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WWE Network Loses 128,000 Subscribers In The 2nd Quarter

As I noted earlier, the WWE Network numbers camae in at 700,000 subscribers. The troubling thing about the subscriber number is that they actually added 161,000 subscribers since the last announcement. The net difference is +33,000 subscribers.

That means that they lost 128,000 subscribers. As I noted before, it is very easy for people to cancel their subscription to the network through Paypal and if someone doesn't have money on their credit card then they can't bill the card. That would explain why they are rolling out their new price plan. Going forward they will bill the 6 months all at once. For those that want to pay month to month they will be able to do so at the $19.99 price. Perhaps, some of those 161,000 subscribers include the people that took advantage of the free trial but that was not made clear by WWE.

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