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WWE Monday Night Raw results 8/24/15: Flair, Sting, Dudley Boyz, Lesnar, new Wyatt member

WWE Monday Night Raw
August 24, 2015
Brooklyn, NY

Please refresh this page for updated results throughout the show.

The show starts with Triple H and Seth Rollins footage from earlier today at WWE headquarters. Triple H said that Rollins stepped into the ring with John Cena and he won it all. He tells Seth that he is not the future anymore. He says Rollins is the man. Triple H shows statues of Bruno, Warrior, and Andre The Giant. He says that Seth will have his statue unveiled. Rollins thanks Triple H and hugs him.

Opening segment

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out to the ring. Heyman asks how we went from forcing The Undertaker to tap out to a scenario where the history books will inaccurately describe The Undertaker as finally getting a victory over Brock Lesnar. Heyman said that it is an indisputable fact that Brock took The Undertaker to suplex city and Brock locked the Phenom in a kimura. They played footage of Taker tapping to the kimura. Heyman understands how it feels to have a fairytale to end. He said that the reality is that last night The Undertaker got tapped out by Brock Lesnar. He says that the referee didn’t see the tap so he doesn’t blame the referee. He said that he doesn’t blame the timekeeper either. He said that the timekeeper had compassion. Heyman said that The Undertaker collapsed last night and it’s all over the internet. Heyman calls Taker the aging gunslinger but he can’t shoot with Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that Brock Lesnar wants The Undertaker one more time. He said that he wants The Undertaker tonight. Bo Dallas runs down to the ring…seriously. Bo says Brock passed out last night but the good news is that he woke up and he had a sweet dream that he actually beat The Undertaker. He tells Brock that he can make dreams come true if he BOLIEVES. Brock laughes and clotheslines Bo and suplexes him. He suplexes him again. Brock grabs him and suplexes him a third time. Fans start chanting for Brock to do it again so Brock does it again…4 suplexes. Lesnar and Heyman walk up the ramp but Heyman suggests a 5th suplex. Brock walks back to the ring and grabs Bo and hits 5th suplex. Brock and Heyman leave but Heyman asks for one more so Brock turns back around and goes back in the ring. Brock nails Bo with a 6th suplex. Heyman says “BROCK LESNAR BOLIEVES!”

Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day

The Prime Time Players are on commentary. The New Day sing their own rendition of “New York, New York” with Xavier playing the trombone. The Dudley Boyz showed up out of nowhere. WOW!!! They got in the ring and attacked The New Day. Bubba and Devon tossed Big E out of the ring and then they did the “Whats up” move off the top on Xavier. Then they hit the 3D through a table on Xavier. This looks like a full-fledged return. The Dudleys then confronted PTB at ringside and told them “we’re the Dudley Boyz!!!”

Commercial break.

They show John Cena on the Today Show granting his 500th wish.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie were admiring Seth Rollins’ new statue. Rollins walks in. Rollins thanked them and said that WWE is so much better off with Steph and Hunter in charge. Steph said WWE is better with Seth as champion.

Commercial break.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Reigns and Ambrose got in most of the offense. They went to break early in the match. The Wyatts were on offense as they came back from break. Lots of forumla spots. Late in the match Harper takes out Reigns and Ambrose with kick to the face. They set up Reigns for a powerbomb spot but Reigns fights back. Dean and Reigns work together…Superman punch from Reigns. Ambrose dives onto Harper at ringside. Reigns then is about to hit the spear but the lights go out and a big man appears in the ring with a black pig mask. It’s developmental wrestler Bruan Stowman as the newest Wyatt member. He took out Reigns with a big bearhug and picked him up and slammed him. Ambrose tried to fight the man but he was also put in a bearhug and then dropped when Bray told him to drop him. The man is bigger than Luke Harper.

Commercial break.

Miz TV

The guests are Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch. Miz tries to stir trouble between the three of them and says that there must be competition between them. Miz jokes that it’s a rarity that three beautiful women can get along. Paige says that they are more than just looks. Charlotte says that they will take on any challenger, any man, etc. Paige said that they are here to prove that this is the era of the female athlete and they won’t back down or surrender and they will prove that they are just as strong, agile, and as dominant as any man. Team Bella comes out to say something. Nikki says Team Bella is the only dominant team in the Divas division. Brie talks too. Then Alicia talks. Fans start chanting for Sasha. Becky calls Alica the “Nene Lekes” of the WWE because she’s been around for a long time. So, all six women were about to fight until Miz cut them off. Miz tells PCB to emulate him. Miz says PCB wrestles like a bunch of girls. PCB is not happy about this so they walk up to Miz as he backs off. Team Bella attacks PCB. Fans continue to chant for Sasha. PCB vs. Team Bella is next.

Commercial break.

