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WWE Money In The Bank 2018 results: live coverage

WWE Money In The Bank

WWE Money In The Bank
June 17, 2018
Allstate Arena
Rosemont, IL

Our coverage of the Money In The Bank show will begin with the Kickoff show at 6 pm eastern and the main card at 7 pm eastern. Refresh this page for lightning-fast results throughout the show. Click here if you are having trouble seeing updates after refreshing.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match (Kickoff Match)
The Bludgeon Brothers (Champion) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The fans couldn't wait to get going and had a big tag team match to kick things off. The Good Brothers started things off well by driving Harper and Rowan out of the ring. Harper got hung up on the top rope in the process and he sold his knee a bit after that.

But The Bludgeon Brothers soon returned fire and took out both members of The Club with a couple nice double-team moves on the outside. This match continued as the two teams fought on and Karl Anderson started playing crash test dummy for 2B. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions traded in and out tags while they continued smashing Anderson.

Rowan took a shoulder to the post and then Harper took a spinebuster from Anderson so he could tag in Luke Gallows. Luke splashed Luke in the corner and then Gallows took out Rowan on the apron. Harper hit a big boot but Anderson broke up the pinfall then the Bludgeon Brothers hit a double team powerbomb after breaking up the Magic Killer. 1-2-3 and the SmackDown Tag Team Champion retained their titles.

Winners: Bludgeon Brothers

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

This match is happening again even though it's not really needed. But it stands to reason Daniel Bryan needed someone to wrestle until his eventual big money match against The Miz. Big Cass needs to work with experienced guys so hopefully, this will help him out in the long run by working with Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan focused on Big Cass' leg but Cass wouldn't let him get ahold of him very well. Suddenly Daniel ended up on the apron and Big Cass pushed him off which sent him bouncing off the barricade. Cass followed and beat D-Bry around the ring a little bit.

Then Big Cass applied a bearhug for a bit until Bryan got out of it. Bryan tried to use some of his usual offense but it didn't work and Cass hit a sidewalk slam for a two count. Cass hit a splash in the corner but Daniel hit a drop toe hold when he tried it again and it sent Cass into the middle turnbuckle.

As the Daniel Bryan chants picked up he hit some kicks and nailed a dragon screw or two on Big Cass' left knee. Bryan nailed a top rope dropkick on Cass and then some more in the corner. Cass tried to reverse the third dropkick but Bryan turned it into the Yes Lock until Cass could get to the bottom rope.

Cass went outside and Bryan nailed a dropkick through the ropes and then he climbed on the top rope to hit a big crossbody from the top rope to the floor.

Big Cass regained control when they moved back inside as the crowd chanted, "Big Cass sucks." He hit Daniel with a fallaway slam from the second turnbuckle for a two count. Cass got Bryan in a torture rack until he hit a slam off of it for another two count.

Cass kept Bryan down with a punch or two as he stalked him then Bryan moved out of the way and Big Cass hung his leg up on the top rope as he went for a big boot. Bryan started focusing on Big Cass' legs once again and landed some Yes Kicks. Cass caught Bryan with a choke but Bryan still landed the final Yes Kick.

Then D-Bry got everyone throwing up their Yes Fingers before Big Cass caught a big boot for another two count. "How, how?" Big Cass asked himself as he paced around the ring. Bryan landed on his feet off a move from Big Cass then he hit the running knee and dragged Cass in the middle of the ring where he slapped on the Yes Lock for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan 

Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

Bobby Lashley actually got booed during his entrance. But after a little avoiding the inevitable, Lashley finally got his hands on The Underdog From The Underground.

Then Lashley hit a few of his key moves and the vertical suplex for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Intercontinental Championship Match
Seth Rollins (Champion) vs. Elias

Elias played a nice little instrumental on the guitar and then he insulted the Chicago crowd after they popped hard for him. They chanted, "we deserve it" after Elias called them a bunch of loud-mouthed scum bags and then Elias started to sing a song but he said they're not worth it. Then Seth Rollins came down to another huge pop showing how incredibly over both of those guys were.

The fight moved outside pretty early on and Elias beat Seth Rollins without mercy. Then when he rolled the Architect back in the ring he had a huge advantage. Rollins tried to fight back but Elias just nailed a DDT for a two count.

Elias kept Rollins down in a headlock for a bit and then Seth moved out of the way of a knee drop from Elias. Seth chopped Elias and sent him into the turnbuckle. Elias avoided a blockbuster but Rollins hit a couple shoulder tackles.

