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WWE Monday Night Raw Results for April 25th, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Results
April 25th, 2022
Thompson-Boiling Arena
Knoxville, Tennessee

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw, which is emanating from the Thompson-Boiling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee. WWE has announced that tonight we will see the return of Becky Lynch, Randy Orton will have his 20 year anniversary as a WWE superstar, Omos and Bobby Lashley will compete in an arm wrestling contest, and Bianca Belair will defend her Raw women’s championship in her hometown against Sonya Deville.

– Raw kicks off with Riddle who is here to introduce Randy Orton for his 20 year anniversary with multiple wrestlers on the outside, Riddle directs us to a video package celebrating Orton featuring “Voices” by Motionless in White. Orton then comes out and tells the crowd that Knoxville is where he was born, Orton says that he hopes the fans aren’t getting sick of him because he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, Orton then says he had great matches with John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Mick Foley. Orton says that he’s having more fun right now then ever in his career thanks Riddle before giving him a hug. Orton once again thanks the fans for supporting him and always coming back to him, Riddle then says that he has a surprise for Orton, Riddle then brings out Cody Rhodes, Cody and Orton hug. Next, Seth Rollins interrupts, Rollins tries to warn Orton by telling him not to trust Cody, Rollins tells Cody that not everything is about him, its about specifically Randy Orton, Rollins says that he dressed up in his favorite suit. Rollins says that Orton is 20 years in the past and that his best years are behind him, Rollins says that neither Orton or Riddle are the future, Ezekiel then interrupts, Ezekiel introduces himself and shakes Orton’s hand, Ezekiel says that he will never forget him and his brother dominating as the legend killer, Owens then comes out through the crowd, Owens tries to convince everyone that Ezekiel is really Elias once again, The Usos then interrupts, The Usos say that they were 15 years old watching Orton, Usos say that their favorite Randy Orton moment is when they beat them at Wrestlemania: Backlash. Adam Pearce then comes out and announces that Seth Rollins will team with Kevin Owens and The Usos to take on RK-Bro, Cody Rhodes, and Ezekiel, A small brawl breaks out, resulting in Orton hitting an RKO on Kevin Owens.

– We see Bianca Belair talking backing with Mayor Kane.

Match #1: Raw Women’s championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs Sonya Deville.

– The match starts off with the two locking up before Bianca lands a shoulder tackle, sending Sonya outside the ring, Sonya then slams Bianca into the apron, Bianca is able to throw Sonya over the announce table for the countout victory.

– Sonya then restarts the match with no countouts, Sonya slams Bianca back first into the apron and into the barricade, Sonya grabs Bjanca’s hair but Bianca pulls her over the barricade, Sonya attacks Bianca with a steel chair causing the DQ.

– Sonya then once again restarts the match, adding the NO DQ stipulation, Sonya then brings out Zelena Vega and Carmella as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as we see Carmella holding Bianca, allowing Sonya to attack her, Bianca fights back, hitting a spinebuster on Sonya, Zelena and Sonya throw Bianca in the corner but Bianca is able to counter, Bianca goes for a glamslam but Sonya rolls through, sending Bianca face first into the second turnbuckle, Sonya hits a stiff DDT to Bianca on top of the steel chair, Bianca then slams Sonya face first to a chair that was positioned between the ropes before taking out Carmella and Zelena Vega and hitting the K-O-D on Sonya to retain the championship.

Winner and still Raw Women’s champion: Bianca Belair (c) at 7:50.

– We then see Edge and Damian Priest in a dark room as we go to commercial break.

– We then see Carmella, Zelena Vega, and Sonya Deville arguing backstage, Sonya says that they will no longer be receiving a women’s tag titles, Sonya then slaps both Zelena and Carmella.

– Edge says if anyone gets close to the top of the mountain he kicks them down, Edge says that were they worried about what people think of them but not anymore, Edge calls out fans for saying he’s copying Undertaker, Edge says that that the truth hurts and they need to swallow their cheeseburgers, Edge brings up when he returned in the 2021 Royal Rumble against Styles, Edge says if AJ hits the styles clash at Wrestlemania: Backlash he will win, Edge says that AJ is in over his head and needs to stay at home, Edge says that Damian will see Finn Balor later, Damian says that Priest’s judgment day has arrived.

Match #2: Veer Mahaan vs Sam Smothers

– Veer delivers a smash in the corner to Sam, followed by a lariat and the cervical clutch for the submission victory, after the match, Veer drives Sam shoulder first into the ring post before once again locking in the cervical clutch on the outside, Veer then picks up Sam and slams him on the announce table, Veer once again locks in the cervical clutch, this time on top of the announce table.

