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WWE Monday Night Raw Results for May 9, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw
May 9th, 2022
XL Center
Hartford, Connecticut

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw, which is emanating from the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Which will also serve as the fallout from Wrestlemania Backlash. WWE has announced for tonight that Cody Rhodes will challenge Theory for the United States Championship.

– Raw starts with a video package highlighting the six man tag from last night between the Bloodline, RK-Bro, and Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania Backlash.

– Raw officially starts with RK-Bro, Randy Orton welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. Orton says that last night they lost the battle to the Bloodline, but before this all said and done they will win the war. Orton then brings up how Roman ripped up the tag team title unification contract because he knows that The Usos couldn’t beat them, Orton says that they want that Smackdown tag titles aswell, Riddle then says that him and Orton are showing up on Smackdown Friday to confront Roman and get their tag team unification title match. Riddle is putting over Orton but The Street Profits make their entrance. Angelo Dawkins says that RK-Bro shouldn’t be worried about The Bloodline but them instead. Montez Ford then says that they want the tag championships next. Montez then says that they want the tag titles and the smoke. Riddle says that RK-Bro 420 just smoked your asses.

– RK-Bro will defend the Raw tag team championship against The Street Profits next!

Match 1: Raw tag team championship: RK-Bro (c) vs The Street Profits.

– The match starts with Montez Ford rolling up Riddle three times in a row, only to get nearfalls. Riddle jumps on the back of Ford and tries to lock in a sleephold but Ford pushes him off, Riddle then rolls up Ford for a nearfall. Ford is then able to land a dropkick to Riddle before tagging in Dawkins, Dawkins comes in and lands an elbow to the face of Riddle, Orton tags in and lands a series of uppercuts on Dawkins in the corner, Orton then lands 10 punches to Dawkins in the corner. Orton tags in Riddle and lifts him up for the floating bro, Riddle pins Dawkins but only gets a nearfall, Ford grabs Riddle’s foot on the apron, tripping him causing Riddle to land face first. Ford than jumps over the top rope, taking out Riddle as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as we see Riddle and Ford exchanging punches, Riddle is then able to land a jumping knee to Ford before getting the hot tag to Orton, Orton lands a series of powerslams on the Street Profits followed by a second rope DDT to Dawkins, Riddle then lands a running kick to Ford on the apron, Riddle goes for the floating bro but accidentally takes out Orton instead, Dawkins lands a spinebuster on Orton, Ford then lands a frogsplash on Riddle, Ford goes for the pin but Orton makes the save. Ford then jumps off the top rope but gets caught with an RKO in mid-air by Riddle for the oinfall victory.

Winners and STILL Raw tag team champions via pinfall: RK-Bro at 10:11.

– Cody Rhodes will challenge Theory for the United States at the top of the hour!

– Theory is interview on the ramp, Theory says that he doesn’t need to prepare and he’s the youngest US champion in WWE history for a reason and he hasn’t even reached his full potential. Theory says that he was in diapers last time he was in WWE. Theory says that all he cares about is the future and he’s the future of WWE.

– We get a video package highlighting the match between Edge and AJ Styles at Wrestlemania Backlash.

– Rhea Ripley, Edge, and Rhea Ripley make their entrance, we will hear from Judgement Day next!

– Edge says that he formed Judgement Day because they were tired if being sheep, Edge says that being a sheep got him a Hall Of Fame ring but he’s bugger than the Hall Of Fame, Edge says that everyone hides their anger at work and come home and rant on their computers, Edge says you all don’t like what you see because you’re ugly, Edge says that they can look into any mirror and like what they see. Edge says that nothing and no one can touch them. Priest says that individually him and Edge were capable of destroying all of their favorites, but together they can do even worse. Priest then introduces the newest member of the Judgement Day, Rhea Ripley. Rhea says that joining Judgment day was the best decision of her life, Rhea then says that she’s done signing autographs at airports because she goes online and sees the same autographs listen on Ebay, Rhea then says she felt used and thats why she joined Judgement Day. Rhea then says that tonight she’s going to give Liv Morgan a reason to cry when she destroys her. Edge says that now Rhea and Damian are his saints of Fate. Liv Morgan then makes her entrance. Rhea Ripley vs Liv Morgan is next!

Match 2: Rhea Ripley vs Liv Morgan 

– Rhea and Liv start off the match brawling, Rhea gets Liv in the corner and lands a shoulder tackle before throwing Rhea, Rhea then lands another shoulder tackle in the corner of the turnbuckle, Rhea then lands a bigboot on Liv for a nearfall, Rhea then lands a clubbing blow to the back of Liv, followed by a kick. Tautning Liv. Rhea lands a closeline onto Liv, Liv then lands a codebreaker on Rhea for a nearfall, Liv goes for a dropkick from the second rope but Rhea sidesteps her and locks in the inverted cloverleaf on Liv, Liv quickly taps out.

