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WWE Monday Night Raw results 11/24/14: Daniel Bryan returns, Anonymous GM returns

WWE Monday Night Raw
November 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN

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Raw starts with clips of Sting from last night mixed in with Sting’s new music and titantron video.

Opening segment – Triple H and Stephanie come out. They look upset. :Lots of boos from the crowd. Stephanie says that they expected this kind of reaction from the crowd tonight because none of them know the courage what it takes to come out and be a leader and stand in the face of adversity and accept responsibility for your actions. She said Team Authority would have won if it weren’t for one man who never stepped foot in a WWE ring, one man who changed history forever. That man, she said, is Sting. Because of Sting The Authority is out of power. Fans chanted for Sting. She said because of her father the only person that can reinstate them is John Cena. She said they stand not as losers but as leaders…winners. She said at the end of the day they may no longer have influence over the lives of Superstars and Divas but they still have each other. She cried and said that she hopes everyone enjoys Thanksgiving with their families…she couldn’t talk anymore. Triple H said “you love this don’t ya?” He asked if the fans want to see her cry. Fans chanted “YES.” He called the fans bullies. Triple H said “go ahead cheer, the Authority is out of power. Everything you ever wanted.” He said to be careful what you wish for because there’s no one that can handle that power. He said we live in a world governed by finance, commerce, supply and demand…something fans know nothing about and it takes a leader that knows what’s best for business and not on what’s popular. He asked who will make those decisions now. John Cena? Ziggler? Sting? He said he’s not sure why Sting decided to come here and stick his painted face in their business. He said maybe it was an attempt to make his career relevant somehow but whatever it is it doesn’t matter. He said last night was also his last night in a WWE ring. He said that Sting ensured the demise of WWE because without The Authority in power he gives this place 2-3 weeks at best. He said that fans cursed The Authority because they have that luxury and the luxury of “not knowing what we know.” He said that the things that they did are the things it take to make WWE thrive. He was yelling at this point. He asked who will make those decisions now. He said without the Authority there is no Cena, no ZIggler, no Ryback, and “no you.” He pointed at the fans. He asked everyone what will the fans do when Raw no longer exists. He said they will sit on the couch and wallow in their personal failures. He said “good luck, cheer away.” He said “we are going to leave now but mark my words…you will beg for us to come back.” Daniel Bryan’s music played and he comes out. Bryan led “YES” chants. The Authority leaves the ring. Bryan runs up and does the “YES” chant in Triple H’s face as he and Steph try to walk up the aisle. They went to commercial as Bryan continued leading the “YES” chants.

Commercial break.

Daniel Bryan returns – Bryan says it feels good to be in the ring tonight and kicking The Authority out of the ring felt good too. He says he’s been put in charge of running Raw tonight. He says just because Team Authority lost doesn’t mnean their bad people. He says “let’s hear it for Team Authority.” Seth Rollins music plays. He comes out with Noble, Mercury, Kane, Rusev, Lana, Luke Harper, and Mark Henry. They all stand on the stage area. Bryan is in the ring. Bryan says he’s not a spiteful man and won’t strip titles and won’t put them in unfair matches. He says he’s a fair man. He will start with Rollins. He says Rollins is used to compete in handicap matches and he’s been in 3 on 2 and 4 on 1 matches so tonight he will team with 2 superstars to wrestle John Cena and the man who defeated the Authority…Dolph Ziggler. He said Cena and Dolph are always up for a challenge and it will be a 3 on 2 handicap match. Rollins says “first of all.” Fans start chanting. Rollins says that whether Bryan likes it or not he is still the future of this company. He asked Bryan what’s the catch and who will team up with him tonight. He asks if it’s Hornswoggle or JBL and Cole. Bryan says that the WWE Universe will decide who he teams with. They can choose on the WWE App. Team A: Mark Henry and Luke Harper. Team B: Mark Henry and Kane. Team C: He asks Rollins to move over to his right. Team C will be Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Voting starts right now. Rollins says they are not even real security and they are “JUST” security. Rollins is unhappy with that. He walks off with Mercury and Noble. Bryan then addresses Kane. Bryan said that if Dr. Shelby could see them now, what would he think. He said if he was in charge Kane would not have the job anymore…then says “wait, I am in charge and i’m trying to be fair.” He asks the fans if Kane should be director of operations. Fans chant “NO.” He says Kane’s new title will be “Director of Food and Beverage.” He said instead of Corporate Kane he will be Consessions Kane. He said “someone bring this man a tray and a hair net for Concessions Kane.” A man bring out a tray with hot dogs and popcorn and hands it to Kane. Bryan tells him to get on with selling because he has a job to do. Bryan then addresses Rusev and Lana. He said that since Rusev is US champ he should be more patriotic and Rusev always talks about how horrible the US is. He says Rusev has 2 options. He can compete in a battle royal for the United States championship….or he can come down to the ring with a big United States flag in the background and he recites to everybody the pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. Rusev and Lana, upset, walk off backstage. Bryan now addresses Luke Harper. Harper will defend his Intercontinental title against Dean Ambrose. Now he addresses Mark Henry. Henry was about to walk away but Bryan told him not to leave yet. Bryan said a big guy asked him for a favor backstage and asked him if he could avenge his loss at WrestleMania a couple of years ago. That man is Ryback. Ryback wants a match tonight with Henry so Bryan will make that match. Bryan said he can do that because he’s running Raw tonight and “guess what, that’s what I do.” That match is happening right now. Henry starts walking to the ring as Ryback runs out and beats on Henry. Officials come to break it up because the match has not officially started yet.

