, who has no respect for Ryback. She said Cena may claim so but this footage says otherwise. They played video from last year of Cena mocking Ryback in a promo, then another promo of Cena saying Ryback is a whiner and doing a mock imitation of Ryback. Ryback watched the video on the screen. Steph said that the footage doesn’t lie. Steph said that her guess is that Cena is jealous of “The Big Guy” and jealous of everything Ryback can do. She says Cena loathes Ryback. She asked Ryback if he can trust Cena. She said that Ryback will get the respect from Team Authority. Ryback said, “I play for the one team I can count on…and that’s Team Ryback.” Then he walked off. Triple H said it’s a wise decision to stay neutral and to stay out of the fight. Triple H said for everyone else in the fight, the decimation starts now. He said that Luke Harper will decimate Dolph Ziggler up next. Triple H said “your time is up, your time is now.”

Dolph Ziggler comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

They replayed Harper attacking Ziggler at the end of last week’s Raw. Lilian Garcia announced that this match will now be for the Intercontinental title. Before the match, Mercury, Noble, and Rollins attacked Ziggler. Rolins hit Ziggler with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Dolph insisted that the match get started so the ref started the match. Rollins joined the announcers on commentary.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper – Good match. Harper won the title with his clothesline finisher. After the match, Rollins shook Harper’s hand in the ring. Rollins then curb stomped Ziggler.

The announcers plugged the free month for the WWE Network. They showed a commercial for WWE 2K15.

Commercial break.

They showed the “New Day” vignette with Kofi Kingston talking this time.

Backstage Dolph Ziggler says that he and Mizdow will be the summer blockbuster of 2015. He does a movie promo imitation and then asks Grumpy Cat for her thoughts. Grumpy Cat is not amused. Miz then presented “Grumpy Stunt Cat.” It was a fake cat held by Mizdow. Miz said that Grumpy Cat doesn’t know what true talent is. Miz gave Grumpy Cat a kiss.

Adam Rose comes out for his match.

WWE Network commercial showing some behind the scenes stuff on how the game was made. The game is available on Next Gen systems tomorrow.

Commercial break.

They showed highlights of Rose losing his match last week.

Adam Rose vs. Tyson Kidd – The Bunny flirted with Natalya at ringside. Adam Rose told The Bunny to get in his corner. The distraction allowed Tyson to grab Rose and put him in the sharpshooter submission for the win. Rose was trying to explain or apologize. Rose went to punch The Bunny but The Bunny ducked and got behind Rose and dry humped him. The Bunny ran out of the ring and did the dry humping motion on the stage.

They showed footage from the WrestleMania ticket event from Friday.

Bray Wyatt is up next.

Commercial break.

They showed highlights of Wyatt attacking Ambrose at the end of Hell in a Cell 3 weeks ago. Then they showed highlights of Wyatt attacking Ambrose backstage on Smackdown last Friday.

Bray Wyatt segment – Bray said that they lied to us all from the beginning and “they” tried to convince us that love will make us rich. He said they tried to convince us that love was the most precious gift ever received. He said they forgot to say that everything you love can be ripped away at the drop of a hat and as we all know…a man that has nothing to love or lose is the most dangerous man in this world. He said “poor Dean Ambrose.”  He said that for people like Ambrose it’s a pathetic attempt to express himself. He said a man like Ambrose will always be miserable and alone. He said that he prays that Ambrose does not mistake generosity for something malignant. He said it’s true that he first had to get Ambrose’s attention by any means necessary but today Bray comes in peace. He said Ambrose should understand that the suffering was a gift because he knows the pain Ambrose endured. He said Dean’s father abandoned him and his mother drowned herself in misery rather than take care of him. Bray offered salvation and said it’s all real. He wants Dean to feel that he can save him. He said “our souls are intertwined.” He said that Dean should “embrace us” and this will all go away. Dean’s voice came on: “is this thing on?” Dean came up on the big screen. He said he heard Bray loud and clear on Smackdown. He said that Bray talking is like nails on a chalkboard and he can’t stand it anymore but he’s trying to see it Bray’s way. He said maybe he can learn from Bray Wyatt and he learned a spooky magic trick…it’s called “video recording, i’m not really here right now because I recorded this message on my buddy’s phone earlier today and i’m in the arena righ tnow Bray.” The lights came on and Dean attacked Bray. Bray jumped out of the ring to get away. Dean grabbed the mic and said he doesn’t need saving and at Survivor Series Bray needs to worry about saving himself.

They showed Ziggler losing his title and getting curb stomped. Cole said that Ziggler was carried out of the arena after the curb stomp. Cole wondered who would walk out with Cena later tonight for the contract signing.

