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WWE Monday Night Raw results 12/1/14: 6 man main event, TLC matches announced

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/1/14
Tulsa, Oklahoma

They show highlights from last week’s Raw with The Authority’s farewell speech and Daniel Bryan returning. They also showed highlights of the Cena/Ziggler vs. Rollins/J & J Security main event.

Opening segment – The show starts off with Michael Cole reading an email from the Raw General Manager. The Raw GM says he’s back and he’s not happy and the company needs a strong leader. The Raw GM says WWE needs “me” and he can’t let the company sit in the hands of washed up superstars. Before Cole can say anything else he’s cut off by John Cena’s music. Cena comes out to the ring.¬†Cena says we have a paramount night tonight on Raw. He says the board of directors really has their stuff together because the anonymous GM is running Raw tonight. He says he loves nothing about the Raw GM. He said that the Raw GM and Brock Lesnar both show up once a year. He said it’s time to live in the now. He said The Authority is gone and they will never come back. He said Big Show turned his back on his team but The Authority couldn’t stop his teammates because everything was on the line and they showed what being a WWE Superstar was all about. He said they risked so much because… Cena gets cut off by the anonymous GM sound. Cena walks up to Cole as Cole steps down from the podium. Cena says he won’t let the most important victory in WWE history be handed over to a nameless, faceless computer. Then Seth Rollins comes out. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are with him. Rollins says that he needs to give Cena a hand because Cena is so good at so many things and he has bad jokes for days and he’s good at waiving his hands like a stupid little kid. Rollins says that he’s been good at getting half of this crowd telling him how much he sucks on a nightly basis. Fans chant “you sold out” at Rollins. Rollins says that Cena is really great at taking credit, particularly taking credit for Survivor Series because he didn’t win anything. Rollins says that he eliminated Cena and pinned his shoulders to the mat. Rollins says he would have been the sole survivor if it wasn’t for Sting. Cena said it was exciting to see Sting but Rollins forgets that Team Cena had one man left and he was outnumbered and single highhandedly eliminated the entire Authority. That man is Dolph Ziggler. Rollins says that the question is….after a week is WWE really better off without The Authority in power? Fans chant “YES, YES, YES.” He said that all that work was put in just for the anonymous GM to be the GM of Raw. Rollins asked what’s next, JBL as GM next week? Rollins said it could be anyone…Batista and he’s proven that he’s terrible at wrestling and acting. Rollins said why not Eric Bischoff? He’d make a great GM. Rollins said every single week will be a guessing game and what Team Cena worked for will go up in smoke based on the GM’s agenda. Rollins said that Cena says every week says it’s the fans show and Cena says he does what’s best for the fans. Rollins said that what’s best for them is also what’s best for business. Rollins says that Cena is the one with the power and he has no choice but to bring back The Authority before things go down in chaos. Cena says that Rollins is in no place to bark orders and The Authority is fired and not coming back. He said when The Authority was around Rollins could do whatever he wanted and now he has to earn what he wants. He made fun of Rollins for wearing latex and having “mall cops” with him. Cena says to ask him nicely about bringing back The Authority. Rollins nicely asks Cena “will you please bring back The Authority?” Cena says he doesn’t believe he was nice enough and then asks Rollins to get on one knee. Rollins doesn’t do it. The computer sound plays again. Cena tells him to ignore the computer. Cole reads an email and says that it will be John Cena vs. Seth Rollins in a tables match at WWE TLC. If Cena loses at TLC then he will no longer be the numnber 1 contender for the WWE title. Rollins attacks Cena but Cena tosses him out of the ring. Mercury and Noble attack and then Kane comes in and chokeslams Cena. Rollins gets a table from under the ring. Ryback comes in and clams Kane, Rollins, and basically clears the ring. However Kane hits Ryback with a steel chair several times over his back. Erick Rowan comes out. He hits Kane with a big boot, gets in the ring and beats up on Rollins. Big Show comes down and bets up on Rowan and tosses him out of the ring. Show goes outside of the ring and kicks Rowan. Dolph Ziggler runs down, gets caught by Big Show but Ziggler slips out and pushes show into the post. Ziggler is about to bring a ladder in the ring but is attacked by Luke Harper. Meanwhile Rollins sets up a table in the ring, Cena fights his way out but Harper attacks Cena and Show KO’s Cena. Mercury and Noble help Rollins powerbomnb Cena through the table.

Commercial break.

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