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WWE Network in Canada news; notes on wrestlers that haven’t wrestled at WrestleMania

For those wondering about the WWE Network in Canada, the reason why they’ve only released a small amount of on demand content is because they rushed the launch and they need to show improved subscriber number over the next three months. They also had not gotten CRTC approval yet. As noted before, Rogers cable is offering the network to other cable systems covering the rest of Canada.

Sting would be the last major superstar from the last 25 years to have never wrestled at WrestleMania. Jerry Lawler was the other name but he finally had his match (against Michael Cole) in 2011. The guys from TNA such as Bobby Roode and AJ Styles haven’t either but they were not national stars like Sting. Before Sting, the other major national stars to never wrestle at WrestleMania were Magnum, TA, Nikita Koloff, The Rock & Roll Express, and The Midnight Express.

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