Winner via submission: Rhea Ripley

– After the match, Rhea once again puts Liv in a an inverted cloverleaf, as Liv taps Edge and Damian taunt her. Finn Balor and AJ Styles then interrupt. Finn Balor vs Damian Priest is next!

Match 3: Damian Priest vs Finn Balor

– The match starts out with Finn putting Priest in an armlock, Finn runs at Damian but Damian lands a shoulder tackle, Damian then runs at Balor but Balor takes out his leg with a dropkick, Damian then lands a series of kicks to Balor while he’s in the corner. Priest than hits the broken arrow on Balor but is only able to get a nearfall. Balor runs at Priest but Priest drops him face first, Balor is then able to land a Russian leg sweep followed by a takedown and punches. Balor then lands a standing double footstomp followed by a series of chops to the chest of Priest. Balor lands a slingblade on Priest, followed by a closeline, sending Priest to the outside, Balor goes to jump over the top rope but Rhea gets in the way, Edge then Spears Balor, causing the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Finn Balor at 4:22

– After the match, AJ Styles attacks Edge but Rhea distracts him, Judgement Day then beat down AJ Styles and lay him out with a double team maneuver. The segment ends with Judgement Day celebrating over a fallen AJ Styles.

– We get a video package highlighting the match between Bobby Lashley and Omos at Wrestlemania Backlash.

– Omos and MVP make their entrance, MVP will host the MVP lounge next!

– MVP is in the ring to host the MVP lounge. MVP wants everyone to stand up and give respect to Omos, MVP then calls Lashley ungrateful for making him sit home while he was WWE champion.  Cedric Alexander then comes out, Cedric tries to convince Omos and MVP to join forces with them, MVP says that there’s no three between them, Bobby Lashley then comes out and slams the security guards, he slams one of the guards into the ringpost. Cedric jumps into Lashley but Lashley catches him and throws him into the apron, Lashley then closelines Omos out of the ring, Cedric jumps on the back of Lashley but Lashley throws him off and locks in the hurt lock on Cedric Alexander as MVP and Omos walk up the ramp.

– Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are in their office, Sonya demands to know who her opponent is but Pearce won’t tell her, Sonya says that its just business and storms off .

– Sonya Deville then makes her entrance, we will find out who her mystery opponent is next!

– Sonya Deville is in the ring, Adam Pearce comes out and says that upper management has found that Sonya has abused her power and her contract as a WWE official is terminated. Adam Pearce then introduces her opponent, the returning Alexa Bliss.

Match 4: Alexa Bliss vs Sonya Deville

– The match starts with Alexa landing a kick to the stomach of Sonya, followed by a DDT and the twisted bliss from the top rope for the quick victory.

Winner via pinfall: Alexa Bliss at 0:41.

-After the match, we see Sonya Deville yelling on the floor.

– We get a video package highlighting the match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins from Wrestlemania Backlash.

– Ezekiel is in the ring as Kevin Owen’s brother is announced as his opponent, Kevin Owens comes out in a wig. Ken introduces himself as Kevin’s older brother. Owens says that no one really believes that he’s Elias’ younger brother, Ken asks for a show of hands for people who really believe Ezekiel is Elias’ brother, Ken then says then says that he hates liars, Owens rips off the wig, admitting he’s Kevin Owens. Owens then demands that Ezekiel expose himself as Elias. Kevin Owens then attacks Ezekiel with punches and kicks, The Alpha Academy come out and all three men beat down Ezekiel. Otis lands a splash on Ezekiel, Owens then lands a stunner on Ezekiel.

We get a video package showing what happened last week between Asuka and Becky Lynch.

– Adam Pearce and Asuka are backstage, Pearce announces that Asuka will battle Bianca Belair tonight and if she wins she will get a title match, Becky interrupts and complains that she deserves the title match instead, Asuka says that Becky is acting like a baby before taunting her.

– Veer Mahaan then makes his entrance, Veer is in action next!

Match 5: Veer Mahaan vs Frank 

– Before the match, Byron interviews Frank, Frank says that he’s doing this for his wife and triplets. The match starts with Veer attacking Frank, Frank goes for a comeback but Veer lands a tackle, followed by two splashes in the corner. Veer then locks in Frank in the cervical clutch for the quick submission victory.

Winner via submission: Veer Mahaan at 1:24.

– Cody Rhodes is interviewed, Cody says that the thing about Potential is that its like gold, you have to dig for it, Cody then says that the feud between him and Rollins is over.

– Cody Rhodes makes his entrance, he will challenge Theory for the United States Championship next!

