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WWE Monday Night Raw results 6/29/15: Dolph/Lana, Cena/Cesaro, Authority united

WWE Monday Night Raw results
January 29, 2015
Washington, DC

Opening segment

Seth Rollins, Kane, & J&J Security come down to the ring. Rollins talked about last week’s events and how Brock injured Jamie Noble. Noble back this week after suffering injured ribs. Rollins, in a heel way, told the audience to show Noble and the entire Authority some respect. He praised Kane too. Rollins revealed brand new Apple watches as gifts for them. Rollins told Kane that he’s been the backbone of the company for 17 years. Rollins revealed that he will be sending Kane on vacation to Hawaii. They had people dressed in Hawaiian garb in the ring. Seth proposed a match with him and Kane against Ambrose and Reigns in a no DQ match tonight. Rollins said that he saw J&J arriving in a crappy rental car earlier today. He wants them to travel in style. Rollins revealed a brand new Cadillac 2015 for them. Mercury and Noble went over to check out the car. They all went to check out the car as Big Show came out for his match.

Commercial break.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Very quick match. Miz was on commentary. Big Show won with the KO punch. Ryback ran down after the match and speared Big Show. Miz ran in and kicked Ryback in the face. Ryback grabbed a mic and yelled at Miz to come down to the ring now instead of later tonight.

Commercial break.

 Ryback vs. The Miz

The match ended with Miz running away and getting counted out just as Ryback was about to finish The Miz off. Ryback wins via count out.

Commercial break.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

The Bellas are at ringside. They’re giving the women’s some time to work this week. Alica was on offense as they went to commercial about 4 minutes into the match. They got a good amount of time to work. Paige got the win after Alicia tried to take advantage of the Bellas distracting Paige but Paige reversed the roll up and got the pin.

Commercial break.

John Cena Open Challenge

Kevin Owens came down immediately after Cena got in the ring so Cena didn’t get to cut a promo. Lilian began doing ring introductions. Owens changed his mind and said that he’ll wait til Battleground. He introduced Cesaro as Cena’s opponent. Good match as expected when Cesaro is in there. Long match. Cesaro was on offense as they went to commercial break and was still on offense when they came back. Kevin Owens is on commentary. At one point Cesaro was going for the swing but Cesaro turned it into a slingshot. Cena landed on the ropes and turned it into a springboard stunner. Cesaro kicked out at two. Cena went for an AA but he landed on his feet and then landed a nice uppercut. Pin attempt. 2 count. Really good match. Cena locked in the STF but Cesaro countered and turned it into the sharpshooter. Cena made it to the bottom rope to force the break. Tons of near falls in this match. Hopefully Cesaro gets a chance to move up the ladder after this performance. They did a spot with Cesaro doing a crossbody off the ropes but Cena caught him and slammed him and went for a pin attempt. Awesome match. Owens got up from the announcers table and swiped at Cole. Cena got distracted with this. Cesaro dropkicked Cena off the top rope while Cena was distracted. Cena pulled out a Canadian Destroyer but was not able to get a pin fall. Cesaro was able to take over on offense and hit a neutralizer but only got a 2 count. Cesaro finally did the swing and then locked in the sharpshooter. Owens got in the ring and attacked Cesaro and hit the pop up powerbomb. Owens then attacked Cena and also hit him with the pop up powerbomb. Owens grabbed the mic and said that if anyone will take the title from Cena then it will be him. Awesome match though.

Commercial break.

They recapped the events from last week between The Authority and Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt showed up on the big screen to cut a promo on Bray Wyatt. Bray talked about his own father throwing him away like a piece of trash. He said, “look daddy, I got my wings back.” He said that “anyone but you” deserves what Roman has.

Commercial break.

They showed cam footage of The Rock appearing at the house show in Boston on Saturday.

Lucha Dragons, Prime Time Players vs. New Day & Bo Dallas

They went to commercial about 5 minutes into the match. Back and forth match. The pace picked up towards the end with Titus and Kofi. Everyone got involved. Lucha Dragons dove onto Big E and Xavier and took them out at ringside. It’s Kofi and Titus alone in the ring again. Titus finished off Kofi with his sitdown powerbomb finisher. Lucha Dragons and PTP win.

