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WWE Monday Night Raw
July 18th, 2022
The Amalie Arena
Tampa, Florida

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw, which is emanating from The Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Announced for tonight's show, Bianca Belair will defend her Raw women's championship against Carmella, also, Logan Paul will make his return to WWE as he responds to The Miz. 

- Raw kicks off with Titus O'Neil in the ring, Titus says that he thought that he reached the pinnacle of his success, but then he became a WWE embassador, Titus says that WWE is a place for a safe haven, where religion, politics, and race doesn't matter, Titus then welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. 

- We get a video package highlighting the match between Bianca Belair and Carmella from last Monday Night Raw. 

- Becky Lynch then makes his entrance, Becky compares herself to "The Little Engine that could, Becky says that you can call it the big time becks express, Becky says that she didn't stop for Bianca and she won't stop for anyone, Becky says that every journey has to reach its station, Becky says that she's went on to reach legendary road and everyone can get off at appropriation station, Becky then informs us that she's the number one contender for the raw women's championship at Summerslam, Bianca Belair then interrupts, Bianca says that Becky couldn't just sit on the sidelines but she had to get her counted out just so she would lose the match, Bianca says that this is her comeback journey from last years Summerslam, Bianca says that she will take every opportunity to redeem her reputation, Bianca says that just a year later and she did just that, Carmella then interrupts, Carmella says that Bianca realized that she was outmatched last week so she took a shortcut, Carmella says if Bianca is counter out tonight she's the new raw women's champion, Becky and Carmella then attack Bianca, Bianca then lands a series of shoulder tackles on Becky in the ring, Bianca then takes out Carmella, Becky then hits the manhandle slam on Bianca as we go to commercial break. 

Match 1: Raw women's championship: Bianca (c) vs Carmella

- The match starts with Carmella throwing down Bianca by her hair, Bianca then hits two backbreakers on Bianca, Bianca then hits a running shoulder tackle, followed by a forearm and a legdrop, Bianca then hits a fallaway slam on Carmella, Carmella then rolls to the outside, Bianca goes after her but Becky taunts her on the apron, Bianca then attempts a KOD on the outside but Carmella counters, slamming Bianca head first into the ringpost, Carmella then throws Bianca into the timekeeper's area but Bianca is able to beat the count, Bianca then attempts a headscissors in the corner but Carmella sends Bianca into the steel steps, Bianca is then able to make it back in the ring at the count of nine as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Bianca back Carmella into the corner, Bianca then uses her hair to Irish whip Carmella into the corner, Bianca then hits a dropkick on Carmella, followed by ten punches in the corner, Carmella then rolls up Bianca with her feet on the ropes but Bianca kicks out at two, Carmella then attempts a top rope crossbody but Bianca catches her in mid-air, Bianca then hits a standing vertical suplex, Carmella then hits a running bulldog on Bianca for a nearfall, Bianca then hits the KOD on Carmella to secure the pinfall victory. 

Winner and STILL via pinfall: Bianca Belair at 10:25. 

-After the match,.Becky takes the raw women's championship before bringing it into the ring, Becky then holds up the championship before throwing it down.

- MVP and Omos interrupt The Street Profits, MVP says that they're lucky Omos isn't the referee at Summerslam, Dawkins then challenges MVP and Omos to a match but MVP declines, MVP says that he will talk to Adam Pearce and get a match made between Omos and Dawkins. 

- Kevin Owens is in the ring to host the Kevin Owens show, Owens then brings out his guest, Riddle, Riddle says that Owens promised him a mountain doo blast, Owens says that he almost drove himself trying to expose Elias so he went on a nature break, Owens says that he just care about Ezekiel or Elias but he hopes they fail miserably, Owens says that Rollins use to be his best friend but he betrayed him, Owens says that he lost his best friend like Riddle lost Randy Orton, Owens then proposes to Owens that they form a tag team called "Bro-Ko", Riddle says that Owens is the biggest liar he knows, Owens says that he's not that way no more, Owens then calls Randy Orton the biggest snake in WWE, Riddle then gets in Owens' face, Seth Rollins then attacks  Riddle, Rollins then hits two curbstomps on Riddle. 

- Damian Priest tells the fans to raise for a prince and rise for a punishment, Priest says that he guarantees that tonight Dominik will join the Judgement Day, Priest says that Dominik is hurting his potential by staying with Rey, Balor says that he could watch that video over and over again, Rey and Dominik then interrupt. 

Match 2: Damian Priest vs Rey Mysterio

- We are back from commercial as we see Rey land a splash from the apron onto Balor, Priest then catches Rey in mid-air with a right hand, Priest then lands a series of punches on Rey in the corner, Priest then lands a jumping elbow to the back of Rey in the corner, Priest then hits a spinning backbreaker on Rey for a nearfall, Rey then hits a big boot to the face of Priest, followed by a bulldog, Rey then hits a hurricarana on Priest, Rey then sidesteps Priest, causing Priest to hit the ringpost shoulder first, Rey then hits a seated senton, followed by a springboard crossbody, Rey then hits a tornado DDT on Priest for a nearfall, Balor then slams Dominik into the barricade, Rey then dropkicks Balor into the barricade, Priest then hits a superkick on Rey for a nearfall, Rey then hits a 619 on Priest, Rey then attempt a seated senton but Priest counters, Priest then hits the razors edge on Rey to secure the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Damian Priest at 5:03.

- After the match, Priest and Balor beat down Rey, Priest then threatens to take off Rey's head if Dominik doesn't join them, Dominik then agrees to join the Judgement day but Priest says that its too late, Priest and Balor then beat down Dominik with a chair, Finn then attempts to hits Rey with a chair but Rey retreats. 

