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WWE Network subscribers finding ways to cancel their subscriptions

WWE is facing a big problem that has not gotten enough attention online. After last night's Money In The Bank I heard from a lot of people that said that they would be cancelling their subscriptions because they were unhappy with the outcome of the main event. WWE promotes the network as being $9.99 with a 6 month commitment. That means that, in theory, you are locked in for 6 months and shouldn't be able to cancel before then. WWE is banking on that so they can build their subscriber numbers.

WWE is having issues with some fans that don't have money in their credit card/bank accounts to pay and there really isn't anything WWE can do about that other than just to terminate their subscription. Also, anyone that used their Paypal account to purchase has the option to go into their account and cancel their automatic payments each month. If WWE wants to keep people from cancelling then they're going to have to do more with the network. Honestly, I feel the $9.99 a month is worth it since there's a lot of old stuff that I like but I have received complaints from people saying that there's just not enough on there, there's a lot of stuff that is replayed over and over, and people wondering why the Monday Night Wars stuff (that was originally advertised for the summer) is not on there. I do know that the Monday Night Wars is scheduled to start around September in the Thursday night at 8pm timeslot.

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