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WWE Monday Night Raw results 1/12/15: Seth Rollins curb stomps Lesnar & Cena

WWE Monday Night Raw
January 12, 2015
New Orleans, LA

Raw starts with a video package from the end of last week’s Raw.

Opening segment

John Cena comes out to the ring. Lilian Garcia is back as the ring announcer this week. Cena says it’s damn good to be back in the city that hosted WrestleMania. He says The Authority got their job back and he made that choice because it was the right thing to do. He said for everything Triple H has accomplished, he’ll be remembered as a power hungry sociopath whose goal is to make all of our lives miserable. He wants everyone to hashtag #AuthoritySucks. He says in two weeks he faces Lesnar and Rollins for the WWE title. His plan B is to win and he’s showing up and leaving as WWE Champion. He got booed when he gave “The Champ Is Here” and “You can’t see me” cathphrases. He said he will take that championship and go home and he’ll wait until the three fired superstars get their job back. Cena said what if there was no championship at WrestleMania. Steph mockingly says #AuthoritySucks is very original. She says Ryback, Ziggler, and Rowan would be so happy to see Cena win the title and take the preverbial ball and go home. She says he’s making such a noble sacrifice. Triple H says he expected more from Cena. He says Cena knew the consequences and the stipulations. He says Cena convinced them to be in that match and risk their jobs. Triple H says they found their way back in because they always win. Steph said Rollins was able to use John because at the end of the day John Cena is selfish and Cena always needs to be the star of the show even when he had to be the “hero” and save Edge. Triple H says nothing says hero like turning your back on the guys that support you. Triple H says they’ll give him the opportunity to be the hero again and truth be told, they didn’t want to fire those guys last week but unlike Cena, they keep their promises. Triple H asks the WWE Universe if they’d like to see them get their jobs back in WWE. He asked again and the crowd was louder. Triple H says if the fans want them back then how much does John Cena want them back? He says all he has to do is win his match tonight for them to get their jobs back. Cena asks what kind of handicap match it will be. Triple H says it’s nothing like that. If Cena wins then they get their job back. The match will be between John Cena and Seth Rollins. It will be a lumberjack match. Triple H then introduced the “motivated” lumberjacks. The match takes place right now.

Commercial break.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena (Lumberjack match)

All of the lumberjacks are heels. Rollins was tossed out of the ring early in the match but he was not touched by any of the lumberjacks. They went to commercial as Rollins smiled outside of the ring. During the commercial break Bad News Barrett tripped up Cena. Rollins did a dive onto all of the lumberjacks and they all fell like bowling pins. He gets Rollins into the ring but only gets a 2 count. Lots of near falls in this match. It’s actually a good TV match for WWE standards. Cena avoids a splash in the corner, hits the AA and goes for the pin but J&J Security pulls Cena out of the ring and the lumberjacks attack. Cesaro picks Cena up by the legs and rams him into the barricade. They put Cena in the ring, Rollins goes for the curb stomp but Cena reverses into the STF. Kane drags Rollins to the ropes but Cena gets Rollins by the legs. Big Show pulls out Cena from the other side of the ring and KO’s Cena. They put Cena back in the ring. Well, this was a good match at first (by WWE standards). Rollins gets the pin.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Commercial break.

Stephanie is backstage with Ambrose and The Usos. She says she knows that they harbor resentment for what happened to the fired guys last week but it’s all on John Cena. Jimmy asks if there’s any punishment. She says no but asks if he can let Naomi know that she’ll wrestle with her hand tied behind her back. She says Ambrose was unruly and erratic at the hospital so she deems him a threat to himself and others. She introduces a doctor that specializes in “abnormal psychology.” If the doc says he’s not fit to compete then he won’t be in the Royal Rumble.

They cut over to Miz and Mizdow in a different area backstage. Miz talks about the Golden Globes last night. He offered congratulations to George Clooney.

