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WWE Monday Night Raw results 4/28/14

Thanks for joining us for our live Raw coverage.

The show starts with a recap of the John Cena/Bray Wyatt events from last week’s show.

 Opening segment. In the arena, there’s a steel cage around the ring. John Cena comes out. Lots of boos from the crowd. Cena asks “why?” He asked the fanswhy did he deserve what happened last week. He said that the WWE Universe was given a choice to give him a chance in a real fight or no chance against insurmountable odds. He asked why again. He said that someone told him that you either die a hero or you live long enough to become a villain and he saidi that 10 years ago he got the loudest ovation ever when he was drafted to Raw. He said that now times have changed and he doesn’t fault the WWE Universe. He said that he never abandoned the Universe. He asked why again. He said that he knows that he will step aside one day. Fans cheered. He said that he agreed with the fans cheering. He said Adrian Neville, Sammi Zayn, Roman Reigns, and others are the future. They all have passion for the fans. Cena said that he’s here tonight to tell the fans that Wyatt is a dangerous man and he’s not like those other guys. He said that Bray’s passion is not WWE, it’s Bray Wyatt. He said that if Bray wins then he will continue to corrupt and manipulate. He said it won’t be long before it’s Bray vs. the world and at that point the world won’t have a chance. The lights dimmed. A kid’s voice was heard singing “you’ve got the whole world in his hands…” The fans sang with it. The camera revealed a choir full of kids on the stage singing. Then Bray came out singing the song. the Wyatt family walked to the ring with the kids behind them. The lights came on and the kids had sheep masks on. Bray was in his chair with one of the kids in his lap.

Commercial break.

They replayed part of the last segment after they came back from the break.

The Usos vs. Rybaxel – Jey Uso was injured during the match when both Usos did the dive on Rybaxel to the outside of the ring. I think it’s a storyline ankle or leg injury that will play into the end of the match. Jey continued the match. The story here is how long will the ankle hold up. Good match. Axel hit the perfect plex but Jimmy had already tagged in and hit the splash for the pin.

Cole noted that Extreme Rules will not be available on DirecTV or Dish Network but fans can watch on the WWE Network. Later tonight: Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton. They wrestled at house shows over the weekend.

Commercial break.

Back from the break we see an Adam Rose vignette. He debuts next week. We then cut to Cesaro and Paul Heyman backstage. Paul says he’s disappointed in RVD because RVD spoke out about Paul and RVD is an original ECW guy. Paul said that the last guy to get under his skin was the Undertaker and look what happened to him. Paul said he’s not offended..he’s a liar, ruthless, unethical in business but he takes his clients to the top. Cesaro said that’s all he needs to hear.  They played the Kane beatdown on Daniel Bryan from last week.

Commercial break.

Back from the break we see the Kane mask backstage in a glass box.

Sheamus vs. Titus O’Neil – Sheamus comes out for his match but gets attacked by Titus O’Neil as Sheamus is about to walk down to the ring. Titus said on the WWE App that we’d see a new Titus tonight. They get in the ring, ref checks on Sheamus and starts the match. Sheamus hit the brogue kick for the win. Quick match.

They showed the twitter war on the screen between Dolph Ziggler and Hugh Jackman and Damien Sandow. Hugh Jackman is next. Kofi Kingston gave us a rundown of how the WWE Network works. He said it’s just like Netflix. They finally got the point across that you can also watch on your TV.

Back from commercial. BOLIEVE vignette.

Dolph Ziggler is in the ring. He talks about X-Men: Days of Future Past. They show a trailer for the movie. He introduces Hugh Jackman. Jackman says it’s so good to be back and he loved hosting a few years back. He says he’s done some big things but this is one of the biggest most exciting shows out there because of the fans, intense action, and superstars and anything can happen. Dolph said last time that something happened to him last time. They showed the clip of Jackman punching Ziggler in 2011. They shook hands and buried the hatchet. Damien Sandow came down to the ring as “Magneto” master of magnetism. He said that everyone is trembling at the sight of him. He said that Jackman is star struck by Sandow. Jackman and Ziggler laughed at him. Fans chanted for Jackman to knock out Sandow. Sandow said “behold the power of magnetism.” Jackman and Ziggler laughed. Jackman mocked Sandow and pretended that the magnetism trick was working. Jackman hip tossed Sandow and Ziggler hit the zig zag on Sandow.

