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WWE Monday Night Raw results for April 18, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw results
April 18, 2022
KeyBank Center
Buffalo, NY

Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw takes place in Buffalo, NY. WWE has announced that Austin Theory will get another chance to win Finn Balor’s United States Championship. Also on tonight’s show, Dana Brooke & Reggie and Akira Tozawa & Tamina will be joined together by R-Truth in a Double Commitment ceremony. After the match was delayed a week, Sasha Banks and Naomi will put their Women’s Tag Team Titles on the line against Rhea Ripley and Liv Mogan. Last week on Raw, Kevin Owens said he didn’t believe that Ezekiel and Elias are two different people so tonight, Owens will administer a lie detector test.

– Raw starts with a video package highlighting Cody Rhode’s first match on Raw in six years against The Miz, as well as Seth Rollins challenging Cody to a rematch at Wrestlemania: Backlash.

– Raw officially starts with Seth Rollins making his way down to the ring before grabbing the microphone, Rollins welcomes everyone to Monday Night Rollins, Rollins says that it’s a party tonight and no one wants to go to a party alone, he then invites Cody Rhodes to join him. Cody makes his entrance to a great reaction. The crowd chants Cody and Rollins urges them to continue, Rollins asks Cody how does it feel to be on top of the world, Cody says that it feels familiar to be in this city with Rollins, Cody calls Buffalo Rhodes country, Rollins says that this is all about respect and that he respects Cody’s brother and dad and that he was about to give him respect but all the hard work he put in was nothing because he made him a star in one night at Wrestlemania, Rollins says that Cody had an unfair advantage at Wrestlemania because he didn’t have time to prepare for his opponent, Rollins says that Cody and some people thinks that make him better and thats something he can’t live with because he’s better than Cody in every possible way, Rollins calls Cody the flavor of the month. Rollins says he walks the walk better than Cody, Talks better, and dresses better. Rollins says that Cody came back to win the WWE title but he’s been there and that makes him better. Cody says that Rollins has been to the mountain top 4 times and he has zero but it doesn’t change what happened at Wrestlemania, Cody says he had a manager position and asks the crowd if they think he’s better than Rollins, Rollins tells the crowd to shut up, Rollins suggests that Cody faces a mystery opponent in the main event hand-picked by him, Cody says that he didn’t come back to WWE to run from challenges and accepts Rollins challenge.

– Jimmy Smith, Bryan Saxton, and Jerry Lawler run down the card for the night.

Finn Balor (c) vs Theory for the US title.

Double wedding between Akira Tozawa & Tamina and Dana Brooke & Reggie hosted by R-Truth.

RK-Bro vs The Street Profits.

Match 1: Women’s tag team titles: Naomi and Sasha Banks (c) vs Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan. 

– Sasha Banks and Rhea Ripley start off the match, Rhea hits a dropkick on Sasha and shoulder blocks in the corner before tagging in Liv Morgan, they go back-and-forth before Sasha tags in Naomi, they double team Liv before Naomi tags in Sasha once again, Naomi and Sasha slam Liv face first into the turnbuckle on the outside, Rhea catches Sasha and uses her against Naomi. Liv Morgan gets revenge by slamming Naomi in the ringpost as Rhea Ripley hits a riptide to Sasha on the barricade as we go into a commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Rhea hits Naomi with a nasty closeline, Rhea tags in Liv and they hit a botch doomsday device as Naomi fell before Liv hit her, Rhea hits a riptide on Naomi and almost gets 3 before Sasha makes the save, Sasha and Naomi double team Naomi for the win to retain their tag titles.

Winners via pinfall and still the Women’s tag team champions: Naomi and Sasha Banks (c) at 7:32. 

– After the match, Liv Morgan tries to apologize to Rhea Ripley but Rhea Ripley turns heel and attacks her, before laying her out with the riptide.

– We get a recap on what happened last week between Bianca Belair and Sonya Deville.

– Sonya Deville comes out as we go to commercial break.

– Rhea Ripley is shown walking backstage, Rhea gets interviewed and says that she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation before storming off angerly.

– Sonya Deville cuts promo, she says she didn’t just wake up and want to be a WWE official, it was forced upon her, she said that she did a great job and when she saw an opportunity she took it. Sonya says Bianca is the B-E-S-T in WWE and thats who she wants to beat, she says Bianca wanted a challenger and she gave her one and its nothing personal, just business. Bianca Belair than comes out, Sonya that she’s still a WWE official and if Bianca lays a finger on her she will face repercussions, Bianca says that she wants the title match tonight, Sonya says she didn’t work hard for three years to have her title match in Buffalo, Sonya challenges Bianca to a title match next week in her hometown in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sonya says her friends and family will be there to hold her when she loses, Bianca goes for K.O.D. but Sonya yells that she will be fined and suspended, Bianca drops Sonya and leaves.