Now they cut back to the doc. He asks Dean if he knows why he’s here. He wants to know what makes Dean’s clock tick and asks him to sit back, relax, and reflect. The doc sets up a ticking clock next to Ambrose. Ambrose stares at the clock as they go to commercial.

Commercial break.

Commercial for Smackdown.

They show the attack by Tyson and Cesaro from last week

The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Adam Rose and Natalya are at ringside. Booker says he likes The New Day but they’re too nice and need something more. Rose gets on the apron and distracts Xavier, Tyson with a rollup but Xavier reverses. Kofi tags in and does a double stomp off the top rope. Kofi gets the pin.

Winners: The New Day

Micahael Cole says tickets for the WWE Hall of Fame are available this Saturday. They showed a graphic saying that Macho Man Randy Savage is “expected” to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. The announcement comes later tonight. Then they play a Macho Man video with different wrestlers doing imitations of him.

Commercial break.

They showed a clip of the Colts celebrating Ric Flair style after their NFL playoff win yesterday.

Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and Scott Hall were shown in the graphic for next week’s Raw Reunion. No Kevin Nash but Cole said there would be others on the show next week.

2nd hour segment

Big Show comes out to talk in the ring. Fans get on his case. Show says the fans are in the shallow end of the gene pool. He talked about his “first day on the job” and beating Hulk Hogan for the WCW title because it was easy. Fans chant “boring.” Show says they live failure to failure every day just to hopefully reach mediocrity. He says they don’t want competition. He asked what they felt when the new guy came into their job. He said in the back of their mind they know that he’s there to take their job. He said they all would stab him in the back for job security. Then he says he doesn’t think of Roman Reigns as competition. He says he’s like the Knicks and when Roman faces him, he’ll KO him, and then he can sit next to Spike Lee and be just like the fans…a bunch of losers watching Big Show dominate WWE. Fans boo. He says Roman Reigns is a loser and if you’re a Roman Reigns fan then you’re a loser too. Shocker…here comes Roman Reigns. Cole says Roman has to be considered one of the favorites in the Rumble. Show leaves the ring and goes up to the stage area as Roman enters the ring. Roman says he remembers when Show beat Hogan for the WCW title and he was only 12 years old. He said it reminds him of another story involving a giant. “Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a little boy named Roman Reigns..and Roman Reigns had magic beans and those magic beans sprouted a giant beanstalk so little old Roman climbed that beanstalk.” He said he found a goose that laid golden eggs..anyway, basically he said he’ll put Show’s teeth down his throat. Another goofy promo scripted by Vince. Roman said the giant walked away cowardly and a loser. Roman said he’s talking to Show and “believe that.” Luke Harper comes out. He faces Roman Reigns next.

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper 

Big Show is back at ringside by the announcers. Roman was on offense early. Harper rolls out of the ring to avoid the spear. They go to commercial. Harper is on offense when they return from break. Show was happy watching Harper throw harper into he steps on the outside. Roman was about to go for the superman punch but Big Show distracted him by tossing a chair around at ringside. Roman finally did hit the punch but he didn’t go for a cover. He did the running kick and kicked Show in the face. That allowed Harper to hit a superkick. 2 count. Roman hits a spear and gets the win. Show attacks Reings after the match.

They showed highlights of the lumberjack match from earlier.

They show Jimmy Uso and Naomi backstage. She looks worried about her match.

Commercial break.

Naomi vs. Alicia Fox

Naomi must have one hand tied behind her back. Alicia wins with the scissors kick.

Another doctor skit with Dean and the doc. The doc shows him some photos and asks what he thinks when he sees each photo. Irritable bowl syndrome (Triple H), scumbag (Rollins), brotha, toothpaste (Kane), hoooooo (Jim Duggan), hoooooooooo (Stephanie).

