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WWE Network schedule for Friday 4/4/14: WrestleMania Today, live Legends roundtable

Here is Friday's schedule for the WWE Network


1am - WWE Superstars REPLAY

2am - WCCW - 12/9/82 Kerry Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy

3am - Raw Flashback - Quebecers vs Steiners

4am - Raw Flashback - PJ Walker tries to score an upset on IRS

5am - ECW Hardcore TV - Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer

6am - WrestleMania Rewind - Bret vs. Owen, Bret vs. Yokozuna

7am - Best of Smakdown - 8/8/02 Brock Lesnar vs. Hulk Hogan, John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

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8:30am - Raw Backstage Pass

9am - Raw Flashback - 10/3/93 Battle royal to determine the 2 contenders to the intercontinental title

10am - WrestleMania Today Thursday

12pm - Best of Raw - 1/18/93 - Tyson/Austin confrontation

2pm - WrestleMania 25

6pm - WrestleMania Today Friday

8pm - Legends of Wrestling - Families

9pm - Old School - 3/24/78 Bob Backlund vs Spiros Aron, Bruno Sammartino vs Ken Patera

10pm - Legends of WrestleMania - Legends look back at their favorite WrestleMania moments

11pm - Legends of Wrestling - Families