Match 2: Veer Mahaan vs Jeff Brooks. 

Veer Mahaan slams the poor jobber around a few times before Jeff tries to fight back, Veer hits the poor jobber with a sidewalk slam before locking in a modified canal clutch for the win. After the match, Veer once again doesn’t let go of the submission until referees have to pull him off.

Winner via submission: Veer Mahaan at 1:10.

– Sonya Deville finds Adam Peare backstage and demands that Bianca Belair is fined, Bianca storms in and is fined $1 by Adam Pearce, to Sonya’s dismay.

– Kevin Owens comes out to host the lie detector as we see Jeff Brooks carried out on a stretcher.

– We are back from commercial as Kevin Owens is in the ring to host the lie doctor test, Owens says that he got the smartest man Chad Gable to administrate the lie detector test, Gable says if he lies he will beat him down in a match right after. Ezekiel comes out for the lie doctor test, Chad asks him a handful of questions; “Is the sky blue”, Chad then asks if its Monday and tells him to lie to get a baseline, Chad then asks if his real name is actually Ezekiel, the test says that he’s telling the truth, Chad then asks Ezekiel if Elias is his older brother, as the test once again states that he’s telling the truth, Owens yells at Gable as Ezekiel gets up and challenges him, Owens calls Buffalo Canadas landfill, Owens says that Ezekiel is going to tell the truth as he walks off angerly, Chad Gable attacks Ezekiel from behind as we go to commercial break.

Match 3: Ezekiel vs Chad Gable. 

– Ezekiel and Chad brawl on the outside before continue into the ring, Chad rings up Ezekiel’s leg from the top rope, Chad continues to work on the leg of Ezekiel, Ezekiel counters and kicks Gable outside the ring as Gable “skins the cat”, Ezekiel makes a comeback with closelines and punches, Gable hits Ezekiel with a suplex in the corner, Gable goes for a top rope moonsault but Ezekiel gets his boot up, hitting Gable in the face, Ezekiel is about to tap out Gable but Otis attacks Ezekiel from behind, causing the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Ezekiel at 3:31.

– After the match, Otis and Gable beat down Ezekiel.

– We get a recap highlighting the feud between RK-Bro and The Usos.

– RK-Bro comes out for their match against The Street Profits as we go to commercial break.

Match 4: RK-Bro vs The Street Profits. 

– Randy Orton and Angelo Dawkins start off the match, Dawkins jumps over Orton twice before hitting Orton with a flying elbow, throwing Orton off of his game, Orton tags Riddle, they both stomp away at Dawkins before Orton lifts him up for a floating bro. Montez gets the tag and hits an impressive standing dropkick, Ford goes to the top rope but Riddle counters into a top rope spanish fly as we go to commercial.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Ford has Riddle in a headlock, Riddle gets back up and they exchange intense punches, Ford hits a kick to the back of Ford’s head, Both Orton and Dawkins get the tag, Orton and Riddle hit a double second rope DDT on the profits, Riddle is hitting the mat setting up for the RKO, The Usos music plays distracting Riddle, it turns out it was a all apart of The Street Profits’ plan, Ford knocks Orton off the apron with a dropkick. The Street Profits hit Riddle with a standing blockbuster for the win.

Winners via pinfall: The Street Profits at 7:48. 

– We get a recap video highlighting what happened last week between Damian Priest and AJ Styles.

– Edge and Damian Priest are in a dark room, Edge says that at last year’s Wrestlemania Priest was playing second fiddle to Bad Bunny, and without Priest Bad Bunny would of gotten destroyed. Edge says that he HAD to beg for a Wrestlemania opponent this year and that it only took the WWE universe two years to turn on him, claiming that he’s not there enough or he’s there too much, or that he’s a part-timer. Edge challenges AJ Styles to a rematch at Wrestlemania: Backlash, Edge says he will put a stake through AJ’s heart and it will be his judgement day.

– Theory makes his entrance for the US title match against Finn Balor as we go to commercial break.

– AJ Styles is interviewed in his locker room as the lights start to flicker, Edge and Damian Priest beat down AJ viciously as he’s left laying.

– We get a video package putting over Theory.

Match 5: US title: Finn Balor (c) vs Theory. 

