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WWE Monday Night Raw Results for June 20, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw
June 20th, 2022
Pinnacle Bank Arena
Lincoln, Nebraska

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw, which is emanating from The Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Announced for tonight's show, Elias will make his long-awaited return to host a concert for his little brother Ezekiel, also, Becky Lynch will battle Asuka in a Money In The Bank ladder qualifying match.

- Raw starts with a picture remembering the late great WWE referee, Tim White.

- Raw officially kicks off with the Raw women's champion, Bianca Belair. Bianca says that there will be a fatal five way to determine who challenges her for the Raw women's championship at Money In The Bank, Becky Lynch then interrupts, Becky says that she has to jump over obstacles and through loops to get a title match, Becky says that once she wins the Fatal five way it will be that much sweeter, Asuka then interrupts, Asuka asks Becky if she's crying, Asuka then calls Becky a big time baby, Becky says that the last two matches she had with Asuka she was victorious, Liv Morgan then comes out, Liv says that she's always ready for a fight, Carmella then interrupts, She says that everyone in the ring is a former champion, except Liv, Carmella tries to get Liv kicked out of the match, Liv says that she will make Carmella take a couple of weeks off, Alexa Bliss then comes out, Alexa says that Carmella has never won anything on her own, Bianca says that the WWE universe is ready for some action.

Match 1: Liv Morgan vs Carmella vs Asuka vs Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

- The match starts with Becky taking down Asuka, sending both women to the outside, Liv and Alexa then team up to take out Carmella, Alexa and Liv then lock up, Liv is able to secure a two count with a sunset flip, both women then roll around with one counts, both women then exchange pins once again with a rolling cradle, Carmella then comes in and attempts to pin Alexa and Liv multiple times, Asuka then lands a spinning backfist on Carmella, Asuka goes to run the ropes but Becky trips and drags her to the outside, Alexa then lands a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, Carmella then slams Alexa down by her hair for a nearfall, Liv then slams Carmella into the turnbuckles, Liv goes to the top but Carmella pushes Liv to the outside, taking out Asuka, Becky, and Alexa in the process as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Alexa punching away at Becky, Liv then hits Becky with a running jumping knee in the corner, followed by a dropkick, Becky then sends Liv facefirst into the second turnbuckle for a nearfall, Carmella then lands a hurricarana on Becky into Liv, Carmella goes for the pin but Asuka makes the save, Carmella then lands a superkick to the stomach of Asuka, followed by a superkick to the face for a nearfall, Liv then hits a dropkick from the second rope to Asuka, Becky then hits Asuka with a manhandle slam but Alexa breaks up the pin with a senton from the top rope, Asuka then kicks Alexa in the head, Liv then hits a rebound codebreaker on Becky, Becky then hits the manhandle slam on Liv, Becky goes for the pin but Asuka drags her to the outside, Asuka then lands a superkick on Becky, Alexa goes for twisted bliss on Liv but Liv gets her knees up, Carmella then hits Liv with a superkick for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Carmella at 12:27. 

- Becky is backstage arguing with Adam Pearce as we go to commercial break.

- We are back from commercial as we see Becky still arguing with Adam Pearce, Pearce says that Becky Lynch will face Asuka with the winner getting into the Money In The Bank ladder match.

- Vince McMahon then makes his entrance. Vince says that Raw is the longest running episodic television show in history, Vince then thanks the fans, Vince then calls John Cena the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

- We get a video package highlighting the Undisputed Universal championship match between Roman Reigns and Riddle from Smackdown.

- Riddle says that he made a promise to himself and to Randy that he will get Vengeance for the both of them, Riddle says that he was close to beating Roman Reigns on Smackdown, Riddle says that Roman hit him with a spear that almost broke him in half, Riddle says that he let everyone down, including Randy, Riddle says that he might be down but he ain't out, Riddle says that he can win Money In The Bank and cash in on Roman Reigns, Riddle says that Rollins did Cody dirty, Riddle says that he wants to hit Rollins with a ladder. Omos then interrupts. MVP asks Riddle if he's been hanging out with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, MVP says that Riddle won't make it to Money In The Bank, MVP says that Riddle will get high tonight when Omos picks him up and slams him back to reality, Riddle says that he's going to get high when his hand is raised high.

Match 2: Riddle vs Omos

- The match starts off with Riddle running into Omos with punches, Riddle then lands a series of kicks to the chest of Omos in the corner, Omos then lands sidewalk slam on Riddle, Omos then sends Riddle into the turnbuckle with a strong Irishwhip, Omos then locks Riddle in a bearhug, Omos then lands a forearm into the back of Riddle, Omos then locks Riddle in another bearhug, Riddle then hits a jumping knee to the face of Omos, Riddle then lands two running forearms to Omos in the corner, Omos then catches Riddle and throws him, Riddle then hits a floating bro to a standing Omos, Riddle goes for the RKO but Omos counters and slams him down for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Omos at 3:54. 