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Match 3: Seth Rollins vs Ezekiel 

- The match starts off with men locking up, Rollins then backs Ezekiel up in the corner, Ezekiel then takes Rollins down with a headlock takeover three times in a row, Rollins then throws down Ezekiel down by his hair, Rollins then lands a series of punches on Ezekiel in the corner, Ezekiel then hits a thrust kick on Rollins, Rollins then attempts a tope suicida but Ezekiel sends Rollins into the barricade, Ezekiel then sends Rollins into the ringpost, Ezekiel then climbs to the top rope but Rollins stops him, Rollins then hits a knee to the back of Ezekiel's head on the top turnbuckle as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Ezekiel land a back elbow on Rollins, followed by a throw and a corner splash, Rollins then hits a superkick on Ezekiel for a nearfall, Ezekiel then hits a powerbomb on Rollins for a nearfall, both men then exchange a series of punches, chops, and forearms, Rollins then hits a jumping sidekick to the head of Ezekiel, Rollins then gets caught in mid-air with a jumping knee from Ezekiel, Rollins then hits a top rope superplex on Ezekiel, followed by a falcon arrow for a nearfall, Rollins then lands an elbow to the back of Ezekiel's head, followed by the curbstomp to secure the pinfall victory.

1Winner via pinfall: Seth Rollins at 11:54.

 Match 4: Angelo Dawkins vs Omos 

- The match starts off with both men locking up, Omos then throws Dawkins, Dawkins then lands a series of punches on Omos, Omos then hits a shoulder tackle on Dawkins, followed by a splash on the corner, Dawkins then hits a dropkick on Omos, Dawkins then runs the ropes but MVP trips him, causing the disqualification.

Winner via disqualification: Angelo Dawkins at 1:21.

- After the match, Adam Pearce comes out and makes MVP.and Omos vs The Street Profits official, next.

Match 5: The Street Profits vs Omos and MVP

- The match starts off with Omos landing a splash on Dawkins in the corner, Omos then chokes Dawkins on the top rope, followed by a running back elbow in the corner, Omos then hits another running elbow onto Dawkins in the corner, Omos then sends Dawkins into the turnbuckle with a strong Irishwhip, MVP then kicks away at Dawkins, MVP then hits a kneebuster on Dawkins, followed by rhe ballin' elbow for a nearfall, Dawkins then punches MVP in the face, Ford then hits a sidekick on Omos, Omos then catches Ford in mid-air, Ford then hits two enzuigiri's on Omos, Omos then hits a big boot on Food, Dawkins then throws MVP into the Usos, The Profits then hits a doubleteam superkick on Omos, Ford then hits a top rope frog splash onto Omos but Omos kicks out at one, Ford then goes to the top rope but Jey Uso pushes him down, causing the disqualification.

Winners via disqualification: The Street Profits at 4:46.

- After the match, The Usos beat down The Street Profits, Omos then hits a double chokeslam on The Street Profits. 

Match 6: Theory vs AJ Styles

- Before the match, Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance to watch the match.

- The match starts off with AJ lands a chop to the chest of Theory in the corner, followed by a forearm, Theory then hits a backbreaker on AJ, Theory then hits a closeline on AJ, AJ then hits a backbreaker on Theory, AJ then lands a series of shoulder tackles on Theory in the corner, Theory then sends AJ into the corner chest first, AJ then lands a back suplex on Theory, Theory then pushes Dolph Ziggler on the outside as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Theory lock in a headlock on AJ; Theory then hits a back bodydrop on AJ for a nearfall, AJ then hits a sliding closeline on a seated Theory, Theory then sends AJ face first into the second turnbuckle, Theory then hits a rolling dropkick, followed by a kneebuster for a nearfall, Theory then sends AJ face first into the announce table, Ziggler then hits a superkick on Theory behind the referee's back, Theory is then counted out. 

Winner via countout: AJ Styles at 11:26.

- After the match, AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash on Theory. 

- We get a video package the feud between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair.

Match 7: Dana Brooke, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka vs Tamina, Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop

- The match starts off with Nikki locking Asuka in a headlock, Asuka then gets caught uo in the apron skirt, Nikki then lands a series of punches on Asuka, Dana then hits a crossbody from the top rope onto Tamina and Doudrop, Reggie then distracts Dana Brooke, Akira Tozawa then pins Dana to win the 24/7 title, Alexa Bliss then wins the 24/7 title, Doudrop then wins the 24/7 title, Tamina then wins the 24/7 title, Dana Brooke then wins the 24/7 title, Asuka then locks Nikki in the Asuka lock to secure the submission victory.

Winners via submission: Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Dana Brooke at 2:37.

- Miz is in the ring to host Miz-TV. Miz says then introduces his guest, Logan Paul, Logan asks Miz if he accepts his Summerslam challenge or not, Miz then asks Logan to remember the good times, like at Wrestlemania, Miz shows footage from Wrestlemania but cuts off the part where he betrayed Logan, Logan then gets the footage showing that he did, Miz says that he was teaching Logan, Logan says that made him sign a WWE contract so he can beat his ass, Miz mentions that Logan has 23 million Instagram followers and that he went toe-to-toe with Floyd Mayweather, Miz says that Logan can't host Miz TV and he can't fight him at Summerslam because he is a rookie, Logan says that he's in his prime and when someone tells him that he isn't ready for something, it motivates him, Logan says next week he's going to host his own edition of Miz-TV in Madison Square Garden, Logan then makes fun of Miz's tiny balls, The Miz then accepts Logan's challenge for Summerslam, Miz then attempts to attack Logan, Logan then closelines Miz to the outside, Ciampa then attacks Logan from behind, Logan then kicks the Miz in the face as he elbows Ciampa in the face, Logan then retreats up the ramp, Miz says that this is his house and no one comes in here and embarrasses him.