Commercial break.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Heyman says it’s his great pleasure to return to the scene of the crime. They they played a video of Brock beating The Undertaker’s streak. He said it was the end of a legacy, death of a myth, and rise of the beast and it all happened when his client Brock Lesnar conquered the streak. Heyman ran down all of Brock’s accomplishments in amateur wrestling, UFC, and WWE. Heyman said he loves to dwell in the past and takes great glee in saying that Brock conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Brock is not looking too happy right now as Paul keeps talking. He said the whole thing about Cenation’s flag flying forever is fantasy and Brock is reality. Heyman asks if Rollins being the future of WWE is fantasy or reality. He says all three men will be in the ring for the contract signing and his client will explain to them the difference between fantasy and reality face to face to curb stomping face. They kept doing close up shots on Brock’s face and there seemed to be subtle hints showing that Brock was not happy. Perhaps this is the start of Heyman turning on Brock to side with Rollins.

Commercial for Stephanie McMahon’s Fit Series.

Commercial break.

Once again Cole said that Randy Savage is expected to be inducted in the HOF. Then they showed more of the wrestlers doing impressions of Savage.

The Miz vs. Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso and Mizdow are at ringside. Miz wins withe skull crushing finale after a tug of war with Mizdow pulling on Miz and Jey pulling on Miz. The distraction allowed Miz to get the win.

The announcers talked about the WWE Network finally launching in the UK and Ireland next Monday. Daniel Bryan is next.

Commercial break.

Daniel Bryan segment

Lilian Garcia welcomes Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes nuts for him with “YES” chants. There was a long “Daniel Bryan” chant before he spoke. Bryan said he feels like something big happened last time he was in New Orleans. He said last time he was in New Orleans he won the main event of WrestleMania and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said it’s not bad for a lumberjack looking B+ player. He said it’s only fitting that in the city of his greatest accomplishment, he declares his intention of winning the Royal Rumble and he will main event this year’s WrestleMania as well and he doesn’t care what The Authority has to say. He gets interrupted by Stephanie’s music. She had her fitness DVD and she plugged it and offered it to Bryan. He didn’t take it. She says he’s write because “we” broke records and he did defeat Triple H and went on to win the championshp and he proved them wrong but then reality came crashing down and when she thinks of Daniel Bryan in 2014, this is what she remembers. They showed Kane tombstoning Bryan at ringside, the announcers table, and on the steps from April. She said an A+ plus player wins the big one and stays on top. She said he was wondering if he’d be able to make it here and do what he loves. She says these people believe in him for some reason and believe he’ll write the next chapter in his underdog story because he is just like them. She said his unborn box troll children and wife believe but asks if Bryan really believes in himself and asks if he’s ready to do this all over again. He says yes several times and the chants start. He asked Steph to go ahead and raise her arms since it’s a better workout than she’ll get in the DVD. He said “Hooooooooooooo.” He said he had to fight and scratch and claw for every single opportunity and no matter what The Authority does, he will not stop fighting and “they” (the fans) will not stop fighting and will keep going until everyone finally proves The Authority wrong one more time. She said he’s not smart enough to listen to reason. She said his first match back will be on Smackdown this Thursday against Kane.  Kane comes down, Bryan jumps on him at ringside and attacks but Kane turns it around and rams Bryan into the steps. Kane removes his coat and tie and sets up for a tombstone on the steps. Bryan slips out and rams Kane’s head into the post and starts punching Kane. Of course, this is when the referees come down. Daniel hits a running dropkick to Kane against the barricade, then he runs in the ring and dives through the ropes onto Kane as refs continue to try and break it up. Kane escapes up the ramp as Bryan stands tall in the ring and the crowd chants.

Backstage Rollins tells J&J that he never gets tired of seeing Cena beaten. Brock says Rollins is the guy that weaseled himself into the championship match at the Rumble. Rollins says he’s the future. Brock says the future starts when he says it starts. Heyman tells Rollins that maybe Rollins and Brock can get rid of Cena and then may the best man win. Brock and Rollins stare at each other.

Commercial break.