Team PCB vs. Team Bella

We’re having website issues so it’s hard to give a full recap of this match but it’s your typicla Raw Divas match. If they could give these women one on one matches like they do on NXT then they would have much better matches. There was a loud CM Punk chant at one point. The crowd started doing the wave. Fans then started chanting “we are awesome.” Nikki attacked Paige when the ref wasn’t looking and Alicia hit her finisher and got the pin on Paige.

Commercial break.

Stardust and King Barrett were supposed to team up but Stardust attacks Barrett. Neville comes out and attacks Stardust. Stardust escapes before Neville can hit the Red Arrow.

Commercial break.

They showed replay of The Dudley Boyz return from earlier.

Jon Stewart explains his actions at SummerSlam

Stewart says that some people were not happy but many were happy with what he did to John Cena last night at SummerSlam. Stewart says that it was not to help Seth Rollins retain is title. He said it was not to help The Authority. He said that he could not let John Cena tie the great Ric Flair for 16 championships because in his mind “the champ is Flair.” Flair came out and said that he appreciates what Stewart did but he was pulling for John Cena and he knows the record will be broken one day and he prefers that it’s someone that he respects. Stewart said that he didn’t know Flair was ok with it. Flair says Stewart messed up everything. Flair repeats again that Stewart messed up everything. John Cena comes out. Cena tells Stewart that he caused Rollisn to now be the World and U.S. champion. Cena gave an empassioned speech and almost called him a dumb SOB but stopped short. Cena yells at Stewart and says this is not a comedy show. Stewart says it was a beautiful match last night and Cena has been a fighting champion and he respects that. He says that as good as Cena is he could not see Cena tying Flair’s record and he aplogizes for not seeing it through. Stewart says that this is an opportunity for Cena to win it back. Cena grabbed Stewart and hit the AA on him.

Commercial break.

Cena tells Renee backstage that he will have a talk with Seth Rollins later.

Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Randy Orton vs. Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Rusev, Big Show

Late in the match, Lana took out Summer Rae at ringside. The match built up to a hot tag to Cesaro from Ziggler. Cesaro goes after Owens. Cesaro hit the giant swing on Rusev. Ryback tagged in and he took on Owens. They exchanged punches but Ryback got the better of him. Owens trips up Ryback into the corner. Ryback hits a spinebuster as Owens charged at him. Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline and then gets Owens up but Ownes slides out. Big Show shoves Ryback and Owens almost gets a pin on Ryback. Orton tags in and Sheamus tags in. Orton dropkicks Big Show on the corner. Big Show KO’s Sheamus by mistake, Orton hits the RKO and he gets the pin on Sheamus thanks to Big Show’s mistake. Rusev and Owens yell at Big Show. Show shoves Rusev and grabs Owens by the neck. Rusev kicks Big Show and Owens cannonballs Big Show. The heels walk off and leave Big Show in the ring. The faces are still at ringside though. They get back in the ring as Big Show stands up. Ziggler superkicks Big Show in the face and Cesaro and Ryback lift Show up for Orton to hit the RKO on him.

They replayed the ending of the Taker/Lesnar match from last night to show Undertaker tapping out and then making Lesnar pass out.

Commercial break.

Backstage promo from Bray Wyatt on Roman Reigns so this feud continues. He introduced Braun Strowman. He says that he is Abigail’s black sheep.

Stephanie tells John Cena that his AA to Jon Stewart is trending. Cena says he only cares about his converstion with Seth Rollins. Steph says that Cena is trying to steal the spotlight. Security walks up behind Cena. She says that they will escort Cena out of the arena.

Commercial break.

Seth Rollins statue presentation

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H come out first.  Steph also mentioned her father’s birthday. Today is his 70th birthday. Steph and Triple H sung “Happy Birthday.” Triple H said that Vince is so pissed off right now in the back. Now they are talking about the statue. Triple H says that Seth Rollins has hustle. He said that Rollins is someone that ensures that the people get what they expect in the beginning so Seth has loyalty. He says Seth respected those that came before him so you now have respect and Seth has that… Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. He says Rollins has one more thing that nobody else has. He says Rollins is a winner because he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion so Rollins deserves to be immortalized in bronze. Triple H brings out “the man” Seth Rollins. Seth thanks Steph and Hunter and he says tonight is incredible for him, the people in the building, and everybody in the WWE Universe. Seth he is joining the elite of the elite tonight and this might be bigger than a Hall of Fame induction. Rollins says that he became a legend at SummerSlam. He says that he will become immortal tonight with the unveiling of the new statue. Rollins says Cena has sat atop the WWE mountain for 10 years because Cena has worked every single day to be the man and Cena was the man but to be the man you got to beat the man and Rollins said he did that last night. He says this statue will represent his legacy. He named other names with statues (Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, and Andre The Giant). The curtain over the box is raised and it’s STING. Sting took out Seth Rollins. Rollins retreated and Sting held up the WWE Championship in his hand as the show ended.


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