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WWE Monday Night Raw Results for June 6, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw
June 6th, 2022
The Resch Center
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw, which is emanating from The Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Announced for tonight's show, Alexa Bliss, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, and Doudrop will battle in a Fatal 4-way match to determine the next number one contender for Bianca Belair's Raw women's championship, The Judgement Day have vowed to added a new member to their group, Maryse will make her return on an episode of "Miz-TV", and Cody Rhodes will speak after his courageous victory over Seth Rollins inside Hell In A Cell.

- Raw starts off with a video package highlighting the Hell In A Cell match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

- Raw officially kicks off with Cody Rhodes, Cody welcomes us to Monday Night Raw as the crowd chants "thank you Cody." Cody says that he saw all of the comments on social media and heard what everyone was saying but he doesn't believe in it because its a privilege to do what he does, Cody says that tearing his pec is demoralizing but he doesn't want to be sad, Cody then says that once his daughter is old enough he wants to show her his match from last night, Cody says that he wasn't cynical or jaded but he fought in hell, Cody says that he fought against one of the best superstar wrestlers in the history of the game, Seth Rollins. Cody then says that the trilogy has been written and the book is closed and in the archives and that he's officially done with Seth Rollins, Cody says that the Money In The Bank briefcase has eluded him his whole career, Cody says that he wants to win Money In The Bank and become the new Undisputed WWE Universal champion. Seth Rollins then interrupts, Rollins says that he still doesn't like Cody, but after what he put himself through last night he has earned his respect, Rollins says that Cody is the toughest person he's ever been in the ring with, Rollins says that Dusty is very proud of his baby boy right now, Rollins says that he's out here for no other reason but to shake Cody's hand, Cody and Seth then shake hands as Rollins whispers something in Cody's ear as he leaves the ring. Cody then celebrates on the ramp but Rollins attacks Cody, hitting him in the back of the head with a sledgehammer. Rollins then stomps on the injured pec of Cody, Rollins then shoves the hammer into the pec of Cody.

- We are back from commercial as we see Cody walking to the back on his own.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke

- The match starts off Becky landing a kick to the stomach of Dana, Akira Tozawa runs out being chased by the 24/7 goons, Dana Brooke rolls up Akira Tozawa to win back the 24/7 championship.

Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke fought to a no contest at 0:43.

- Becky says that no one is winning any titles in her matches anymore except her, Becky then challenges Dana Brooke to a 24/7 championship match.

Match 2: 24/7 championship: Dana Brooke (c) vs Becky Lynch

- The match starts with Becky landing a suplex on Dana; Becky then lands an exploder suplex as Asuka makes her entrance, Becky then lands another exploder suplex on Dana, Asuka gets on the apron and distracts Becky, Dana rolls up Becky but only gets two, Becky then lands a closeline, Dana then lands a series of punches in the corner, followed by a running bulldog for another two count, Dana then goes to the top rope, Dana goes for a Swanton but Becky moves out of the way, Becky then lands a big boot to the face of Dana, Becky goes for the manhandle slam but Dana rolls her up, Asuka then holds Becky's foot down so she can't kick out, giving Dana the victory.

Wunner via pinfall and STILL 24/7 champion: Dana Brooke at 2:14.

- We get a video package highlighting the 20 years of John Cena in WWE. John Cena will be on Raw June 27th, 2022.

- The Miz and Maryse make their entrance, Miz will host "Miz-TV" with special guest Riddle, next!

