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WWE Money In The Bank results: Big E is the winner of the MITB briefcase



The Men's Money In The Bank ladder match was positioned as the semi-main event at the MITB pay-per-view. There were big time streaming issues as this match got started so people at home did not know exactly what was being said as the stream kept glitching.

Rollins was the first to try to climb the ladder but he was taken out. Morrison did a spinning dive onto Rollins from one of the ladders in the corner. Morrison tried to grab the ladder but Nakamura met him at the top and Nakamura applied an armbar on Morrison at the top of the ladder.

Morrison and Rollins worked together to take out the other wrestlers in the match. There was a rough looking spot with Owens being driven back first by Morrison and Rollins into a ladder in the ring. Morrison did a rotating elbow off the top onto McIntyre, who was positioned on a ladder but it looked like Morrison didn't hit the move like he wanted. Rollins was taken out of the match but an RKO from Riddle. McIntyre took everyone out with a dive over the top rope onto wrestlers at ringside.

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McIntyre hit Rollins with the Claymore. McIntyre tried to climb the ladder but Veer and Shanky attacked him and Mahal attacked McIntyre on the aisleway with chair shots. Veer and Shanky dragged McIntyre to the back. Back in the ring, Riddle was climbing the ladder but Ricochet did a springboard off the top and landed on the ladder to stop Riddle. Then Ricochet leaped onto the top rope and then springboarded onto the rest of the wrestlers at ringside.

Ricochet and Riddle battled on the ladder but Big E took Riddle off on his shoulders and Riddle countered into a RKO. He also hit Ricochet with the RKO but Rollins hit Riddle with the stomp. Nakamura put Rollins to sleep with the GTS. Nakamura tried to climb the ladder but Morrison squirted him with the drip stick. KO pulled Morrison off the ladder and he hit the stunner on him and on Nakamura. KO also hit Ricochet with the pop up powerbomb. KO climbed the ladder but Rollins caught up to him and powerbombed him through a ladder bridge that was setup at ringside. It looked painful.

Rollins went to grab the briefcase but Big E climbed the second ladder and hit the Big Ending off the ladder. Big E climbed up and grabbed the briefcase to win the match.

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