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WWE Money In The Bank results: live coverage

WWE Money In The Bank
May 10, 2020
Orlando, Florida/Stamford, CT
Performance Center, WWE HQ

We are live with ongoing coverage of the WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view. The WWE Headquarters segments were taped several weeks ago while the other matches will take place live at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

As always, results will be posted here after every match so refresh this page every few minutes. Click here if you are not seeing the updates.

Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg hosted the Kickoff show from the studios inside of WWE Headquarters.

Kickoff Show
Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro
This was a hard-hitting back-and-forth match. Late in the match, Hardy countered an attempt at a gutwrench suplex off the top and ended up doing a Whisper in the Wind onto Cesaro for a near fall. Hardy was also able to hit the Twist of Fate but Cesaro kicked out before the 3-count. The microphone picked up the ref giving Hardy a time cue as Cesaro took over on offense with a gutwrench suplex off the top.  The match spilled to ringside as Cesaro kept favoring his knee. Jeff shoved Cesaro’s knee into the steps and then leaped off the barricade with a clothesline. Jeff finally hit the Swanton off the top to get the pin and the win. Michael Cole said this is “win number 1” on the comeback trail for Hardy, completely ignoring that Jeff beat Baron Corbin in March.

Main Card
SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Fatal 4-Way
The New Day vs. The Miz & John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party

This match got off to a crazy start. In the first few minutes, Morrison hit a Spanish fly on Dorado and they both crashed on the rest of the wrestlers who were positioned at ringside.

The match continued with tons of near falls and kick-outs from finishing moves as it was clear that they wanted to get this show off to a hot start in the empty building. About 15 minutes into the match, Ryker was kicked out by the referee for interfering even though Fatal 4-Way Matches stipulate that there are no disqualifications. Big E won the match by hitting the big ending on Dorado.

They showed a Lacey Evans promo filmed “earlier today” at WWE Headquarters. She says she has memorized the entire layout of the building and she will capture the briefcase later tonight.

Backstage at the PC, Charly Caruso interviewed Drew McIntyre.

R-Truth vs. MVP

Before the match got started, Truth did his usual promo work prompting for “what’s up” chants even though the building was empty. During MVP’s entrance, he took offense to Truth trying to mimick him and trying to teach him “how to ball.” Bobby Lashley’s music played and he made his way to the ring, for some reason. Lashley told MVP he could take the night off and he would take the match against Truth.

This was basically a squash match as Lashley hit a few power moves and then hit the spear for the win. Truth didn’t get more than a couple of seconds of offense.

Promo from Baron Corbin from “earlier today.”

Kayley Braxton interviewed Bayley backstage at the PC. Bayley did not let Sasha talk when she was asked if she blames Bayley for her loss last week on SmackDown.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Bayley vs. Tamina

Bayley got a lot of offense in for the first several minutes but Tamina got fired up after getting hit in the face with water from a water bottle taken from the announcers. Tamina then tossed Bayley over the announcer stable before bringing her in the ring and attempting a splash. Bayley countered the splash but Tamina kicked her and then hit the Samoan Drop but instead of trying to pin Bayley, Tamina chased Banks. That was enough for Bayley to recover and pin Tamina. Tamina tried to attack Bayley after the match but Sasha saved her best friend.

Backstage promo from Seth Rollins.

WWE Universal Championship
Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray made his entrance as the Mr. Rogers version of his character with the sweater and smile on his face. They started out with a regular lock up but Braun overpowered Bray at the start. After a couple of minutes, Braun charged at Bray at ringside but Bray moved out of the way and Braun crashed over the announcers table. Huskus the Pig appeared behind the barricade and he cheered Bray.

Back at ringside, Bray rammed Braun into the steel steps and then he brought him back into the ring. Bray hit a tornado DDT off the middle rope and then Sister Abigail but Braun was barely able to kick out. Bray tried to hit Sister Abigail but Braun countered into a chokeslam. The action spilled out to ringside again and Braun barreled into Bray and sent him into the barricade.