- The Miz welcomes us to Miz-TV, Miz then introduces his wife, Maryse. Miz says that he loves the fact that Money In The Bank is coming up and if you win, you have an 80% chance to become world champion, Miz says that he's done it twice and if he does it a third time he will make history and add to an already legendary resume, Miz hypes up that two episodes of Miz and Mrs is next, after Raw. Maryse tries to roast Green Bay but the crowd boos, Miz holds up his hand and tells everyone to keep their mouth shut, Riddle then interrupts. Riddle asks whats with all the harsh vibes for this celebration, Riddle then speaks French to introduce himself to Maryse, Riddle then shouts out Randy, Riddle hopes that Orton comes back soon, unlike his step-dad, Miz says that Randy Orton's career is over and that Riddle is going to get his ass kicked every week by The Bloodline, Riddle says that he's tired of fighting The Usos and that he wants Roman, Riddle says that he wants to take the WWE undisputed universal championship from Roman, Riddle says there's a reason why Cena is playing Peacemaker and Miz is playing homemaker while Maryse drags him around by his tiny balls, Maryse says that her husband has average balls, above average balls, the biggest balls in the world, Riddle then asks Miz to prove it, Miz asks the crowd if they want a fight right here right now, but Miz says that the answer is no, Tommaso Ciampa then attacks Riddle from behind. Miz then accepts Riddle's challenge for a match, Miz calls for a ref as we go to commercial break.

Match 3: Riddle vs The Miz

- We are back from commercial as we see Miz land a knee to the stomach of Riddle, Miz then puts Riddle in a chokehold, Riddle then fights back and lands a series of punches, followed by an overhead kick, Riddle then lands a running forearm to Miz in the corner, Riddle then lands a powerslam on Miz, followed by a second rope DDT, Riddle goes for an RKO but Miz runs to the outside, Miz goes for a running apron kick but Maryse pulls Miz out of the way, Riddle then rips Miz's dress pants, Miz tries to use Maryse's purse behind the referee's back but Riddle counters and lands an RKO for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Riddle at 2:23. 

- We get a video package highlighting NXT: In Your House 2022.

Match 4: The Street Profits vs The Usos.

- The match starts off with Jimmy and Angelo Dawkins, Dawkins immediately knocks Jey off the apron, Dawkins lands a backslide on Jimmy for a nearfall, Montez Ford then comes, The Street Profits then land a double team flapjack on Jimmy for another nearfall, The Usos take a break on the outside as Jey tags in. Jey then lands a series of shoulder tackles and punches to Ford in the corner, Ford counter and lands a punch, followed by a chop on Jey, Ford then lands a standing dropkick on Jey, The Street Profits then land a double team shoulder tackle on Jey, Ford then lands a moonsault with the help of Dawkins for yet another nearfall, The Usos once again roll to the outside, Ford then lands a closeline, sending Jey to the outside, Ford then lands a flipping cannonball from the steel steps onto Jey as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see The Usos land a double team spinebuster on Dawkins, Jimmy then chokes Dawkins against the middle rope as Jey takes a cheapshot from the outside on Dawkins, Jey then lands a running forearm to Dawkins in the corner as Jimmy holds him with a shoulder block, Jey then lands a stiff uppercut on Dawkins, Jimmy then punches away at Dawkins in the corner, Jimmy then hits a running hip attack to Dawkins in the corner, followed by a stomp on the hand of Dawkins, Dawkins then punches away at the Usos but Jimmy lands an enzuigiri, sending Dawkins to the outside, Jey then hits Dawkins with a closeline on the outside, The Usos then send Dawkins shoulder first into the steel steps as we go to another commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Jey gain a nearfall on Ford, Ford than lands an elbow on Jey, Ford then lands a crossbody from the ring to the outside, taking out Jey, Jimmy then lands a suicide dive onto Ford, Dawkins then jumps over the top rope, taking out both Usos with a cannonball splash, Dawkins then hits a spinebuster on Jey, followed by a top rope splash from Dawkins, they go for the three count but Jimmy breaks it up, Jey then sends Ford into the barricade, Jey runs at Ford but Ford counters and throws Jey into the timekeeper's area, Ford makes it back just in time to secure the victory via countout for The Street Profits. After the match, Riddle comes out to celebrate with The Street Profits.

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Winners via countout: The Street Profits at 16:26. 

- Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, Lashley says that it never had to end like this with MVP after he considered him to be his family, Lashley says that they had every advantage against him at Hell In A Cell but it wasn't enough, Lashley says you never interrupt your enemies while they make a mistake, Lashley says that it felt damn good locking MVP in the hurtlock, Lashley says that MVP and Omos are in the past, Theory then interrupts Lashley, Tbeory says that Lashley is stealing his spotlight and that this is his time, Theory says that someone helped Lashley win his match but he won his match all by himself, Theory then tells Lashley to get out of his ring, Theory wants to take a selfie with Lashley, Lashley says this isn't Theory's ring, it's his, Lashley then challenges Theory to a match, Theory accepts and flexes his bicep at Lashley, Lashley then flexes his bicep in return, Lashley asks Theory to put his united states championship on the line, Theory says that Lashley doesn't deserve a title match, Theory says that Lashley has beaten Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre but he hasn't beaten him, Theory then quickly retreats.

- Dominik Mysterio makes his entrance with Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio vs Veer Mahaan is next!

Match 5: Dominik Mysterio vs Veer Mahaan

- The match starts off with Dominik going behind Veer, Veer counters and goes behind Dominik, Veer takes him down with two takedowns, Veer runs at Dominik but Dominik moves out of the way, sending Veer to the outside through the ropes, Veer then chases after Dominik outside the ring, Dominik then lands a series of punches on Veer on the outside by Veer pushes him away, Dominik then lands multiple kicks on Veer from the apron, Dominik then lands a dropkick on Veer as he enters the ring, Veer then lands a running splash on Dominik, Veer then lands a clubbing blow on Dominik, sending him down, Dominik then lands two shoulder tackles to Veer from the apron, Veer grabs Dominik and slams him down on the apron, Veer then throws Dominik into Rey, Veer then lands a big boot onto Rey on the outside as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Veer with a nerve hold on Dominik, Veer runs at Dominik but Dominik kicks Veers leg, sending him face-first into the second turnbuckle, Veer then runs at Dominik but Dominik moves out of the way, causing Veer to crash shoulder first into the ring post, Dominik then lands a 619 to Veer against the ringpost, Dominik then lands a splash from the top but is only able to secure a one count, Veer then lands a lariat on Dominik, Veer locks in the cervical clutch but Rey comes in and lands a dropkick on Veer, causing the disqualification. Rey then kicks Veer again, followed by a kick through the rope, Rey and Dominik then retreat up the ramp.

Winner via disqualification: Veer Mahaan at 9:14. 

- We get a video package highlighting the match between the Judgement Day, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Liv Morgan from Hell In A Cell.

- The Judgement Day make their entrance, we will find out who the new member of The Judgement Day is next!

- The Judgement Day are in the ring, Priest tells the WWE universe to all rise for the Judgement Day, Rhea says that control is an illusion, an illusion that made AJ, Finn, and Liv Morgan believe that they would win at Hell In A Cell, Rhea says they can't be controlled and their message is being spread like wild fire, Rhea says that their destiny has no limitations, Priest says that Rhea's destiny is to once again become Raw women's champion, Edge says that now the adult in the ring speaks because he's been doing this for 30 years, Edge says that the stood tall last night like they said they would, Edge says that he's proud of Priest and Rhea and how fast they blossomed, Edge calls Rhea a wrecking machine, Edge says that Priest has more confidence and the reason is because they listened. Edge then introduces the newest member of The Judgement Day, Finn Balor then makes his entrance. Finn comes out and shakes Edge's hand, Edge says that last night he saw the look in Balor's eye change, Edge says that Finn is one of the most talented men to ever step inside this ring, Finn says that the look in his eyes was clarity, Finn says that joining the Judgement Day was a calling, Finn says that he's tired of pretending to be someone that he's not and that he can finally see clearly, Finn says that last night he saw Rhea and Priest fight with more passion than ever before, Finn says that he was impressed that Rhea stood in the way of Edge, Balor says that he's being tired of told what to do, Priest says that Edge taught them to get rid of all limitations that were holding them back, Priest says that they are ready to shed the last bit of limitations holding them back, Priest then punches Edge, Balor then throws Edge into the waiting hands of Priest, Priest then hits Edge with a chokeslam, Balor then lands the Coup De Grace on Edge, Balor and Priest then send Edge to the outside, Priest then hits a crucifix bomb on Edge, sending him crashing through the announce table, Balor and Priest then send Edge back into the ring as Rhea brings in two chairs, Rhea tears a piece of the chair off, Balor then locks in a crossface on Edge while using a part of the chair, Priest then hits Edge with a con-chair-to.

