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WWE Money In The Bank results: Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey, Alexa Bliss is Raw Women's Champion



Ronda Rousey challenged for the Raw Women's Championship at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Michael Cole noted that it was Rousey's first televised singles match. The match was slotted in the semi-main event spot before the Men's Money In The Bank match.

Jax used her power to gain the early advantage. Rousey fought back with strikes in the corner but Jax fought her off with a headbutt and an avalanche splash in the corner. Jax also executed a sitdown powerbomb. Despite fans booing her when she was shown on the big screen at NXT Takeover, the fans in attendance on Sunday night seemed to be behind Rousey.

Jax dominated for several minutes and the first big near fall was after Jax hit her with the Samoan drop. Rousey found an opening when she moved out of the way of Jax' leg drop. Rousey went to the top rope and hit a nice crossbody block but Jax kicked out of the pin attempt. Rousey hit Jax with several strikes and a knee o the face. Rousey executed a Judo throw and then went for a pin but Jax kicked out. Rousey went for the armbar but Jax rolled her up for a pin attempt.

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Rousey hit a modified version of the Rock Bottom and then went for the arm bar. Alexa Bliss ran in and hit Rousey with the Money In The Bank briefcase. She hit Jax with it too. Bliss hit Rousey again with the case at ringside and then tossed her over the announce table. Back in the ring, Bliss hit Jax with the case again and then she cashed in. Bliss hit a DDT and then Twisted Bliss off the top.

Bliss pinned Jax and she is now the new Raw Women's Champion.

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