Seth hit the slingblade and sent Elias to the outside. Rollins geared himself up and hit a suicide dive on Elias. As soon as he landed Seth immediately sold his neck. But they moved back in and Rollins hit a blockbuster for a two count.

Rollins hit a springboad and sold his knee upon landing. Elias nailed a knee to the face and got another two count. Seth kept selling the knee and Elias was taking full advantage of this. The two started trading punches in the middle of the ring and Rollins nailed a superkick for a two count and immediately started selling his knee after the kick out.

Then Seth climbed to the top rope and went for a splash but Elias held up his knees and countered for a two count of his own. Elias climbed to the top rope but Rollins climbed up and nailed a superplex and a falcon arrow for another near fall.

Seth tried to go for The Stomp but Elias moved and went out of the ring. Seth took a bump into the steps and Elias hit a beautiful top rope elbow drop for a two count. Who knew he had that elbow drop in him?

Rollins blocked a Drift Away from Elias so Elias pummeled him down a bit before placing him on the top rope. Rollins almost hit a powerbomb but his knee gave out. They traded near falls and roll up pins until Rollins grabbed Elias' belt to secure the pinfall and keep his title.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch vs. Ember Moon vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Lana

Alexa Bliss received the biggest pop by far and she's a heel so that's Chicago for ya. The ring cleared out early and it was utter chaos from there.

Becky hit two baseball slides in a row where she stopped Nattie and then Charlotte from coming in with a ladder and then Ember Moon hit Lynch with a dive off the barricade when Becky tried to get a ladder. Nattie took a bump into the ring steps and Ember Moon was about to set up the latter but Naomi and Banks came in to stop her.

The Glow was dumped out of the ring and Moon kicked Banks down but she took too long and Sasha stopped her. Then Ember Moon hit a springboard crossbody on Banks across a ladder. Lana came in and took Moon down by using the ladder and hitting an X Factor into the ladder.

Lana grabbed a bigger ladder and tried to hit Nattie with it but she luckily moved. Then Lana took a slam on the ladder from Nattie and Naomi took some abuse on the ladder thanks to Nattie as well. Charlotte stopped Nattie and the two battled for a bit until Flair launched Nattie out of the ring. Suddenly, Lynch jumped in the ring.

At this point in the match, the women were still battling to see who would be the first to even set the ladder up for an attempt at a climb. They fought on as Bliss popped up after being on the outside for so long but Naomi took her down as well. Then Naomi hit a blockbuster on Banks to the floor off the apron.

As Naomi and Ember fought for the ladder, Lynch tried to climb up it but they knocked her down and placed a ladder on top of her in the corner so Moon could deliver a dropkick on her that looked like it really hurt.

Moon countered a monkey flip from Naomi and hit a hip toss onto the ladder in the corner. Sasha jumped in and stacked Lana on top of Ember Moon across a ladder to deliver a double knees to her. Then Banks set up the ladder and was the first one to actually start climbing toward the MITB briefcase until Flair jumped in to pull her down.

They ended up fighting on the ladder and knocked each other down. Banks ended up on the top of the ladder and Becky Lynch pushed her off the later but she landed the double knee drop on Lana in the process. Then Bliss jumped in and started climbing but Bliss climbed up too.

Becky took Alexa off the ladder and started fighting on the top of the ladder with Sasha. Lana brought in an even bigger ladder and started climbing it too. Ember climbed up on the other side of the larger ladder. 6 women were on the two ladders trying to get to the contract.

Suddenly Nattie powerbombed Banks on the ladder and it fell taking Becky with it. Lana and Moon fought on the top of the larger ladder and Charlotte propped up a ladder in the corner and plucked Moon off the ladder to land a powerbomb on the ladder.

Bliss tried to climb up on her own but Flair tried to powerbomb her too and Bliss turned it into a code red. Bliss shoved Lana out of the way and started climbing and then Lana pushed Bliss. This was a mistake and then Bliss took it to Lana until she was thwarted and Lana locked on an Accolade for a moment.

Lana started to climb but Naomi hit a springboad and almost got the briefcase but Becky took her down. Lynch re-positioned the ladder and limbed up but then Flair climbed up to fight her off. Suddenly, Alexa Bliss toppled both of them down and Flair nailed a spear on Bliss.

