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WWE Network schedule for 3/25/14: Main Event LIVE, Owen/Bret rewind, biggest blunders

12am – Beyond the Ring: Mick Foley

2:06am – Raw Backstage Pass

2:30am – ECW Hardcore TV

3am – Raw flashback – Yokozuna on the USS intrepid

4am – Raw flashback – Yokozuna vs Crush

5am – ECW Hardcore TV

6am – WCCW

7am – Old School

8am – Legends of Wrestling -Canada’s effect on wrestling

9am – Raw flashback – Yokozuna vs Crush

10am – Raw flashback – Lex expresss, Shawn vs Marty

11am – WWE Superstars REPLAY


1pm – Raw Backstage Pass

1:30pm – WrestleMania 28

5:30pm – Beyond the Ring: Mick Foley

8pm – WWE Main Event LIFE

9pm – WrestleMania Rewind – Bret vs Owen feud leading up to WrestleMania 10

10pm – WWE Countdown – Top Ten biggest blunders

11pm – WWE Main Event REPLAY


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