Match #6: United States Championship: Theory (c) vs Cody Rhodes

– The match starts with Cody backing Theory in the corner, but Theory pushes him. Cody then attempts to lock in the figure four but Theory quickly gets to the bottom rope. Cody puts Theory in a headlock, but Theory counters into a shoulder tackle, Theory then does a cartwheel and taunts Cody by using Stardust’s old taunt, Theory then lands a snap mirror followed by a boot to the face of Cody for a one count. Theory the locks Cody in a headlock but Cody gets out of it, Cody runs into theory but gets met with a stiff elbow, Theory then Irish whips Cody into the corner, sending him down to the mat. Theory is then able to land a snap suplex but Cody kicks out at one, Theory goes for a suplex but Cody counters into a suplex, sending Theory face first. Cody then knocks Theory off the apron with a disaster kick, Cody goes to the outside but Theory trips him on the apron and clears off the announce table, Cody punches and chops away at Theory on the announce table, Theory runs back into the ring as we go to commercial break

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Theory has Cody locked in a headlock, Cody and Theory both run at each other with crossbodies, sending both men down to the mat. Cody then lands a series of punches, followed by a powerslam for the nearfall. Cody then goes to the top and lands a moonsault for yet another nearfall. Theory then plants Cody with a brainbuster on his knee for a nearfall on Cody, Cody is then able to land the disaster kick, followed by the Cody cutter. Seth Rollins then comes out and attacks Cody from behind, causing the DQ. Rollins lands a series of punches to Cody on the outside, followed by a series of face slams on the announce table, Rollins then lands a curbstomp to Cody on the announce tables. Rollins yells in Cody’s face and says that he’s never going to take anything from him again.

Winner via DQ: Cody Rhodes at 13:08.

Match #7: Sasha Banks and Naomi vs Nikki A.S.H and Doudrop

– Naomi and Doudrop start off the match, Naomi immediately lands a series of dropkick, sending her into the corner. Doudrop headbutts Naomi, Doudrop goes for a closeline but Naomi slides under. Doudrop is then able to land a Banzai drop onto Naomi but only gets a nearfall, Doudrop then lands a splash to Naomi in the corner, Naomi is then able to tag in Sasha, Sasha jumps off the top but it caught by doudrop, who slams her, Nikki A.S.H then tags herself in and lands a snapmirror on Sasha for a nearfall. Sasha Banks and Naomi then hit the “rents due” for the pinfall victory. After the match, Doudrop yells at Nikki A.S.H.

Winners via pinfall: Sasha Banks and Naomi. 4:24. 

– Miz makes his entrance, he will be the special referee for Mustafa Ali vs Ciampa next!

Match #8: Ciampa vs Mustafa Ali with Miz as the special guest referee

– The Miz says that Mustafa Ali hasn’t been treated with respect, so Theory went to Vince and got him a match with Miz as the referee. Ali turns his back and Miz attacks him with a stiff elbow, Ciampa goes for the knee in the corner but Ali rolls out of the ring, Ciampa then lands a knee to Ali’s head through the second rope, sending him outside, Ciampa then lands a closeline to Ali on the outside. Ali is able to roll up Ciampa in the ring but Miz does a slow count, only allowing Ali to get a one count, Ciampa then lands a stomp to a prone Ali, followed by a strong Irish whip in the corner followed by a headlock, Ali is then able to make a comeback and land a closeline, followed by a series of punches, Ali then lands a running forearm, followed by a dropkick to Ciapma into the corner, Ali is then able to land a rolling neckbreaker before climbing to the top rope, Ali goes for a 450 but Ciampa rolls out of the way, Ciampa lands a stiff punche on Ali but Ali is able to land a superkick on Ciampa, followed by a tornado DDT, but Miz does another slow count, Ciampa then lands a reverse DDT on Ali, Miz does a fast three count, giving Ciampa the cheap victory.

Winner via pinfall: Tommaso Ciampa at 5:35

– We get the same video package from Smackdown highlighting the final chapter of the Lacey Evans story.

– Bobby Lashley is backstage, Lashley says that the only reason Omos won last night was because of MVP, Lashley challenges Omos to a match next week on Raw, in a steel cage match!

– R-Truth is backstage with Tamina, Akira Tozawa, Dana Brooke, and Reggie. Tamina and Dana Brooke want a divorce and R-Truth is going to host it.

– Becky Lynch makes her entrance, Asuka vs Bianca Belair in the main event is next!

Match #9: Bianca Belair vs Asuka

– The match starts off with both women locking up, Asuka is able to land an elbow to Bianca in the corner, followed by a boot and a knee-slide for a nearfall, Bianca goes for the glam slam but Asuka rolls through for a nearfall followed by an armbar, which Asuka is then able to turn into a triangle choke. Bianca is then able to pick up Asuka and lands a powerbomb, Becky then attacks Bianca for the DQ finish, Bianca then lands a legdrop to Asuka in the ring

Winner via DQ: Bianca Belair at 3:01

Raw ends with Becky celebrating up the ramp as Bianca and Asuka comfort each other in the ring.

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