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WWE Monday Night Raw results 4/27/15: King of the Ring returns, Payback main event set

WWE Monday Night Raw results
April 27, 2015
Green Bay, WI

We are live with ongoing Monday Night Raw coverage.

Opening segment

Seth Rollins kicks off Raw. He is accompanied by Kane and J&J Security. Seth brags about his win at Extreme Rules. He says that he beat Orton all by himself. Kane doesn’t seem to agree, based on his facial reaction. Orton said he hit a “SKO” out of nowhere on Orton last night. He thanked the “best soldier of them all” Kane for doing what was best for business in his role as the cryptkeeper. Rollins said that the crypt keeper is an old relic from the 90s that no one cares about. Kane didn’t like that and Rollins backtracked. Kane mentioned Rollins illegal use of an RKO and if it wasn’t for him (Kane) then Orton would be champion right now. He called Rollins a spoiled and entitled brat. Kane said Rollins is WWE’s version of Justin Bieber. Rollins said Kane is just jealous and maybe Kane should go home. They argued back and forth and Rollins said he can wrestle circles around Kane. Orton interrupts. Orton says there are grounds for a rematch based on what happened last night. Rollins said that Orton only had one crack at the title. Kane says that Randy does have a point. Roman Reigns comes out from the stands. Reigns stands on the announcers table. He says he speared Big Show last night so Seth is missing his giant. Roman says that he deserves the shot at the WWE title. Rollins says that neither Roman or Randy deserve a title shot. Kane says tonight he will set aside differences to show Randy and Roman the real power of the authority. Kane says the WWE Universe will decide the title match for Payback. So yea it looks like they will end up announcing Reigns vs. Orton vs. Rollins at Payback.

Commercial break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett – King of The Ring first round match

They went to commercial about one minute into the match. Sheamus comes out on the stage and brags about embarrassing Dolph at Extreme Rules. The distraction allows Barrett to hit the bull hammer. He gets the win. Barrett advances to the semi-finals.

The New Day are backstage. They are up next.

Commercial break.

The New Day came out for the next match. Xavier cut a promo and said that he wanted the fans to chant “New Day rocks” but they chanted “New Day sucks” instead.

Tyson Kidd vs. Big E

Quick match. Big E got the win thanks to Xavier holding on to Tyson’s ankle as the referee counted to three. The New Day celebrated on the stage.

They showed still photos from last night’s Russian chain match. John Cena’s open challenge continues tonight.

Ryback comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

Bo says he will give Ryback a chance to clear his name and an opportunity to walk away. He said that all Ryback needed to do was BOLIEVE. Bo is more serious with his promos. I still think they are setting up Bo to align with Bray Wyatt.

Ryback vs. Bo Dallas

Booker T noted that Bo put on some weight and Cole noted that Bo was being more aggressive. Ryback fought back and hit the clothesline and shellshock on Bo. Ryback gets the win. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears in the ring. He hits Sister Abigail on Ryback.

Commercial break.

John Cena’s Open Challenge

Cena said that he respects that Rusev refuses to quit…until Payback because it will be an “I Quit” match at Payback. He said that Payback will be the final chapter between Rusev and John Cena and if he will not quit because he will not disgrace America. He invited the next person to come out for the open challenge. Heath Slater comes out. Slater cuts a promo on the stage and says something about being better looking than Aaron Rogers. Rusev attacks Slater on the stage and kicks him in the face. Slater falls off the stage. Lana comes out and waves and the crowd goes nuts for her. Rusev yells at her and tells her to leave. He says everyone in Green Bay is a quitter and they’ve quit on their dreams and on themselves. He says everyone will be saying “I Quit” at Payback. Rusev’s music plays and the Russian flag drops from the ceiling behind Cena.

Backstage, Rollins tells Kane that there is no reason for Orton or Reigns to have a shot at his title. Rollins says he will tell Triple H and Stephanie about this. Kane says that the fans will choose between Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, or Randy Orton and Roman Reigns at Payback. Fans can vote on the WWE App. Kane says we will find out the results after the main event.