Winner via submission: Veer Mahaan at 0:37.

– Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage, he says that he doesn’t fear Omos or MVP.

– Omos and MVP make their way to the ring for the arm wrestling contest as we go to commercial.

– MVP says that Bobby Lashley got destroyed by his own ego and it made him forget who made him the almighty, MVP says that Bobby is about to face the superior Omos, MVP then says that Omos is going to take his giant hands and rip off Lashey’s hand straight fot the wrist, Lashley then makes his entrance. They then start to arm wrestle, with Omos starting to gain the the upper hand as MVP taunt him, Lashley starts to fight back and gets Omo’s hand down for the victory. After the contest, Omos attacks Lashley from behind, slamming Lashley’s face into the arm wrestling table, followed by knees and a spike to the throat of Lashley. Omos then slams the arm wrestling table into the stomach of Lashley multiple times before refs are forced to pull him off.

– We get a video package highlighting the double wedding between Akira Tozawa & Tamina and Dana Brooke & Reggie from last week.

– R-Truth then comes out to referee Akira Tozawa and Tamina vs Dana Brooke and Reggie as we go to commercial break.

– We get footage from earlier in the day with R-Truth holding a counseling session with the two couples, Truth says that he will tear them apart to bring them together, Truth then says they have 99 problems and love ain’t one, Truth announces the upcoming match with a certification.

Match 3: Reggie and Dana Brooke vs Tamina and Akira Tozawa.

– It seems as if Tamina and Dana Brooke are about to kiss but Tozawa tags himself in, Reggie comes in and the two exchange quick kicks and punches, Akira Tozawa hits a top rope cannonball on Reggie for the victory. After the match Truth stops Tamina from winning the 24/7 title, Truth goes for a rollup on Dana but Dana is able to kick out at two.

– We get a video package highlighting the feud between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

– Becky Lynch makes her return entrance for the first time since Wrestlemania: Backlash.

– We are back from commercial, Becky Lynch says that she hasn’t wanted to show her face on Raw because she doesn’t know who she is without her title and she didn’t even recognize herself anymore, she says that she’s hit rock bottom, but then she says if she’s hit rock bottom then there’s no where else to go up from here and this is the beginning of a legendary Becky Lynch comeback, Becky says she will beat Bianca and be the champion forever and no one will stop her, Asuka then makes her surprise interrupting Becky. Asuka says that she will stop Becky because no one is ready for Asuka. Becky goes for a swing on Asuka but Asuka counters and goes for a swing of her own, but Becky also counters and retreats.

– Street Profits are backstage, Montez puts over his wife Bianca before addressing their main event match, Street Profits want the next shot at the unified tag titles.

– Finn Balor then makes his entrance for his match against Damian Priest as we go to commercial break.

Match #4: Damian Priest vs Finn Balor. 

– Edge and Damian Priest make their entrance as Edge is in a throne to watch the match from the ramp. The match starts with the two locking up, Priest slams Balor into the corner and delivers multiple punches, Balor counters and delivers punches of his own in the corner before closelining Priest onto the outside, Priest hits a razors edge on the apron as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Priest has Balor is a headlock, Balor makes a comeback, hitting a flying forearm followed by a stomp to the chest of Priest, Balor is able to hit a slingblade and then goes for the running corner dropkick but Priest catches him for a chokeslam, but Balor rolls through for a pinfall, getting a near fall, Priest then grabs Balor off the top rope and hits the south of heaven chokeslam, Priest then hits a flatliner for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Damian Priest at 7:20. 

– The Miz then comes out to host Miz-TV with Theory as we go to commercial break.

– The Miz welcomes everyone to Miz-TV, he calls Randy Orton a living legend and that his career might stack up to his someday, the Miz then introduces the new US champion, Theory. Miz hugs Theory and both smile before they have a seat, Miz says that eventually he will be called The Theory, but Theory says Vince wants him to remain just Theory, Miz says that its been along time since someone has brought prestige to the US title, Theory says that Miz is someone that he grew up watching, Theory then proceeds to go over The Miz’s accomplishments. Theory says he will prove to be the best investment Vince has ever made, Theory says that he’s going to take the US title to New heights. Miz says that when you become champion everyone starts to hate you, Miz calls everyone in the back a parasite, Miz then says everyone needs to earn the right to wrestler for the US title, before he can continue Mustafa Ali makes his return. Miz asks Ali is he still works there, Theory asks Ali if he’s the guy who took his ball and went home, Ali asks why Miz is cracking jokes because if he wanted to laugh he’d justhm have to watch him wrestle, Ali hopes that Theory announces that he’s holding an open challenge and he wants to be the one to face him tonight, Theory then tells Ali no, Ali says that Theory is all biceps and no balls and that Theory is running away like his name is the Miz. Miz says that he would to embarrass but he doesn’t have a magic wand to make a match against Ali, Theory then announce that he texted Vince to get a match against Miz and Ali, Miz says that after he’s done with Ali he will wish he got his walking papers as we go to commercial break.