Commercial break.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry – The match started as they came back from commercial break. Henry was groggy from the beating he took before the match started. This was a quick match. Ryback won after a spinebuster and the meat hook clothesline.

Triple H and Steph were leaving the arena and ran into Vince McMahon. Steph said she was sorry for letting him down. Vince said he’s not angry and not an angry man, just disappointed. They both disappointed him and he put insurmountable odds on them because that’s what they will fight in the corporate world. He doesn’t like the feeling of them failing him. He said somehow, someway they’re gonna fix this. She apologized. He said he’s never been sorry for a thing he’s done in his life. The only thing he’s sorry for is spending thanksgiving with the two of them. He told them “let’s go.” Vince, Triple H, and Steph got in the limo and left.

Commercial break.

WWE TLC commercial. They plugged the Steve Austin podcast. Bray Wyatt is his guest tomorrow.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (Intercontinental title) – There was a commercial break during this match. Harper had Ambrose in a headlock as they came back from the break. Something was going on in the crowd but the production made sure to not show it. Fans chanted “let him stay.” Harper threw Ambrose into the barricade on the outside of the ring. The crowd wasn’t too into this match until Ambrose clotheslines Harper on the outside. Ambrose had a few near falls including one after a legdrop off the top with Harper draped over the ropes. Ambrose was getting the best of Harper. Harper rolled out of the ring and grabbed his title like was going to leave but Ambrose dove through the ropes onto Harper. Ambrose was going for Dirty Deeds. Harper shoved Ambrose into the referee. Referee DQ’d Harper. Ambrose tossed chairs into the ring and hit the Dirty Deeds on Harper onto a steel chair. Fans chanted “we want tables.” Ambrose went to get a ladder and table but Wyatt ambushed Dean from behind and hit the Sister Abigail outside of the ring. He threw Ambrose over the announce table. Wyatt tossed a bunch of chairs onto Ambrose. Ambrose is buried under all of the chairs  as Bray sits on the table with his music playing.

Commercial for The Usos special that airs on the network after Raw.

Commercial break.

“The New Day” vignette with Big E.

Larry the Cable Guy and Santino Marella – Larry the Cable guy is in a lucha mask, shorts, and no shirt. Santino says it’s good to be back and introduces “Lenny” the Cable guy. Larry says he’ll go all “King Kong Bundy” on someone. He says he came to wrestle. Santino tells him he’s not here to wrestle. Larry apologized to the ladies for too much eye candy. Santino says you need experience to wrestle. Larry says he’s a fan of Stone Cold and he’s a friend of his and if he were wrestling tonight he’d be called “Stone Cold Creamery.” Goldust and Stardust interrupt. Larry is spooked by them and says he was just kidding about wrestling. Goldust and Stardust make their way to the ring for their match.

Gold & Stardust vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow (WWE tag team title match) – Miz apparently got hurt by hitting his head on the mat during the match. He rolled out of the ring as the doc checked on him as Mizdow wrestled the rest of the match. Miz tagged himself in and hit the skull crushing finale on Stardust and got the pin. Miz celebrated with both titles again. Mizdow was over big time once again. Mizdow had replica belts.