Finally, Charlotte started climbing but Banks hit a backstabber on Flair. Naomi started climbing next and then Lana took her down to climb up again. Then Nattie plucked Lana off and hit an electric chair drop before starting to climb up herself. Moon nailed Nattie and Flair took Ember down with a spear to the ladder. Becky jumped in next and hit a Becksploder before climbing up.

Lynch almost had the briefcase until Bliss knocked her off and climbed up to capture the briefcase and become Miss Money In The Bank 2018.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Sunil Singh came out in a wheelchair and a neckbrace. He struggled to get through Jinder Mahal's introduction and then Mahal pushed him around the ringside like he was Sunil's assistant. It's also notable how this match was in the cool-down slot after a fantastic Women's Money In The Bank match.

Reigns took it to Mahal from the start with some punches and a takedown. Sunil Singh looked so pathetic in his wheelchair and it was rather hilarious.

"CM Punk" chants broke out as the match carried on and Reigns maintained control. The crowd really didn't give this match a chance. Singh jumped out of his wheelchair and drove Reigns into the post after Mahal dodged a drive-by. The referee was apparently distracted during this.

Then Mahal took control and kept The Big Dog down for a bit. "This is awful" chants broke out as Jinder locked on a submission hold to keep Reigns grounded. Then Jinder switched it up and locked on another submission hold while the crowd showed their displeasure and disinterest even more.

Reigns ended up on the apron and Jinder drove him off and bounced him off the barricade but there was little reaction from the crowd. As Mahal delivered an elbow and got a two count, the crowd continued to chant at them to show the couldn't care less.

Reigns could come back in spurts but Mahal kept coming back as the crowd chanted, "assh-le" and I actually started to get sleepy it was moving so slow. Reigns nailed a punch when Mahal came off the top rope but Mahal soon took control once again.

Reigns revered out of a Khallas and hit a boot for a two count. "You still suck," the crowd chanted as Reigns got back to his feet. Mahal ducked under a Superman Punch and hit a boot to the face and a gutbuster for another two count as the crowd started to boo heavily wanting this match to just come to an end already.

Mahal got the side of his face busted open somehow and the referee put on his gloves. Reigns avoided another Khallas and hit a Superman Punch for a two count. Mahal needed to hit that Khallas already.

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Reigns tried to get the crowd going but he was not over in the slightest. Mahal blocked a spear and sent Reigns into the steel ring post. The two fought on the apron and Roman landed a leg drop across the back of Mahal's neck and then he hit the driveby.

Sunil tried to jump Roman again but Reigns stopped him and took him out with a Superman Punch that sent Sunil flipping over the wheelchair. Then he hit Sunil with a spear on the outside. But Mahal tried to score a roll-up pinfall and failed. Then Roman hit the spear and got a pinfall. The crowd actually came around a little bit by the end, but they just probably liked seeing The Big Dog abuse a guy in a neckbrace and an arm sling.

Winner: Roman Reigns

SmackDown Women's Championship Match
Carmella (Champion) vs. Asuka

Mella moonwalked around a little and dodged some spinning back fists. The champion wasted some time at first and moonwalked down the apron as well before getting back in. Asuka grabbed Mella's leg and then took a slap across the face.

"I'm not scared of you Asuka!" Carmella yelled. Then Asuka yelled something in Japanese and hit a hip attack. Asuka draped Mella over the middle rope and nailed a few kicks before launching Mella to the floor. Carmella grabbed her title and tried to leave but Asuka caught her with a sliding knee from the apron.

They fought on either side of the turnbuckle and Mella drove Asuka into the ring post. Mella scored a two count and rubbed her face into the mat before locking on a submission hold for a bit.

Asuka tried to hit some of her signature moves as a defense but Mella had her scouted and avoided The Empress Of Tomorrow's greatest hits. But Asuka landed a knee to the face and then started firing off with even more kicks and a German suplex for a near fall.

Asuka went shooting into the ropes and Mella held them open sending Asuka toppling to the floor. Then as Asuka was getting back in the ring, Carmella landed a boot and Asuka took a hard backbump to the outside followed by a successful suicide dive from Mella.

They returned to the ring but Carmella couldn't get a pinfall. Asuka landed two back fists and a kick to the face. Suddenly someone in Asuka's entrance attire and mask walked up to the apron.

Asuka looked at it like she was seeing a ghost. The crowd chanted, "CM Punk" as Mella rolled Asuka up for a two count and then Asuka landed a knee to take Mella down so she could continue to stare at the masked person as he ripped off his mask and revealed it was James Ellsworth.