Bray made it back into the ring. Braun put on his old Wyatt Family mask and walked into the ring. Braun and Bray hugged as Bray’s puppets celebrated at ringside. However, it was a swerve because Braun took the mask off and then powerslammed Bray to pin him and win the match.

A new video played from the WWE hacker. Click here to see the new video.

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins has new music to match his Messiah character. Click here to see his new entrance. Rollins dominated the first several minutes of the match. At one point, he hit three consecutive knee strikes to the head, including one off the top of the announcer’s table.

Drew finally turned the tables when he caught Rollins on a dive through the ropes and then launched him into the announcer’s table. Drew was favoring his left leg and Seth took advantage of that. Moments later, Seth hit the frog splash but Drew kicked out at one. Seth got desperate so he brought a chair into the ring but h tossed it and then went for the stomp but Drew countered into the Glasgow Kiss. Drew went for a move off the top but Seth cut him off. Rollins hit a superplex and then a Falcon Arrow but Drew kicked out of the pin attempt.

Drew hit the future shock DDT but Seth kicked out of the pin attempt. Drew tried a suplex off the top rope but Seth countered as Drew was still favoring his left knee but Drew was able to hit a suplex off the top while Drew’s legs hung on the top rope. Drew went for the Claymore but Seth countered with a superkick and stomp but Drew kicked out of the pin attempt. Drew hit the Glasgow Kiss and Claymore and then pinned Seth to retain the title.

After the match, Drew reached his hand out and they shook hands.

Charly Caruso interviewed R-Truth and he says it’s time to get his baby (the WWE 24/7 Title) back.

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Carmella

Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Aleister Black vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. AJ Styles

The men began fighting in the gym. The women started fighting in the lobby and Asuka kicked things off by diving off a platform onto the other competitors. Asuka took off ina an elevator.

They cut back to the men in the gym. Otis sat weights on AJ Styles’ chest to keep him from getting up. They cut to the other men running into a bathroom and then Brother Love showed up. The  men then chased each other into another hallway as the women mad their way up to a different floor as they attempted to cut Asuka off in the elevator. Asuka was able to sneak away but Shayna Baszler chased after her while Aleister Black snuck away as Daniel Bryan and Otis beat up on Corbin. For some reason, some guy in clown make up popped up from behind a chair and then they cut to the women in a hallway and conference room.

While in the conference room, Dana Brooke smashed Nia Jax in the back with a chair and Dana grabbed a Money In The Bank briefcase hanging on the ceiling but Stephanie McMahon said that was not the real case and the real case if on the roof. Carmella smashed Dana with a picture frame but Lacey hit Carmella with the Women’s Right.

They cut to AJ, who was finally able to get up after he was taken out earlier in the gym. AJ walked into a room with purple light as The Undertaker’s music was playing and clips were shown of AJ getting buried in the Boneyard Match. Aleister Black appeared and kicked AJ into the room and locked the door.

Paul Heyman was shown eating food at a table but the men and women ran in and chaos broke out into a food fight with Heyman being the first to get a plate of food in his face. Shayna had Rey in a choke at one point during the food fight and there was wacky music playing during this scene. Nia powerbombed Carmella through a table and then she stood face to face with Otis but they backed away from each other. Otis discovered the cafeteria and ate some more food. John Laurinaitis appeared in a scooter and gave his trademark “People Power” gesture.

The next scene was Asuka trying to ask for directions as she was being chased by the women. Dana Brooke slipped and fell on the back of her head and then they cut back to Asuka being chased by Nia Jax and Lacey Evans up the stairs.

They cut to Daniel Bryan and AJ in Vince McMahon’s office. Vince stood up and everything stopped as he yelled at them to get out of the office. AJ and Daniel resumed fighting outside of Vince’s office and Baron Corbin and Aleister Black joined in.

The next scene was up on the roof where Nia Jax, Lacey Evans and Asuka battled in the ring with the ladders. Asuka fought off Nia and Lacey and was about to grab the briefcase but Corbin showed up but Asuka fought him off and then she grabbed the briefcase.

Corbin tossed Mysterio and Black off of the top of the building. Corbin and AJ fought and both grabbed the case. Elias appeared and hit Corbin with the guitar and the case flew into Otis’ hands.


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