Commercial break.

R-Truth vs. Stardust – King of The Ring first round match

R-Truth got the win with his finisher “the lie detector.” Another quick match. It went less than 5 minutes. So Truth vs. Barrett takes place tomorrow night. Ambrose and Sheamus comes up later tonight.

They plugged the WWE app voting. You can choose Rollins vs. Reigns, Rollins vs. Orton, or Rollins vs. Reigns and Orton in a triple threat match.

Commercial break.

Fandango vs. Adam Rose

Rose was already in the ring when they came back from commercial. Fandango did a dive onto Rose and he ran into Rosa who was dressed as a Rose Bud. Rosa’s distraction allowed Rose to hit the Party Foul and get the win. Another short match. Rosa had the microphone. She said that she can’t believe that Fandango chose the fans over her but she found someone who treats her like the sweet flower that she is. Rosa and Rose kissed.

Renee Young interviewed Brie Bella backstage during Monday Night Raw. She said it’s been a heartwrenching time for Daniel and Daniel loves WWE more than anything in the world and it kills her so much because she knows how badly her husband wants to be there. She said that they are greatful because the WWE Universe cares so much about her husband but Daniel cares about them. Naomi attacked Brie so there was no update on Daniel Bryan.

Commercial break.

Naomi vs. Brie Bella

Nikki is at ringside. Naomi gets the win with a kick to the face and an inside cradle. Looks like she’ll get another match at Payback.

They plug the app again.

Dean Ambrose comes out for his match.

Commercial break.

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus – King of The Ring first round match

They went to commercials a few minutes into the  match as Sheamus ran away from Ambrose. Several minutes after the commercial break Sheamus was able to lock in the clover leaf submission but Ambrose made it to the ropes. Ambrose fights back and hits the elbow off the top rope and almost gets a 3 count. Ambrose charges Sheamus at ringside but Sheamus tosses him on the announcers table. Ambrose jumps on Sheamus and rams him into the post. Sheamus hits the brogue kick at ringside. Ziggler runs down and attacks Sheamus. Sheamus runs through the crowd as Ziggler. Sheamus wins by DQ and Ambrose is upset.

They plugged the app voting again.

Commercial break.

Damien Sandow promo

Sandow said that he was told to his face that he was not entertaining enough and he went on a quest to enteratin. That’s when he started doing parodies of wrestlers and people like Lebron James and Vince McMahon. Then came Damien Mizdow. He said Mizdow cause him to lose respect with is peers but he gained the respect of the WWE Universe. He said that connection is the most valuable thing that you could have and without the fans he would not be in WWE right now. Fans chanted “thank you Sandow.” Curtis Axel interrupts. He gets in Sandow’s face and says “whatcha gonna do?” Sandow mocks him by repeating everything Axel says. Axel doesn’t like being mocked. Axel tells him to get out of the AxMan’s ring. Sandow mocks him again. Axel goes to attack him but Sandow counters and hits him with a big boot and then hits the Sandow elbow drop. That was the end of that segment.

Short Bray Wyatt backstage promo.

Commercial break.

They showed some WWE Tough Enough video submissions.

Neville vs. Luke Harper – King of The Ring first round match

This may be the best match of the night. Nice back and forth match. Neville hits a kick to the face and then hits the Red Arrow off the top rope and gets the pin. Neville advances.

Commercial break.

Seth Rollins and Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Randy Orton

Rollins and Kane shake hands as they walk to the ring. J&J Security is at ringside. Decent TV main event. Kane went nuts at the end when Rollins dove through the ropes and accidentally hit Kane. Superman punch and RKO to Rollins. Orton gets the pin on Rollins.

Kane revealed the app results. It will be a triple threat match at Payback. Rollins is furious. Reigns spears Rollins to end the show.

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