Mella landed a kick to the face and pinned Asuka. Yup, pinned Asuka clean, but I guess that's not a big deal anymore.

But Ellsworth is back and hasn't lost a step. The only difference is that he's with the champion now.

The real winner was James Ellsworth... I mean, Carmella really won... but good for Ellsworth.

Winner: Carmella

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match
AJ Styles (Champion) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

These two fought for a bit inside the ring and then they took it outside when Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor. But Nakamura would soon take control and land a few tough moves on Styles but he was able to get up by the referee's 10 count each time.

Nakamura started toying with Styles after a while landing kick after kick and Styles fell to the canvas but he was able to make it back up in time. Then Shinsuke did a little Bad Vibrations on Styles in the corner but Syles picked up his leg and caught a boot to the side of the head.

Styles moved the action outside and Nakamura made him pay for it by bouncing him off the ring steps. Then Nakamura pressed AJ's face into the stairs with his boot. Styles was launched into the crowd and the action moved onto the arena floor.

Nakamura hit a few kicks but AJ Styles came back with a few of his own. Nakamura fell over the barricade but was able to jump up and knock AJ down as he went for a springboard move. The referee started counting but only made it to 6.

They moved back inside the ring and Nakamura kicked AJ around lightly to play some more mind games. He went for a reverse exploder but AJ landed on his feet. Then AJ caught a dropkick to hit Nakamura midair coming off the turnbuckle. The referee started counting but he only got to 7.

Nakamura got caught trying for a low blow so AJ hit a Pele Kick but it barely connected. Then Styles jumped up and hit a forearm on Shinsuke as he was coming across the ring. AJ went for the Phenomenal Forearm a couple of times but Nakamura avoided it each time.

Nakamura then deconstructed an announce table and flung AJ onto a table and it didn't break. Nakamura cleaned off all of them and ran across all three tables to hit a Kinshasa on AJ. The referee started counting but Styles got back on his feet by the count of 9.

Nakamura pulled a table out from under the ring and the Chicago crowd liked that very much. He set the table up in the ring having to kick AJ down in the process. Then he placed AJ on the top rope and went on top for a superplex but AJ slipped under him and tried to hit a powerbomb through the table but Nakamura blocked it.

So Nakamura sat the table up on the turnbuckle and he hurled Styles through the table. The referee started counting as AJ Styles laid on the mat until the count of 9 and then he leaped to his feet under the wreckage of the table spot.

Nakamura exposed the top turnbuckle and went for a Kinshasa but Styles moved and Shinsuke's knee went into the turnbuckle. AJ kicked Nakamura down focusing his injured knee.

The two fought on the outside of the ring and he picked AJ up on the announce table but his knee didn't hold up. AJ hit another Phenomenal Forearm and a Styles Clash to the floor from the ring steps. The referee started counting as Nakamura understandable writhed in pain bu Nakamura got up on the 9 count.

Then AJ Styles got in the ring and hit a springboard Phenomenal Forearm to the floor that exploded an announce table in the process. AJ got to his feet and Nakamura couldn't get up in time. So Shinsuke Nakamura isn' t winning the championship anytime soon.

Winner: AJ Styles

Raw Women's Championship Match
Nia Jax (Champion) vs. Ronda Rousey

Rousey received a huge reaction in Chicago. Nia drove Ronda into the corner and hurled her across the ring. Then she smashed Rousey in the corner before throwing her to the other side of the ring.

Rousey moved and Jax splashed nothing until Rousey started laying in strikes but Nia hit a headbutt and another splash. Nia picked Ronda up but Rousey transitioned it into an armbar and Jax tried to fight it. She picked Ronda up and slammed her down with a sit down powerbomb but she didn't pin for some reason.

Ronda fell outside the ring and Nia followed her outside. She tried to powerbomb Rousey again but Rousey resisted so Nia just slung her against the barricade.

They moved inside for a two count and Rousey started fighting back but Nia picked her up and nailed a press slam and another two count.

Suddenly, Ronda jumped up and tried to get a guillotine on Jax but she got slammed down to the mat for her trouble. Nia Jax locked in a bearhug and Rousey was able to get out of it but she couldn't avoid a Samoan Drop for a two count.

Nia went for a leg drop but Ronda moved so Jax hit nothing but canvas. Nia took a shoulder to the post because that's everyone's favorite move and Rousey locked on an armbar over the top rope before breaking it up at the referee's insistence.

