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WWE Network is going dark on TiVo/Panasonic TV’s

The WWE Network will be going dark on TiVo and Panasonic TV’s “until further notice,” according to someone I spoke with at the network.

TiVo customers received the following email:

“Dear Xtream Customer,
As a leading provider of home entertainment services, we take pride in delivering a full lineup of programming options for our customers. There are times however when programming options change or simply become unavailable for us to offer at all. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. Effective August 1st, the WWE Network app will no longer be available to watch on the TiVo® platform. This was not a choice made by Mediacom or TiVo. TiVo has been working with WWE since early 2019 to transition the application from WWE’s current streaming provider to their new provider and expected to be able to provide a seamless transition for TiVo customers. For reasons currently unknown to TiVo, the transition timeline was moved up which means that TiVo customers are unable to have access to the WWE app for a period of time beginning on August 1st. Apparently, TiVo is not the only platform affected by this announcement by WWE. We will pass on additional information as soon as the launch date of the new WWE Network app has been established. Until then, WWE subscribers may be able to access WWE content through their browsers or other devices by going to WWE Pay – Per – View events will continue to be offered on Mediacom’s Xtream Pay-Per-View channel. Thank you for being an Xtream Customer and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.”
Thanks to Garrett S. for his help.

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