- After the match, Omos lands another slam on Riddle. Seth Rollins then makes his entrance, Rollins then hits Riddle before throwing him to the outside, Rollins calls Riddle the ultimate loser, first Randy, the title match against Reigns, and now Money In The Bank, Rollins says that he's the only man who has Roman Reigns' number and you're looking at him, Rollins says that Roman has been dodging him since the Royal Rumble, Rollins says that Roman can hide all he wants but he will find him, Rollins says that if you thought the first cash-in was something, you haven't seen anything, Riddle then attacks Rollins from behind, Rollins then lays out Riddle with the curb stomp.

- Theory is in the ring, Theory says that everyone wants to know what its like to be the new face of WWE, Tbeory calls himself the greatest and youngest united states champion in history, Theory says that last week he proved that Lashley can't touch him, Theory says that Cena's time is up and his time is now, Theory says that he embarrassed Lashley last week but he didn't get to show all of his poses, Theory says that all the losers get to see the best body in all of WWE, Theory then puts baby oil on himself before posing, Lashley then appears behind Theory, Theory then takes a selfie which makes him realize that Lashley is behind him, Lashley then sprays baby oil in the face of Theory, Lashley then hits a spear on Theory, sending him to the outside, Lashley says that the US title is coming home with him.

- Jey Uso makes his entrance, Jey Uso vs Angelo Dawkins is next.

- Theory says that Bobby Lashley doesn't deserve anything, Theory says that Lashley must beat three opponents in a gauntlet match tonight to get a championship against him at Money In The Bank.

- Jey Uso says that you know who they are, the undisputed tag team champions, The Usos, Jimmy says that the Bloodline is running Raw and Smackdown, Jey says that Roman will squash Brock at Summerslam again and they will smash the Street Profits again at Money In The Bank. The Street Profits then interrupt, Dawkins says they last time they fought the Usos they beat them so bad they couldn't make it back in the ring, Jey says that Montez's mouth is cashing checks that his ass can't cash, Ford says that they need to enjoy their championship reign while they can.

Match 3: Jey Uso vs Angelo Dawkins 

- The match starts off with Jey Uso landing a series of punches on Dawkins, Dawkins then lands a splash in the corner, Dawkins runs at Jey but Jey holds down the ropes, sending Dawkins to the outside, Jey then hits a suicide dive on Dawkins, Jey then closelines Dawkins over the barricade into the timekeeper's area as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Dawkins land a series of punches on Jey, Dawkins then hits Jey with two closelines, Jey Uso then superkicks Dawkins in the stomach, Dawkins then hits a spinning elbow to the face of Jey, Dawkins then hits a suplex on Jey on a nearfall, Jey then hits Dawkins with a suplex/neckbreaker for a nearfall, Jey Uso runs at Dawkins but Dawkins lands a shoulder tackle and a double underhook neckbreaker for a nearfall, Jey then lands a superkick on Dawkins, Jey the climbs to the top rope, Dawkins then catches Jey in mid-air before landing a sit-down powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Angelo Dawkins at 7:20.

- Ezekiel talks to Elias backstage, Ezekiel asks Elias where he's been, Elias says that he's been traveling all over the world, writing songs, Elias says that nothing compares to playing live for the WWE fans, Elias says that WWE Walk With Elias, Ezekiel says that he's getting hyped thinking about him winning the Undisputed Universal championship, Elias tells Ezekiel to focus on whats in front of him, Elias says that he has to tune his guitar before he goes out to the ring.

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- Elias is in the ring, Elias thanks the fans of Nebraska for taking care of his brother, Elias says that WWE stands Walk With Elias, Elias then plays a song dedicated to Ezekiel, Kevin Owens comes out, Owens says that no one wants this concert, Owens then calls Elias a disgusting liar, Owens says that he might have the people of Nebraska fooled but not him, Owens says that special effects prove nothing, Ezekiel then appears on the screen. Ezekiel says that Owens has to accept the truth, Elias then sings a song dedicated to Kevin Owens, Owens then takes Elia's guitar and throws it over the top rope, Elias then lands a jumping knee to the face of Owens, Elias then hits Owens in the back with a guitar.

- Kevin Owen's is interviewed, he says that they used a fake beard and stock footage, Owens says that he's challenging either Ezekiel or Elias to a match next week, Ezekiel then accepts, Owen then throws a temper tantrum backstage.

Match 4: Gauntlet match: Bobby Lashley vs Chad Gable

- The match starts off with both men locking up, Lashley then puts Gable in an armlock, Lashley then goes behind Gable before slamming him down to the mat, Gable then lands a chop to the chest of Lashley, Lashley then lands a swinging neckbreaker on Gable, followed by a shoulder tackle, Lashley then knocks Gable off the apron with a running forearm, Lashley then picks up Gable in a fireman's carry position before slamming him into the ringpost, Lashley then lands a delayed vertical suplex on Gable, Lashley goes for a spear but Gable turns it into an ankle lock, Lashley rolls through and kicks off Gable, Gable then lands a shoulder tackle on Lashley, Gable then lands a top rope moonsault on Lashley for a nearfall, Gable then goes for a German suplex but Lashley counters it and lands a throw, Lashley then locks in the hurtlock for the submission victory.