They showed highlights of last weeks segment with Evolution and The Shield.

Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro – After Swagger got in the ring, Paul came out and trolled the crowd again. He introduced Cesaro. They showed a breaking news scroll telling fans that Dish and DirecTV have chosen not to carry Extreme Rules. The scroll told fans to order on the network. Heyman attacked Zeb and caused a distraction that allowed Cesaro to win with a bridge suplex.

They replayed highlights from the opening segment with Wyatt and Cena. Renee catches up with Cena backstage. She wanted to get his reaction but he had nothing to say. They showed a WWE Network commercial for this Thursday’s Legends House.

Commerical break.

Back from break and we see Kane’s mask again in the case.

Cody Rhodes vs. Alberto Del Rio – they showed highlights of Cody getting upset with Goldust after their loss last week. Some fans changed “we want Sting” during this match. Del Rio got the arm bar submission and made Cody submit. Goldust went to check on Cody and Cody shoved his brother.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial we see Heyman advising Cesaro backstage.

Alexander Rusev (with The Ravishing Russian Lana) vs. Xavier Woods – Rusev was about to go for the accolade when R-Truth jumped in. Match over. They both knocked Rusev out of the ring. Rusev wins by DQ.

Michael Cole talked about “World Wish Day” taking place tomorrow. They showed video of Cena granting wishes to 3 kids earlier today.  They showed the kids at ringside. They went backstage to Renee and Rob Van Dam. RVD said that he’s held the IC title 6 times and 7 is his lucky number and Wade Barrett will receive some bad news from RVD. Zeb showed up and said that he and RVD have a common enemy named Paul Heyman. He suggested working together to get rid of Heyman. RVD said thanks but he has a mind of his own. He said he doesn’t need to join anyone and wants to continue being RVD.

Commercial break.

Back from break they show Swagger and Colter talking backstage.

3MB (McIntyre and Slater) vs. Los Matadores – Short match. Slater got the pin. The announcers acted shocked since it’s the first time they’ve won in a long time. After the match Hornswaggle dove onto Los Matadores but they moved out of the way. El Torito then dove onto 3MB.

Commercial break.

Hour 3 segment – Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring. Again, they replayed the Kane beatdown on Daniel Bryan from last week. Daniel Bryan comes out in a neck brace with Brie Bella leading the YES chants. Bryan said that he almost believed Steph except everyone knows that Steph is full of crap. Steph said she earned that and she doesn’t blame Bryan for thinking that. Steph said that she’s being honest and she and Triple H never wanted Bryan to be WWE champion and their emotions got out of control. Bryan asked her how did she think his wife felt after the past few months and Bryan said that he told Brie not to act out because he could handle them on his own. Steph said that all she wanted to do was give Kane a backbone and give Bryan a credible opponent. Steph says she knows how Brie feels and seeing her husband on a stretcher going to the hospital is no way for a wife to see her husband and on her behalf and on behalf of her entire family Steph says shes truly sorry. Bryan says he thinks shes still full of crap. Steph asked him to come to the ring and look her in the eyes to see if she can convince him otherwise. Bryan said that he will still see a liar if he looks in her eyes. Bryan said his head hurts bad and he can’t move his neck and he will never give up and doctors cleared him for Sunday. Bryan said that if Kane takes him down then he’s taking Kane down with him straight to hell. Steph said she doesn’t know where Kane is and Kane’s mask is locked up in her office. Tamina will face the divas champion this Sunday. Brie will face Paige tonight for the divas championship. Bryan said if Steph thinks Brie will walk down alone then Steph is crazy. Brie’s match is next. THey showed the case backstage and the mask was not in it.

Commercial break.