WWE 2K15 video promoting the launch on PS4 and XBox One. They also plugged the fan voting for the main event tonight.

Commercial break.

They show Kane working at the concession stand. A woman (his new manager) says she heard he likes to burn things but today he will not be burning things and he will kept away from the deep fryer. She said if any of the chips go missing then it comes out of his paycheck. Kane looks not pleased.

Rusev and Lana make their choice – Lana says this is not fair. Rusev speaks in Russian. He says he doesn’t care who’s in charge of Raw and he won’t be brainwashed by dumb American. He says, “Lana, we go.” Daniel Bryan (on the big screen) says that he can send a referee right now and they can have that battle royal against that entire roster but he’ll give him another chance. To make sure Rusev does this property he sends out Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter gets in the ring. The American flag drops down. Lana and Rusev are not happy as fans chant “USA, USA.” Slaughter tells them to place their hands over their hearts and to repeat after him “loud and clear…and that’s an order!” Slaugher recites the Pledge of the USA. Rusev doesn’t repeat at first but Lana does in a low voice. Rusev gives his title to Lana and looks like he’s about to fight Slaughter. Slaughter drops his mic and is ready for a fight. Slaughter removes his hat and Jack Swagger’s music plays. Swagger runs in the ring but Rusev attacks Swagger right away. Swagger got Rusev in an overhead slam and patriot lock but Rusev was able to get out of it after a couple of seconds and left the ring. Lana never finished saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

The announcers remind the fans to vote for the main event.

Commercial break.

They show Kane at the concession stand again. They have an area blocked so the real fans can’t get to Kane. Santino and Larry the Cable guy are in line. Kane pours mustard on Santino and gives the hot dog to Larry and tells him that he’s a big fan.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel – Fandango is in all black today. Other than that, it’s the same look as last night in the pre-show with Rosa Mendes. Fandango wins with the leg drop off the top rope. Quick match.

The announcers talk about Big Show turning on Cena. They show still photos from the match. Then they cut to Big Show backstage in a suit. He’s coming out next.

Commercial break.

They show some of the Indianapolis Colts at ringside.

Big Show segment – Big Show comes out in a suit and is smiling. He says he wants to make sure “that we’re all cool.” He said he saw things online and reactions backstage. He said that people think he’s now a “bad guy” and that’s the furthest thing from the truth and he’s a human being that made a mistake. He said we’ve all made mistakes. He looks like he’s about to cry. He says he despises The Authority and last year they took his job, his house, and forced him to do horrible things to people he cared about and respected. People like Daniel Bryan. He said physically he’s strong but he didn’t ask to be born this way. He said he has a medical condition that makes him so large and powerful but on the inside he’s like each and every one of you and he has feelings, fears, and a family to provide for. He said he made a snap decision and he panicked. He saw Ziggler unconscious and Cena barely on his feet and he saw 3 guys staring back at him and at that moment he thought his team would lose. He said he did what he thought he had to do. He said if you were in his shoes you’d be able to forgive him. He said he get it and the fans come to a show to cheer and boo but this is not the appropriate time for this. He said this is serious. He said he is a good person. He said if he could do it over again, knowing how things would turn out, he wouldn’t have done what he did. He says “not to sound like a jerk here” but he’s been putting his body on the life for 20 years and maybe the fans owe him a mulligan. He asks everyone to forget and pretend it never happened. Fans chant “you sold out” at him.  Then he gets angry and rips the fans for passing judgment on him when they have nothing on the line. He said “this is my life…mine, not yours!” He says he hears the whispers about him being a traitor. He says he hears those cowards in the back whispering about him being a traitor. He said if there’s a coward in the back that they can come out and say it to his face instead of whispering behind his back. Erick Rowan comes out. Show laughs as Rowan comes out. Show says this is ridiculous. “Erick Rowan, the upside down Sheamus has something to say.” Show says Cena at least has a legit gripe. He says he’s surprised Rowan is out here without his stuffed kitty cat. Show mocks him for being big and brave coming out without his kitty cat. He told him that this ring is made for men. Fans chant for “Erick Rowan.” Rowan takes off the mask. Show tells him that he has no place being out here. He tells him to leave before he gets hurt. Rowan looks at Show and says “I don’t like bullies.” Rowan then beats up on Show and hits him with a spin kick. Show bails out of the ring. Show is angry and threatens to get back in the ring. He tells Rowan that he’s sealed his fate. Fans chant for “Erick Rowan.”