– The match starts with fast paced wrestling with Theory getting the better of the two, Balor works away on Theory’s chest in the corner with intense chops, Theory locks in a long headlock, Theory trips Balor from the outside on the apron before hitting a neck breaker from the apron go the floor as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Theory has Finn in another extended headlock followed by a standing stomp to the chest of Balor, Balor makes a comeback, hitting a flying forearm followed by a standing stomp to the chest of Theory, Theory goes for a closeline but Balor counters into a DDT, Balor goes for a standing suplex to Theory from inside the ring by Theory hangs him up to dry on the top rope, Theory goes for a rolling slam but Balor counters into a powerbomb for the nearfall, Balor then delivers Stomps to Theory followed by a Slingblade, Balor goes to the top but Theory hits a springboard Spanish fly, Balor then closelines Theory outside before flying over the top rope, taking out Theory. Balor goes for the Coup De Grace but Theory counters into  a fireman’s carry knee smash and the pin to become the new US champion.

Winner via pinfall and NEW United States champion: Theory at 11:38. 

– After the match, various jobbers celebrate with Theory in the ring as Vince McMahon makes a surprise appearance, McMahon puts Theory over by raising his hand, a good payoff to the storyline.

– Rollins is interviewed backstage by Greg Hamilton, Rollins says that he wants Cody Rhodes to feel exactly like he did at Wrestlemania before his phone goes off.

– R-Truth is in the ring to pastor the double wedding, various jobbers such as Nikki A.S.H and Los Lotharios, R-Truth then introduced the blushing brides to be, first Dana Brooke enters, followed by Tamina, Tamina has trouble getting into the ring as has to be helped up by Sasha Banks and Nikki A.S.H, R-Truth calls her Dana Brooks and she yells at him for it, Dana calls Reggie her knight and shining armor and he has sacrificed himself for her, followed by what chants by the crowd, R-Truth says that he was about to cry. R-Truth continues to yell at the crowd who are interrupting the segment, Reggie says that she is a dream came true and they overcome temptations which made their love stronger, It’s Tamina and Akira Tozawa’s turn, they both just copy the voes from Dana and Reggie. Tozawa and Reggie switch girls, then Tamina and Natalya agree to marry as R-Truth says that’s going to get him fired for not being PG. Both couples go back to normal as R-Truth announces them as committed, Reggie and Tozawa put rings on their brides and R-Truth encourages them to get their smootch on, they make out but Reggie pins Dana to win the 24/7 title, Tamina then pins Reggie to win the 24/7 title, Akira then pins Tamina to win the 24/7 title, Dana then pins Tozawa to win back the 24/7 title, Reggie runs with Dana on his back.

– We get a video package highlighting what happened last week between Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Omos.

– Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage, they show a video that MVP recorded earlier in the day with Omos, MVP says he moved on to bigger and stronger things, someone who is superior to him in every way and Omos would like to challenge him to an arm wrestling match. Omos says that the almighty era is coming to an end before covering the camera with his hand, Lashley says if he wants MVP he has to go through Omos, Lashley accepts Omos challenge and says that he’s going to show everyone why they still call him the almighty.

– Cody Rhodes makes his entrance, after the commercial break we will learn who Seth Rollins handpicked for him to wrestle.

– Seth Rollins comes out to announce who he picked to fight Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens is then revealed to be the mystery opponent.

Match 6: Cody Rhodes vs Kevin Owens. 

– The start out by chainwrestling, Owens gets Cody wrapped up in the ropes before hitting a fall away slam on the outside against the apron as we go to commercial.

*Commercial break*

– Owens throws Cody to the outside but Cody “Skins the cat” and hits a dropkick on Owens, Owens hits a splash on Cody’s lower back before continuing to work on the back of Cody with a sidewalk slam and a submission. They get into a brewl followed by a snap suplex and near fall from Owens. Cody counters owen’s second suplex attempt and slams Owen’s on his face, Owens then hit a beautiful DDT on Cody for yet another near fall, Cody then tackles Owens over the announce table as Seth Rollins makes his entrance as we go to yet another commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as both Cody and Owens are slugging away at the top rope before Cody falls to the mat, Owens hits a frog splash for the near fall and then a splash for yet another near fall as Rollins celebrates. Cody rolls up Owens for the near fall, Owens then goes for the pop-up powerbomb before Cody reserved it and hit a powerbomb as both men lay motionless in the ring. Owens then hits a the pop-up powerbomb for another near fall, Owens then hits a top rope fishermen suplex but Cody gets to the rope, Owens goes for a powerbomb on the apron before Cody reverses it into a back body drop on the apron, Rollins then yells at Owens to get into the ring, they argue and Owens says that its Seth’s match not his and leaves resulting in a countout victory for Cody Rhodes.

Winner via countout: Cody Rhodes at 17:24.

— After the match, Seth attacks Cody from behind as he’s celebrating from the middle rope, Raw goes off the air with Seth celebrating as Cody struggles on the outside of the ring.

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