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WWE Monday Night Raw results 8/25/14

We are live with ongoing Raw coverage. Raw is in Anaheim, CA tonight.

Opening segment - Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels for the Hall of Fame Legends discussion. They will talk about the upcoming Cena vs. Lesnar match at Night of Champions. Shawn Michaels doesn't think Cena can beat Brock. Shawn thinks it might be time for Cena to say "when." Hulk Hogan says it's not Cena's time to give up yet. Ric Flair agrees with Shawn Michaels. He doesn't want Cena to go up against Brock. Shawn says he likes Cena but Cena doesn't have a chance. Hulk brought up that Cena found a way to win the first match in 2012. They kept arguing back and forth until Cena's music hit and he came out. The fans in Anaheim chanted "Cena sucks." Cena said that he has respect for all three Hall of Famers. He said that SummerSlam was a 100 percent beat down. He said a fight like that changes a man. He said that he told doctors in the training room that he wants to fight Brock again. He said that he's not going to NOC to beat Brock Lesnar. He's going there to beat Brock Lesnar's ass.

The showed Rusev and Swagger walking slowly on split screens. Their match is next.

Commercial break.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger - No promo from Lana. Zeb Colter is still not back. Good match. Late in the match Swagger put on the Patriot Lock. Rusev looked like was going to tap out but he got to the ropes. Rusev is still favoring the ankle. Rusev turned things around, almost got the Accolade but Swagger reversed it but Rusev got a kick in and took control of the match. Rusev continued to beat and stomp on Swagger. The referee stopped the match because he felt that Swagger could not continue the match. The WWE doc checked on Swagger.

Later tonight, Lawler will try to get the Bellas to reconcile.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Bo Dallas tells Jack Swagger that in order to succeed he must BOLIEVE.

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro - Sheamus joins the announcers for this match. Cesaro wins the match with the neutralizer. He is the number 1 contender to Sheamus' United States championship. Cesaro went to the announcers table and took Sheamus' title and threw it in his face.

They plugged the Network. Next week is Attitude week with episodes of Raw from the Attitude era and Monday Nitro available on demand. THey cut to Paige backstage. She's in action next.

They showed a commercial for the Monday Night Wars that airs on the WWE Network.

Commercial break.

Paige vs. Natalya - Late in the match Natalya got the sharpshooter but Paige got to the ropes. Paige then put on the GTO, a modified version of the sharpshooter, but Natalya reversed it. Paige won the match with the Paige turner. Quick match. AJ Lee's music hit and she came out. Paige got back in the ring and was caught with a clothesline by Natalya. AJ gets in the ring and acts like she's consoling Paige. AJ says that she knows Paige loves her and she knows that Paige is truly being sincere but not as sincere as AJ is. AJ walks over to Paige and hugs her. Paige has a confused look on her face. Then AJ kisses Paige's hand and leaves the ring.

Commercial break.

The Eulogy of Dean Ambrose - Corporate Kane comes out. There's a large portrait photo of Dean Ambrose in the ring. Kane gives a speech at the podium in the ring. He says that this is not a mourning of the departed but it's a celebration of the future. Seth Rollins comes out dressed in all black. He says that this is not a mourning of the departed but it's a celebration of the future. Seth Rollins comes out dressed in all black. Seth says that he was a leader of the most dominant group in history, The Shield. He said that he hand picked Ambrose to be a member because pain and fear was never a factor for Ambrose. They showed a clip fro last week. Rollins laughed. He said to imagine the moment of impact when he crushed Dean's skull. He said he wondered if it dawned on Dean Ambrose that he was outmatched physically and mentally. Seth said it's no secret that the cinder blocks weren't out there by accident. He said that headache that Ambrose will have for the rest of his life is no accident either and it saddens him that Ambrose's career can be summed up as "what if." What if Dean recognized Seth's superiority and known his place and walked away when he had the opportunity. He said that the real tragedy is that we'll never know the answers to those "what if's" because it's highly likely that you'll never see Dean Ambrose again. Seth said he created the Shield and he's the one that destroyed it. Roman Reigns music hits and he comes out through the crowd. Kane and Reigns fought on the outside of the ring. Reigns drove Kane into the steps. Reigns then went after Rollins and they fought in the ring. He drove Rollins into the podium and then hit him with the podium over his head. Reigns then clotheslines Rollins but Kane saved Rollins before more damage was done.

They recapped the opening segment from earlier with the Hall of Famers. Goldust and Stardust backstage. They challenge the Usos up next.

Commercial break.

The Uso vs. Stardust and Goldust (WWE tag team title match) - These teams always work well together. Jey Uso did a dive onto Stardust to the outside and hurt his knee. The referee counted Jey out so Gold and Stardust win but they don't win the titles. Goldust grabbed the mic and said that this was their one opportunity. He said that they counted themselves out on purpose and he wants a rematch right now. They attacked The Usos so it looks like they've turned heel. Stardust wrapped Jey's leg around the post while Goldust continued attacking.

Commercial break.

