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WWE moving away from heavily scripted promos?

It looks like WWE may be slowly moving away from heavily scripted promos…at least for some wrestlers.

As previously noted, All Elite Wrestling has no plans to hire writers and wrestlers will be allowed to do scripted promos on the TNT show. Chris Jericho noted that his promos in AEW are the first time he’s been completely unscripted in 20 years.

Dave Meltzer reported this week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some of the promos done on Raw this past week were not scripted word-for-word as they were in the past.

Meltzer specifically noted that Sash Banks, Rey Mysterio and Bayley were given bullet points. That is how promos were done up until the early 2000s when the company began to expand their writing team.

Meltzer noted that there is a movement going on to try and get away from doing heavily scripted promos. Kevin Owens is one WWE star who has been given more freedom with his promos and it’s believed that Daniel Bryan also has more freedom with his promo work.

The fact is that wrestling promos have always been better with just bullet points because they sound more natural than just reciting word-for-word what a writer would come up with.

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