Lana and Ziggler are up next.

Commercial break.

Lana and Dolph Ziggler go public

I guess the writers have never had a girlfriend. I don’t see the need to “go public.” Anyway, Ziggler and Lana come out to the ring. He says tht it wasn’t love at first sight and she was using him at first to get back at Rusev but he didn’t mind making out with a smoking hot babe so it was a win-win. Ziggler says, “I can’t believe Dolph Ziggler is saying this but the situation has changed.” Lana says Rusev was her life for years and for years she didn’t know what a real man was but not anymore and she used to do whatever Rusev wanted her to do…how to talk, dress, and how to feel about America. She says Dolph treats her with respect and they’ve become very good friends. They’ve become more than just friends. She says that Dolph is very passionate. Here comes Rusev with Summer Rae. Rusev is still on crutches. Rusev says that he never cared about Lana. He says that she is like a cold fish. He said kissing her was like kissing a ring post. Dolph stops him from talking and calls him a scumbag. He calls Lana “my girlfriend.” He tells Rusev to walk away because he blew it. Dolph tells him to walk away before he does something about Rusev’s other leg. Rusev gives Summer his crutch and yells some stuff to Dolph .Rusev grabs the crutch again and backs off. Summer grabs the mic and says that she hates a gold digger and Rusev was on top of the world at WrestleMania and she jumped ship once Rusev got injured. She said that Rusev is kind and gentle and he cared about Lana a lot. She tells Lana to tell everyone that she’s nothing more than a two-faced conniving phony. Lana laughs. Summer slaps her. Lana rushes towards Summer and a catfight breaks out. Dolph pulls Lana off but Lana charges at Summer again. Summer escapes with Rusev.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are backstage talking about their match tonight. They team up against Kane and Rollins in the main event. Ambrose says he likes Reigns to be angry and upset because its no DQ tonight.

Commercial break.

Extended Terminator: Genisys spot.

Neville vs. Sheamus

Pretty decent match. Neville went for Red Arrow at one point but Sheamus knocked him off the top rope. Sheamus went for the brogue kick but Neville moved but Sheamus got him on the second try and then got the pin. Sheamus wins.

J&J are backstage admiring their new car.

Commercial break.

Hulk Hogan will be featured in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated.

King Barrett vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger lost after getting hit with the bull hammer. It was a quick match and Swagger didn’t even get a full entrance on TV. I would not answer the phone if I was Jack Swagger. Just in case.

Commercial break.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Kane and Seth Rollins

J&J brought their new car out next to the stage area. Rollins was in control of Ambrose at ringside when they went to commercial a few minutes into the match. Ambrose got a lot of offense in after the break and tried to bring in a table at one point but J&J pulled the table out of the ring.  Mercury got in the ring and hit Roman with a kendo stick nut Roman no sold it and ended up using the stick on J&J and Kane. Roman hits Kane with the Superman punch. Then he hits Mercury and Rollins with the punch. Roman is about to finish Rollins off but Bray Wyatt appears at ringside and rams Roman into the steel steps. Bray picks up Roman and slams him on the announcers table. It’s a NO DQ match so the match continues.  Referees were at ringside and walked behind Wyatt as Wyatt left to the back. Ambrose continued fighting in the ring but Rollins and Kane were too much for him. Kane chokeslams Ambrose and then Rollins hits the Pedigree. Rollins gets the pin. J&J brings a table in the ring and they set it up in the corner of the ring but Roman gets back in the ring and fights off The Authority before they could put Ambrose through the table. Kane chokeslams Reigns. Reigns fights off The Authority again but The Authority circles around the ring again and they attack Reigns again. Roman continues to fight but the numbers catch up with him. Rollins takes out Reigns’ knee and Kane chokeslams Reigns. Rollins put Reigns through the table in the corner. Rollins then hit Reigns with the Pedigree. Bray Wyatt came back into the ring as Roman was laid out. Bray picked up Roman and hit Sister Abigail.

Just speculation from me but it seems like they are setting up a storyline for Reigns to turn heel with the explanation being that nobody had his back and the fans and his friends were not there for him. Just speculation from me.

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