Cole says that over a quarter of a million votes have come in so far. Fans can still vote on the main event.

Seth Rollins is backstage. He tells Mercury and Noble that they don’t exactly measure up to his other potential partners. Ziggler walks in and says that Seth might not believe in them but he does. Ziggler says he asked his 1.4 million followers to vote for them. Rollins is not happy.

Commercial for Austin’s podcast next week on the WWE Network.

Commercial break.

WWE Slam of the Weeek: Nikki vs. AJ Lee from last night. They showed a tweet from Kris Jenner congratulating Nikki on her Divas title win.

Bella Twins in the ring. Nikki steps in front of Brie as she’s introduced. AJ Lee comes out with a mic on the stage. AJ says that Brie proved that she’s a bigger skank than her sister.

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella – Cole says today is Brie’s final day as Nikki’s personal assistant. The announcers say Brie and Nikki seem to have patched things up. Brie rolls up AJ thanks to Nikki’s distraction. Brie wins. AJ grabs a mic and says “it takes 2 Bella Twins to be the champion but 2 of you do not even come close to being half the woman I am.” AJ says “you wanna kiss your way to a title?” Aj says talent is not sexually transmitted.

The announcers tell the fans that they can still vote.

Commercial break.

Larry the Cable guy and Santino Marella are ringside with the announcers. They dance with The Bunny when Adam Rsoe comes out. Rose grabs The Bunny by the ears and pushes him in the ring.

Adam Rose and The Bunny vs. Tyson Kidd and Natalya – The Bunny starts the match. The Bunny does the Ric Flair strut and does humping motions. Natalya tags in but helps The Bunny up since she feels bad for him. Tyson tags in right away. Adam Rose tags in. The Bunny tried to trip Tyson but tripped Adam Rose instead causing Rose to fall and get pinned. Tyson Kidd wins.

Renee Young congratulates Ryback. Ryback says it’s almost thanksgiving and the big guy is hungry. He asks her if she knows where a good concession stand is.

Commercial break.

“The New Day” vignette featuring all 3 wrestlers…Xavier Woods, Kofi Kongston, and Big E. They debut next Monday.

Ryback shows up at the concession stand. He says he’s hungry. He orders 2 cans of tuna, protein shake with extra protein, and a big bag of beef jerky. Kane says they’re out but offers a hot dog and throws it at him. Ryback pushes the counter up against Kane and sprays ketchup and mustard on Kane. Ryback grabs a bag of peanuts and tells him he forgot his nuts, stupid.

Renee talks to Cena and Ziggler backstage. Cena said last night when he was knocked out by Show he woke up to find that Ziggler alone faced almost the entire Team Authority. Ziggler said he promised that it would take every last breath and he’d find a way to survive. He said there was a miracle called Sting. Cena said The Authority is history and the power is with the Universe, where it all belongs. He said they decide who teams with Rollins against Cena and Ziggler. Cena said the show is about to be stolen. The main event is next.

TLC commercial.

Commercial break.

Cena and Ziggler come out for their match. Then Daniel Bryan comes out. He shakes Ziggler and Cena’s hand in the ring. Bryan introduces Seth Rollins first. Bryan reveals that the WWE Universe chose Mercury and Noble with 93% of the vote. Noble and Mercury come out in suits. They are happy to be picked.

John Cena & Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins & Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble – Noble started the match. Mercury ran in but he and Noble collided. The story here is that Mercury and Noble can’t hang with Cena or Ziggler and Seth is in for an uphill climb in this match. Mercury and Noble wrestled most of the match. Double cover after a Zig Zag and AA. Mercury and Noble were pinned at the same time as Rollins looked on from outside of the ring. Daniel Bryan pushed Rollins onto the Ring. Ziggler with a superkick, Cena with an AA. Bryan joined Cena and Ziggler as the fans chanted “YES.”

Then the old anonymous GM sound plays in the arena. There’s a podium next to the announcers. Michael Cole says he received an email from the anonymous Raw GM. “Forgive me for interrupting this joyous celebration. This party is over. Next Monday…Cyber Monday. Order and discipline returns to Monday Night Raw.” The GM sound keeps playing over and over again as they go off the air.

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