Bella Twins reconciliation? - There is a table set up in the ring. Jerry Lawler is handling this segment. They recapped the stuff from Smackdown and Raw last week.

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Backstage, Seth and Kane are upset. He says something must be done about Roman Reigns. Kane says that Roman will wrestle Kane and Seth Rollins tonight. Kane says that their business with Roman Reigns ends tonight.

The announcers talk about Brock Lesnar's win at SummerSlam. They cut over to still shots of Lesnar beating Cena and then they cut to Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Brock says its the greatest thing he's ever accomplished and he came back to WWE to conquer the WWE Universe and become WWE Champion. He said that he hit Cena with an F5 right off the bat and gave Cena a chance to lay down. He said that this "no give up bullsh** takes over" and it didn't do Cena any favors. He said that he inflicted the right amount of pain that he wanted to inflict. Paul says that Cena survived the beating at SummerSlam because Brock took pity on Cena and Brock wanted to end the fight. Heyman says that his client is humiliated by the fact that Cena would DARE invoke his rematch clause. Heyman says its a bad mistake. Brock says that maybe his dad filled Cena with all kinds of garbage. He said that little Johnny will grow up and become a man and someday he'll run into a guy that will knock his ass down, and he'll stand up and and get knocked down and he won't be able to get up. He says that at NOC it will be Cena's last night in this universe...GAME OVER. "Almost bring a tear to my eye." Great segment.

Commercial break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow - Damien Sandow (as Damien Mizdow) wrestled in Miz's place as Miz' "stunt double." The Miz joined the announcers on commentary. Sandow dressed like Miz and wore similar tights. He wrestled like Miz too and even got the figure four in the match but Ziggler reversed it. Ziggler won with the Zig Zag. Miz clapped as he walked off.

Commercial break.

Bella Twins reconciliation? - Nikki Bella came out first, followed by Brie. They had 2 chairs set up in the ring for them to sit in. Brie is wearing a BRIE MODE shirt that looks like she made it herself. They argue about their entrance music. Brie said that she trusted her sister. She said that Nikki and her were together before they were even born and they held hands in the womb. Brie says that she quit WWE not knowing that Steph would mistreat her and if she feels that way then she is sorry for what happened. She said "this is Brianna speaking to you Nicole." She pleased and apologized again. Nikki said "that's the biggest load of crap i've ever heard." Nikki said that Brie always wanted the spotlight and always wanted to be loved more. Nikki said that it was always about Brie. She told her to stop acting like an angel. She said that maybe Brie was holding her back in that ultrasound. Nikki said that she's done with her and her family and all the guys in the audience with their stupid fantasy of twins and they're too fat and ugly to ever have. She said she's tired of the log cabin house, Brie's troll faced husband, and she's done playing second fiddle to a sister that never gave a damn about her. She mocked Brie and said that Brie Bella always got in trouble and pointed the finger and stole her boyfriends. Nikki said that when she quit she abandoned her. She said that Brie cared more about trending on twitter. She called Brie a sad excuse of a sister and human being. She asked Brie if she was gonna cry. She said "look at the real Brie mode...a pathetic hot mess." She told Lawler to get out of the ring. She told Brie that she wishes that she died in the womb. Then she yanked Bries hair and pulled her off the chair and then attacked Brie. The fans chanted "Jerry, Jerry." She slapped Jerry as he tried to break it up. Nikki kept yelling "you're dead to me!" Brie tried to make herself cry but couldn't quite do it.

They recapped the opening segment from earlier...again.

Commercial break.

Roman Reigns vs. Kane and Seth Rollins - Reigns was able to fight them both off until Rollins hit Reigns with the briefcase. This wasn't much of a match. The referee called for the bell. They had the cinder blocks set up outside again this week. Rollins was about to do a curb stomp but Reigns fought back and hit the superman punch on Rollins and tossed Kane over the barricade. Reigns grabbed a cinder block and tossed it at Rollins but it hit the post as Rollins got out of the way. Then he hit the superman punch on Kane.

They plugged the network.

Bray Wyatt cut a backstage promo.

Commercial break.

Los Matadores vs. Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater - Slater and O'Neil don't get along. Los Matadores got the win when Slater was pinned.

They recapped the opening segment...again.

Commercial break.

Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston - Bo won with the Bodog. He lost his footing on the move though. Bo grabbed the mic. He told Kofi that he's not like Swagger. He said that Kofi let himself down and Swagger let down his entire country. He said that they both need to learn to BOLIEVE. Swagger ran in and slammed Dallas. Swagger had his ribs taped.

Commercial break.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt - Cena was intense in the match and started off with German suplexes and yelled at Bray to stay down. The match didn't last long. Harper and Rowan jumped in as Cena did a double leg takedown. Big Show and Mark Henry came out to even the odds.

Commercial break.

John Cena, Mark Henry, and Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family - this match was set up during the commercial break. Late in the match Cena got the hot tag and made Harper tap out to the STF. Then he hit the AA on Rowan. Henry and Show forced Bray back in the ring to allow Cena to hit the AA on him. Cena then hit another AA on Harper. That was meant as a statement to Brock Lesnar.