Brie Bella vs. Paige for the divas championship – Lawler noted that we all saw that Kane’s mask is gone. Cole said that Kane is here somewhere on the loose. Kane’s music and pyro hit during the match. Kane’s hand came from a hole in the ring and pulled Brie into the ring. Daniel tried to help her but Kane fought Bryan off. Brie crawled to the corner and started dragging Brie when Daniel got back in the ring and hit Kane with a monkey wrench but Kane sat up and hit Bryan with a chokeslam. Kane then tried to drag Brie under the ring again but she got away. Referees helped Bryan outside as he favored his injured neck.

Commercial break.

Back from the break and they show a recap of what we just saw. Bryan and Brie are backstage. Steph says she’s so sorry and she doesn’t blame them if they don’t believe her. Daniel said that he will be at Extreme Rules and Steph will regret dragging Brie into this. Brie says, “get out you b**ch!” They went to a replay of the Cena-Bray stuff from earlier. Renee is backstage with Cena. Cena apologizes for blowing her off earlier. Cena said that he was wrong and he got caught up in Bray’s mind games and he says that the fans haven’t given up on him and the mind games stop this Sunday. He made some jokes about a donkey. He said that he will put his fist in Bray’s face and foot in his ass.

Barrett said that he has some bad news. RVD’s slogan should just be “then” as in being “THEN” is when RVD was relevant and Wade says he was in diapers the last time RVD won the IC title.

Commercial break.

Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam – the winner of this matches faces Big E for the Intercontinental title on Sunday’s Extreme Rules. Commercial break during this match. Cera came down to distract RVD but Swagger grabbed Cesaro and they fought outside. RVD hit rolling thunder but was distracted before hit the frog splash and that allowed Barrett to hit the bull hammer for the win. Heyman was smiling outside, Cesaro attacked RVD. Swagger saved RVD and attacked Cesaro. Swagger hit the Swagger bomb on Cesaro. Swagger then attacked RVD but RVD turned things around and hit Swagger with a kick to knock him out of the ring. RVD hit the five star frog splash on Cesaro. Looks like we’re getting a 3 way on Sunday.

They showed Smackdown highlights from Friday showing the Shield taking out different superstars throughout the night and then highlights of the 5 on 3 match. They go backstage and The Shield cuts a promo on Evolution. Ambrose says that they will chew them up and spit them out. Rollins said “THIS” is power (his fist) and they will find out what true power really is.  Reigns said that Orton looks like the past and “THIS” (his fist) is the future. Believe in the Shield.

Commercial break.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns – Triple H said he was impressed that the Shield took out 11 guys on Friday’s Smackdown. Orton said that they think they’re the new Evolution and Batista said that the problem is that Evolution is still here. Triple H said he brought the Shield into this world and Evolution will take them out of it. If they don’t adapt then they will perish. RIc Flair’s music hit. Cole said that now Evolution is complete. Match hasn’t started yet. Flair grabs the  microphone. He asks if this is St Louis, Missouri and jokingly asks if he’s been there before and says he’s had a lot of fun. Flair said it’s great being in the ring with men that exude what the business is all about. He said he ran up and down the road with the 4 Horsemen. They styled and profiled. He said the same can be said for Evolution. He said that he’s seen everything come full circle…greatness coming full circle and tonight he’s surrounded with superstars that exemplify power, style, and grace. He said what he’s talking about now is The Shield. He shook their hands. Evolution didn’t look happy. He winked at Evolution and then left to go backstage. Match starts…towards the end of the match things broke down and Evolution and the Shield brawled outside. Triple H threw Ambrose across the table. Reigns hit the superman punch on Orton. Reigns went outside and fought with Batista and Triple H. Ref called for the bell. Evolution got the upper hand and tackled Reigns. Orton threw Rollins into the barricade. Batista and Triple H threw Reigns into the steps. Triple H hit the spinebuster on Ambrose. Evolution tossed Ambrose and Reigns in the ring and continued to beat on them. Rollins hit Triple H with a flying knee and the Shield turned things around. Reigns hit the spear on Triple H. The Shield was about to hit the triple power bomb but he was able to get out of the ring when Orton and Batista threatened to get in the ring so we ended the show with the Shield in the ring with chairs in hand and Evolution on the ramp backing off.

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