Winner via submission: Bobby Lashley at 5:48.

- After the match, Otis attacks Lashley from behind, Otis then sends Lashley head and shoulder first into the barricade.

- Bobby Lashley vs Otis

- Lashley is about to break the count but Otis goes to the outside and lands a shoulder tackle and a splash on Lashley as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Otis locking Lashley in a neckbreaker submission, Otis then hits Lashley with a closeline for a two count, Otis goes for a splash but Lashley rolls out of the way, Lashley then hits a flatliner on Otis, Lashley then attempts to lock the hurtlock on Otis but Otis powers out of it, Lashley then hits Otis with a spear and a pin but Gable breaks up the pin.

Winner via disqualification: Bobby Lashley.

- After the match, Chad Gable and Otis attack Lashley, both men send Lashley shoulder first into the ring post, Gable then lands a German suplex on Lashley, followed by a splash from Otis. Theory then makes his entrance before attacking Lashley.

Bobby Lashley vs Theory

- Theory throws punches at Lashley in the corner but Lashley fights back, Theory then lands a dropkick on Lashley, Theory then goes for the A-Town down but Lashley counters it into a rollup for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Bobby Lashley.

- Bianca Belair is interviewed, Bianca says that she doesn't care if its Rhea Ripley, she's always ready, Carmella then attacks her from behind.

- The Miz makes his entrance, Miz will host "Miz-TV" with special guest AJ Styles next.

- The Miz welcomes AJ Styles to Miz-TV, Miz says that Styles got beat by Edge, then he went against Judgment Day, and then last week he lost to Rollins while Omos qualified, Miz says that he's embarrassed for AJ, AJ asks if Miz invited him on his show just to get a rise of him, Miz says that AJ is a preview of what it is to become a failure, AJ then calls Miz naive, AJ says that Miz is a failure who's wife married a man with popcorn, Miz says that he has the biggest balls, Miz says that he has more wins than AJ, beat Cena at Wrestlemania, and has a beautiful wife, Miz then calls himself a success, Miz asks AJ how it feels to be a huge disappointment, AJ says that he isn't playing Miz's game, AJ says that he doesn't run his mouth like Miz does, AJ then punches Miz, sending Miz to the out, Tommaso Ciampa then attacks AJ from behind.

Match 5: AJ Styles vs Tommaso Ciampa

- The match starts off with AJ throwing Tommaso into the corner, AJ then gets Irishwhiped into the corner before landing a closeline, AJ then hits Tommaso with a dropkick, Ciampa then hits a running knee to the face of AJ, knocking him off the apron, Ciampa then lands another knee to AJ in the ring, Ciampa then lands a neckbreaker on AJ for a one count, Ciampa then locks AJ in a headlock, AJ then hits a closeline, followed by a running forearm to a seated Ciampa, Ciampa then hits a fireman's carry slam onto his knee for a nearfall, Ciampa then hits a stiff spinning punch to the face of AJ, AJ then counters Ciampa into a northern lights suplex, AJ then hits the phenomenon forearm to Ciampa for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: AJ Styles at 4:29. 

- After the match, Miz tries to attack AJ from behind but AJ counters and lands a pele kick on Miz.

- Veer Mahaan is interviewed at ringside, Veer says that he loves carnage, Veer says that he won't be stopped until there's nothing left to pick off the bone.

Match 6: Becky Lynch vz Asuka

- Becky Lynch attacks Asuka on the ramp, the match starts with Asuka taking down Becky and landing a series of punches, Asuka then knocks Becky down with a shouldertackle, Becky then hits a baseball slide to Asuka on the outside, Asuka then hits Becky with a hipattack, knocking Becky off the apron, Becky then slams Asuka facefirst into the apron, Becky goes to the top but Asuka slaps her and climbs to the top as well, Becky knocks Asuka off, Becky jumps off the top rope but Asuka counters and hits a codebreaker for a nearfall, Becky then lands an uppercut on Asuka, Asuka gets knocked to the outside as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see both women on the mat, Asuka then superkicks Becky in the stomach, Asuka then lands a running closeline followed by a hip attack in the corner, Asuka then lands a series of punches and kicks on Becky, followed by a german suplex and a hip attack for a nearfall, Asuka then locks Becky in an ankle lock, Becky counters, sending Asuka facefirst into the second turnbuckle, Asuka then locks in the Asuka lock through the ropes, followed by a dropkick from the top rope to Becky for a nearfall, Becky then lands a legdrop to Asuka on the apron, Asuka then lands a knee to the face of Becky, both women get back into the ring at the count of nine, both women then exchange punches, Asuka then kicks Becky Lynch in the head for the pinfall victory.

Winner pinfall: Asuka at 12:08.

- Raw ends with Becky Lynch throwing a temper tantrum and crying at ringside.