Ryback comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

Ryback vs. Cesaro – Long match, especially for Ryback. There was a commercial break in the middle of the match. They showed John Cena watching this match on the monitor backstage. The announcers talked about Cena possibly needing 2 members for Team Cena since it looks like Dolph is out from the curb stomp. Late in the match Ryback did a splash onto Cesaro from the second rope and then a power bomb. He went for Shell Shock but Cesaro reversed it and hit a German suplex. Ryback fought out of it but Cesaro got him again with more German suplexes. Cesaro did an elbow drop off the top, went for the pin, but only got a 2 count. The crowd was dead for most of this match. Ryback finally turned things around and went for the meat hook clothesline but Cesaro hit the uppercut and got a 2 count. Cesaro went for the neutralizer but Ryback countered, went for shell shock, but Cesaro rolled him up for a 2 count. Ryback finally got shell shock on Cesaro and got the 3 count.

Renee interviewed Cena backstage. Cena said that The Authority knows that their power and future is on the line which means everyone’s future is on the line on Sunday. He said that they will do everything they can to make sure his team doesnt make it to Sunday. He said this Sunday they will take The Authority out of power. Cena said that Ryback’s made it obvious that he’s on Team Ryback.

Rusev (with Lana) came out for his match.

Commercial break.

Lana said that while they were handling Vladimir Putin’s disrespect at the G20 summit….she told fans to shut up. She said this week the Americans salivated over the nude photos over Kim Kardashian. She said it’s disgusting and no American woman can compare to her body. Lana said she’s the best. Lana said she has a topless photo of her own to show that will leave all American men drooling. She asked if they wanted to see it. Fans chanted “YES.” She said “do you want to see my very own topless photo?” Then they showed Putin topless on a horse. She said “in your broken, pathetic American dreams.” Then Heath Slater came out dressed in red, white, and blue. He has new music too. Heath said that America wants her to shut up. He said that the American spirit flows through each and every one of us. He said that he has the red white and blue running through his bad ass country body. He told Rusev that it ends tonight “you son of a b*tch.”

Rusev vs. Heath Slater – Rusev then kicked Slater in the face and then put him in The Accolade. He won the match in less than a minute.

Miz was talking to Grumpy Cat again backstage and offered to do a buddy comedy. Erick Rowan then walked in and said he wants the cat. Then he took Mizdow’s stuffed cat. Then there’s awkward silence. Horrible stuff here. I feel bad for the cat.

Big Show comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

Big Show was in the ring ready for his opponent. Stephanie McMahon came out instead. Steph said she was watching the Monday Night War on the network and she was watching Show’s debut. She said he was billed as Andre’s son. She said Show has always been in someone’s shadow and he’s always wanted to be the marquee, the main event but the problem is that he leaves it up to the fans. She said the fans don’t decide, The Authority does. She said that Show has flip flopped on the fans over the years and all he has to do is listen to the boss. She said that if Show decides to step away from Team Cena then she’ll make him the only active competitor to go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Show seemed to be thinking about it. She told Show not to listen to the fans. Show said the answer is “no.” Sheamus then came out. Sheamus came out and said he’s proud to be on Team Cena. He said that they will finally drive her out of power on Sunday and this time next week the only way he’ll see them is if they both buy a ticket. Steph laughed. She said that they had an issue at the office this week and there was an issue with Sheamus’ passport and it turns out that he’s not an American citizen. She said it would be a shame if there was a clerical error and he gets deported. She gave them another reason to consider leaving Team Cena…they will be wrestling each other tonight. She said that the winner of tonight’s match will have the opportunity to win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. The match starts now.

Big Show vs. Sheamus – Lawler said that Steph never said when the winner would get a title shot and Cole wondered if The Authority would keep their word on the stipulation. This was a slow, plodding match with the crowd dead for most of it. Sheamus hit White Noise but Big Show kicked out. Sheamus went for the Brogue kick but Big Show caught him with a choke slam. Sheamus kicked out. Big Show climbed on the second rope but Sheamus got underneath Show and fell backwards to drop Big Show on his back. Rusev and Mark Henry came out. Rusev kicked Sheamus. The ref called for the bell and knocked him out of the ring. Rusev then attacked Show in the ring. Henry did the Worlds Strongest Slam on Sheamus through the announcers table. Rusev put Show in The Accolade. Some fans chanted for Cena but he didn’t come out. Cole said that there’s just one man standing on Team Cena.

Commercial break.

They announced that Fandngo will be on the pre-show this Sunday.

Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella – Brie came out dressed as AJ Lee and to AJ’s music. Lilian Garcia said that the following is an exhibition match. The real AJ Lee came down to ringside. She sat on commentary. Brie basically let Nikki beat up on her but late in the match she rolled up Nikki as AJ distracted Nikki. Brie got the pin. Nikki attacked Brie after the match. AJ Lee then got in the ring and saved Brie. Brie did “YES” chants. AJ then attacked Brie and then posed with the title.

WWE 2K15 Midnight Madness on and on YouTube. They will do a walkthrough of My Career Mode.