Match 6: Omos vs Cedric Alexander

Winner via pinfall: Omos at 0:11

- After the match, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are interviewed on the ramp, MVP interrupts and says that they don't disrespect someone like Omos, Ziggler then lands a superkick on MVP, sending him into Omos, MVP and Omos then chase Ziggler and Roode to the back.

- Otis and Chad Gable make their entrance, Otis vs Ezekiel is next!

Match 7: Otis vs Ezekiel

- The match starts off with Ezekiel landing a series of forearms on Ezekiel, Otis then lands a jumping splash on a running Ezekiel, Otis then lands a series of shoulder tackles in the corner, Otis then throws Ezekiel, Otis then puts Ezekiel in a neckbreaker submission, Ezekiel counters, sending Otis face-first into the second turnbuckle, Ezekiel then lands a series of chops, Ezekiel lands two closelines but Otis doesn't fall, Otis catches Ezekiel but Ezekiel counters into a jumping knee for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Ezekiel at 2:21.

- Ezekiel says that everyone deserves a second chance, Ezekiel then calls out Kevin Owens for a rematch next Monday on Raw, Kevin Owens then makes his entrance, Owens says that he's in a good mood after beating Ezekiel last night, Owens gives Ezekiel his rematch next week, but first he has to admit that he is Elias, Ezekiel admits it but doesn't mention Elias in his apology, Owens tells him to say it again, Ezekiel then admits that his name is Elias, Owens says that Ezekiel got his rematch, Ezekiel then says that he took a page out of the Kevin Owens playbook, Ezekiel says that he lied and then lands a jumping knee to Kevin Owens, Chad Gable then chases Ezekiel outside the ring.

- We get a video package highlighting the match between Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Becky Lynch from Hell In A Cell.

Match 8: Alexa Bliss vs Doudrop vs Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley 

- The match starts off with Morgan and Rhea brawling as Doudrop and Bliss brawl, Rhea and Doudrop then exchange a series of closelines, Rhea lands a superkick on Doudrop, Liv and Doudrop then pull Doudrop to the outside, Liv then lands a jawbreaker on Rhea, Rhea then lands a closeline on Liv, Bliss then lands a knee to the face of Rhea, Rhea then lands a knee to the stomach of Bliss, Rhea then gets Alexa in the corner before landing a series of kicks, Rhea then slams Alexa face-first into the mat, Rhea then stands on Alexa as she taunts Bianca Belair, Liv then lands a dropkick on Rhea into a DDT from Alexa, Bliss jumps off the apron but Rhea catches her, Liv then dropkicks Bliss into Rhea, Doudrop then lands a senton on Liv on the floor as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Doudrop land a punch on Bliss, Doudrop then lands a closeline on Bliss for a nearfall, Doudrop then lands a splash on Bliss in the corner, Liv then lands a basement dropkick on Rhea, Liv then lands a hurricarana on Rhea, Bliss then lands a sunset flip on Rhea, Doudrop lands a splash on Bliss, Doudrop goes for the pin but live breaks it up, Doudrop then lands a powerbomb on Liv, Doudrop goes for the pin but Bliss breaks it up, Rhea then lands elbows on Doudrop on the top rope, Doudrop then lands a powerslam on Rhea with the help of Liv and Bliss, both Liv and Bliss go for pins but only get two, Bliss and Morgan thencechange rollups, Bliss then lands a DDT on Liv, Bliss goes for twisted bliss but Liv gets her legs up, Liv lands a codebreaker on Doudrop, Liv goes for a facebuster but Nikki A.S.H grabs her leg, Liv then jumps off the top rope but is caught by Doudrop, Doudrop then lands a Michinoku driver, Doudrop goes for the pin but Rhea dropkicks her, Rhea then hits Doudrop with the riptide for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Rhea Ripley at 14:36.

- Raw ends with Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Finn Balor staring down Bianca Belair.