Rousey climbed to the top rope as Jax got to her feet and she nailed a cross body for a two count. Then Rousey popped back up as Jax stayed down. Rousey looked worn down and suddenly she switched gears and started landing punches and a knee to the head.

Rousey hit a judo throw on Nia Jax for a two count and got back up with her game face on. She tried for an armbar but Nia rolled her up for a pin and she had to break the pin. Rousey hit a modified Rock Bottom and then went for the armbar again.

Suddenly, Ronda had the arm bar locked in and Alexa Bliss came in with the MITB briefcase and whacked everyone with the briefcase. She hammered Ronda into the ring post and she fell outside. The referee had called for the bell a long time ago and then Bliss went outside and hit Ronda with the briefcase again and sent her over the announce table.

Bliss returned to the ring and hit Jax with the briefcase a couple of times before cashing in the MITB briefcase.

Alexa Bliss hit the DDT and climbed up to the top rope where she hit a Twisted Bliss for the win. Alexa Bliss is now a 5-time WWE Women's Champion

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
The Miz vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens vs. Finn Bálor vs. Bobby Roode vs. Rusev vs. Samoa Joe vs. a member of The New Day

Kofi Kingston was chosen to be in the match representing New Day tying Kane by entering his 7th MITB match.

Everyone went for Braun Strowman when this match kicked off but he fought them all off. Strowman gave everyone some kind of move in the ring and then he moved outside to get a ladder.

But things broke down from there as everyone picked up ladders on the entrance ramp and they stacked ladders on top of him. While everyone else was burying Braun in furniture, The Miz was trying to climb up and get the briefcase in the ring. Samoa Joe stopped The Miz and Kofi soon had a ladder across the A-Lister delivering a Boom Drop.

Owens nailed a Superkick on Kofi and started climbing up but Balor jumped up and distracted him. Everyone started coming and out of the ring as they ot a chance to try for the briefcase but everyone failed.

KO propped a ladder on the middle rope and then he dragged Balor outside and Superkicked him onto the announce table. Kevin eyed a very tall ladder and he moved it into position. Then he climbed up but he saw Rusev climbing up to get the briefcase so he went back in the ring. Rusev hit a fallaway slam into the ladder KO propped up and it was officially 11:00 pm.

Kofi soon found himself in the ring alone and the crowd chanted for him as he started to climb up but The Miz stopped him. Then Kofi pushed him outside and climbed up to the top rope to hit a stagedive on everyone but they caught him just in time for Finn Balor to hit a div onto all of them too.

Balor tried to get a ladder but Strowman woke up and started laying everyone out. Suddenly Samoa Joe hit a flying forearm through the ropes on Strowman and KO hit a superkick. Rusev nailed a Machka Kick and then KO sat up a table next to the entrance.

KO and Rusev tried to double team Braun but he fought back. Suddenly, Braun was locked in Joe's Coquina Clutch but after a kick to the head, they were placing him on a table and KO climbed up to the top. But Braun fought back and climbed up to grabbed KO. Then Braun tossed Kevin Owens off the top of the massive ladder and through a table below. Let's just hope Kevin's okay after that bump.

Kofi took a slam on the ladders from Braun and then Strowman bulldozed his way through a ladder Roode and Finn were holding. The Miz tried to grab the briefcase but Strowman stopped him.

Joe nailed Braun with a ladder and then sent him over the top rope to the floor. Joe and Finn started fighting on the top of the ladder and then Bobby Roode got involved. Roode and Joe had it out for a moment and then Rusev sent Joe outside the ring.

Rusev nailed a Machka Kick to Bobby Roode and he also took Kofi with a stiff kick again. Rusev locked an Accolade on Kofi and Bobby then he kicked The Miz and did a triple Accolade before Samoa Joe plucked him off the top of them with a Coquina Clutch.

Rusev ended up clearing the ring and the crowd chanted, "Rusev Day" as he started to climb but The Miz knocked the ladder down and sent Rusev down. Then The Miz climbed the ladder but Kofi stopped him on the top of the ladder just as he was about to unhook the briefcase.

The ring started to get full for a moment and Balor jumped on top of a ladder at ringside to nail a Coup De Gras on Bobby Roode into the ring. Balor started to climb up but Braun picked him off the ladder. The Miz tried to steal the briefcase again but Strowman stopped him. Kingston jumped on Braun's back and Strowman climbed up anyway.

Suddenly Braun launched Kingston off the ladder and got the briefcase.

Winner: Braun Strowman