Commercial break.

“A New Day” vignette featuring Big E.

John Cena tells Ryback that WWE needs him. Ryback says first of all it’s “The Big Guy.” He says he can’t see him or his team and he doesn’t take kindly to insults especially the likes of John Cena. John Cena said that The Authority is just trying to manipulate him. He told Ryback that he can take a risk and control his own destiny. Ryback said he’s Team Ryback all the way and told Cena thanks for stopping by. Cena said he doesn’t think Ryback is stupid, he’s selfish. He said that the guy that finally gets a chance to eat at the big table is now not hungry.

Highlights of the confrontation between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose from earlier tonight.

The Usos come out for their match.

Commercial break.

The Usos & Los Matadores vs. Gold & Stardust and The Miz & Damien Mizdow – The fans were really into Mizdow. Cole said that they will have news on Team Cena after this match. The crowd popped huge when Mizdow tagged in but Miz tagged back in immediately so the crowd booed. The action picked up later in the match with trademark Usos dives, kicks, etc. Everyone hit a finisher at one point. Jimmy accidentally kicked one of Los Matadores. Stardust hit his Dark Matter finisher on Jimmy for the win.

They showed Grumpy Cat backstage half asleep. The announcers plugged the network and Survivor Series again. The contract signing is next. Lawler said that Sheamus has been taken to a hospital and will definitely not be at Survivor Series.

The Randy Savage Story sneak peek airs on the network after Raw.

Commercial break.

They plugged Larry the Cable Guy again for next week.

Contract signing – The Authority comes out first will all members of Team Authority and Noble and Mercury with them. There’s a table set up in the ring. The ring is covered in a black carpet. Triple H said that this Sunday history will be made with Team Cena vs. Team Authority and The Authority will stand tall because when it comes to WWE ….he got choked up…”all of you don’t get it. you think you have a passion for this. you love the WWE right? Cena will tell you he loves the WWE. But the truth is you have no idea what it’s like for us. Every molecule of your being is this. Everything that you are. Every fiber of what you are as a person is this.” He said that “this” is the air they breathe. Steph looked like she was getting emotional. Triple H said “we can not lose.” Steph said “we won’t, we won’t lose.” Triple H said she’s right and “we won’t lose.” He said it over and over again. He said that this is the last chance of the supposed Team Cena to back out. He said after Sunday they will wish that they had backed out. Steph said there’s no shame in backing out and sometimes it takes more courage to back down from a fight than it does to start one. She said that Team Authority is the most destructive force in WWE history and this team has been decimating and annihilating Team Cena all night long. She said “without further ado, allow me to introduce what’s left.” She introduced Team Cena. Cena came out alone. He looked back and no one was coming out. Triple H said it’s ironic because he can’t see the rest of his team. Cena said the joke stops this Sunday and he could see it in his eyes that it’s the most important day of their lives. He said that the WWE Universe will see the Authority lose and they will be out of power. Steph said that no one else came out because they value their career and livelihood and nobody will join him to throw their entire lives away. She told him to wake up. Cena yelled back and said that they will have no power after Sunday and they will lose. Cena said that they used underhanded tricks to sabotage his team but he will make sure they lose. Cena said he sees what’s going on. He said they put these people to sleep even though they claim to know whats best for business. He said “hell, i’ll pick 4 people out of the crowd.” He asked fans if they wanted to kick the crap out of the Authority. He slapped hands with some kids in the crowd. Cena said that you cannot miss Survivor Series on Sunday and you need to see it because the King and Queen will saunter to the ring, they’ll take their ringside seat and think that it’s all but a formality and that’s when Team Authority will fall one by one. He said Kane, former fire breathing monster, will be the first. He said he looks like Drew Carey. Next, it’s Luke Harper. Then he said Rusev won’t get the job done and that’s when they’ll start to shake. Cena told some really bad jokes. Then he’ll feed Sexual Chocolate (Mark Henry). Then after that that leaves the sellout golden boy with a fetish for latex, Seth Rollins. He said Triple H will spend his time cleaning toilets. Steph slapped Cena and told her to get out of the ring because it’s “go” time. Cena wanted to fight all of them. Ziggler’s music hit. Ziggler came out holding his neck. Then Big Show came out, of course. Then Erick Rowan came out. He’s on Team Cena. Stephanie seemed shocked. She said that it’s still only 4 guys and Cena is one man short. Steph said she’s giving Cena one chance. Cesaro then came out. Cesaro swerved them though and is actually on Team Authority. Then Ryback came out. A brawl broke out, the ring cleared, Rollins and Cena fought but Triple H broke it up and was about to Pedigree Cena. But he stopped when he saw Ryback. Cena then hit the AA through the table on Triple H. Team Cena then posed in the ring to end the show. So Ryback is now officially on Team Cena.

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