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WWE Monday Night RAW viewership for 11/23/15 .... record low numbers



Monday’s episode of WWE RAW averaged 2.964 million viewers, which is down from the 3.292 million average from last week. The first hour of Raw averaged 3.190 million viewers, hour two drew 2.990 million viewers, and the final hour of the show averaged 2.712 million viewers.

These numbers are the lowest numbers since the pre-Attitude era Raw's and not a very good sign of confidence from fans. Just to be specific, the Raw viewers have not been this low since 1997 when WWE was losing to WCW in the Monday Night wars.

It doesn't look like Sheamus as champion and Roman Reigns as their top babyface is working for them. Monday Night Football wraps up in a few weeks on ESPN and John Cena will be back next month so ratings should, in theory, go up.

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Hour 1 - 3.190 million
Hour 2 - 2.990 million
Hour 3 - 2.712 million