Brie Bella vs. Paige 

Natalya, Tyson Kidd, and Nikki Bella are at ringside. Brie wins with a rollup after Paige got distracted when Tyson got up on the apron. Paige slaps Tyson.

They show Cena sitting down in the locker room area. Then they show highlights from last week’s ambulance match. Then they show Bray Wyatt backstage. He cuts a promo about the Rumble.

Commercial break

Randy Savage Hall of Fame video.

You really should see it. Very well done. Hulk Hogan will induct him.

The Ascension in action.

They show a pre-recorded promo. They say they are better than the Powers of Pain, Demolition, and the Road Warriors. Squash match win. JBL (the heel) kept yelling about them not fighting real opponents.

Back to Dean and the doctor. This time the doc is on the couch crying and Dean is in the doctor’s chair. He tells the doc to sign the papers and he’ll make sure he gets professional help. Dean says he’s a spineless, gutless, piece of cow dung. He tells him it’s weird that he sits down to pee.

Commercial break.

Rusev and Lana

Lana says Rusev was supposed to face Ryback today but Ryback got canned. She thanks The Authority for firing Ryback and thanks Cena for failing to get Ryback’s job back. She says maybe Ryback can get a job at a deli. Rusev says Ryback is lucky for getting fired and lucky because Cena didn’t win his job back because Ryback would have been tossed out along with 28 other men. Dean Ambrose’s music plays and he comes out. Ambrose attacks and Rusev is knocked through the ropes.

Commercial break.

Rusev vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose hurt his knee after doing an elbow off the top rope. The ref calls the match because of Dean’s knee even though Dean told the ref he could still go. So Rusev wins the match. Rusev kicks Ambrose in the face after the match.

The show Rollins backstage about to make his way to the ring for the contract signing.

Commercial break.

Royal Rumble WWE Championship contract signing

Steph and Triple H are in the ring. There’s a table there too. Stephanie introduces Seth Rollins. Triple H introduces John Cena. Stephanie then introduces Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that for those that can’t tell the players without a scorecard and as much as he would like to take credit for The Authority returning, the architect for that was Seth Rollins. He says Rollins had a plan that was endorsed by Paul Heyman. He said what was endorsed by Paul Heyman was desperately needed for The Authority and bad for John Cena. He says what’s bad for Cena is good for Brock Lesnar. What’s good for Brock Lesnar is best for business. Seth says it was a helluva plan. Paul (in a serious tone) says he’s not done yet. He says his client has conquered anything in his past and includes what comes at him at the Royal Rumble. Paul says he’s upset about this being a triple threat because a triple threat could be a double cross and Brock doesn’t have to be pinned or tap out to lose the title. Rollins says Brock has a list of accomplisments. He askes Heyman if Brok can’t handle a triple threat match. Rollins (as Heyman was about to speak) says he wasn’t finished yet. Rollins says he build and destroyed The Shield and single handedly brought back The Authority and pinned Cena tonight and at the Rumble…whether it’s plan A or plan B (the case), he is walking out as WWE Champion. Rollins signs the contract. Brock grabs the mic and says he conquered The Undertaker and Cena and will damn sure conquer Rollins. Cena says he will get pinnned at the Rumble to lose the championship. He says he owes Rollins a beatdown. He says they’ll kick Rollins ass and then he’ll kick Brocks ass. Cena signs and then Brock Signs. Rollins says it’s a phenomenal plan but there’s one glaring flaw. Cena’s plans don’t seem to be going how he imagined them. Strike 1. Then tonight he lost the chance to get his friends jobs back. Strike 2. He says in two weeks it will be strike 3. Here we go. All three men fight. Brock with German suplexes on Rollins and Cena. Cena hits an AA on Lesnar through the table. Rollins with a kick and curb stomp to Cena. Brock is trying to get up but is also curb stomped.

They show a promo for the Randy Savage DVD. The documentary (first look) airs on the network next.

Back to the arena. Rollins and The Authority celebrate on the stage as Brock and Cena are laid out. That’s the end of Raw this week.


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