– We see Kane and Randy Orton talking backstage.

Match 5: Mustafa Ali vs The Miz.

– The match starts with Ali locking in an armlock, Miz is able to quartwheel out of it to lock in an arm lock of his own, Miz is able to land an impactful big boot on Ali before choking him against the rope, Miz then locks Ali in a headlock, Ali makes a comeback and delivers chops, he can goes for a Irish whip but Miz delivers a knee to the midsection of Ali, Miz then chops Ali in the corner multiple times, Miz then delivers a strong Irish whip to Ali in the corner, sending him crashing to the mat, Miz then delivers a series of stiff kicks to the chest of Ali, Miz goes for another kick but Ali counters in a spinning heel kick, Ali is then able to hit a dropkick followed by a rolling neckbreaker from the outside of the ring for the nearfall,  Miz then kicks the knee of Ali and lands a DDT for the near fall, Ali goes for a top rope suplex but Miz pushes him out and takes out the knee, Miz goes for the figure four but Ali is able to roll him up for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Mustafa Ali at 6:42.

– After the match, Tommaso attacks Ali on the ramp.

– When we get back from break we will get an interview with Rhea Ripley.

– We get replays from last week of Rhea Ripley betraying Liv Morgan.

– Rhea Ripley says that she finally opened up her eyes and when she first came to Raw she won the title, but since then she’s been dealing with disappointing partners, before she can finish Liv Morgan attacks, both have to be separated by officials.

– Kevin Owens is backstage with Gable and Otis talking about the lie detector test, Gable tells Rollins to leave and calls Owens a B+, Owens claims that he’s a better friend than Rollins and if it was a competition he would win, Usos then show up to make sure Owens and Rollins don’t mess it up for them, Usos want them on the same page, Rollins laughs and tries to get a reaction out of Owens but Owens storms off.

– Cody Rhodes makes his entrance for the main event as we go to commercial break.

– MVP and Omos are interviewed backstage, MVP said that the arm wrestling contest was about brawn and no brains, Omos then officially challenges Lashley to a match at Wrestlemania: Backlash.

Match 6: Cody Rhodes, RK-Bro, and Ezekiel vs The Usos, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens. 

–Before the match can start, a giant brawl breaks out between the two teams with RK-Bro, Cody Rhodes, and Ezekiel getting the better ofnthe two as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– The match starts out with Jimmy Uso and Ezekiel, Ezekiel hits a long standing vertical suplex on Jimmy, Orton then picks up Riddle for the floating bro on Jimmy Uso, Cody hits an uppercut on Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso hits away on Cody, Jimmy then chokes out Cody on the second rope, Rollins then gets the tag and tries to take advantage of the already hurt Cody Rhodes but Cody is able to counter, Ezekiel comes in and hits a jumping knee on Rollins followed by a spinebuster for the nearfall, Riddle tags in and hits a kick to Rollins before delivering a suplex, Riddle goes for the floating bro but Jimmy distracts him, Rollins then hits an inverted superplex on Riddle from the top rope as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial break and Riddle and Rollins are still going at it, Rollins is able to tag in Jimmy Uso who cuts off Riddle and beats him down, Riddle hits a knee to the face of Jimmy Uso as both men fall to the ground, Riddle goes for the tag but Rollins pulls Orton off the apron, Owens then hits a Swanton of Riddle for another nearfall, Jimmy Uso hits an enzuigiri on Riddle which makes him fall back into Orton as he gets the tag, Orton makes a comeback and goes a second rope DDT on Jey Uso but he counters to the outside, Orton then hits a back suplex on Jey Uso on the announce table, followed by Rollins and Owens, Orton then hits a middle rope DDT to Jey Uso and sets up for the RKO but Rollins attack from behind, Cody hits a disaster kick on Rollins, Kevin Owens hits an RKO on Owens, Orton and Riddle hit a double team RKO on Jimmy, Jey jumps off the top rope but is met with an RKO for the victory.

Winners via pinfall: RK-Bro, Ezekiel, and Cody Rhodes at 15:09.

– The Show ends with Randy Orton, Riddle, Cody Rhodes, and Ezekiel celebrating in the ring.




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