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WWE news and notes on the Rose Buds at Raw, Roman Reigns, Spinaroonies, and more

The Rose Buds on this past Monday's Raw included Thea Trinidad once again. She's usually part of the group when WWE traels to the northeast. Also, ROH's Mandy Leon was part of the Rose Buds along with Damien Darling.

For those wondering about the Roman Reigns segment from Monday, Roman was backstage at Raw on Monday but Vince McMahon made the decision to do his interview "via satellite" for whatever reason. It was taped before Raw and Roman paused at times to allow for the crowd to react. It did not come off good at all.

Kofi Kingston was interviewed by The Independent in the UK and said that he believes that Adrian Neville could end up being one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

WWE stock is at 13.82 as of this writing. That is down 0.48 today.

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I forgot to mention in the Smackdown spoilers that after the show ended they did a thing for the crowd with Teddy Long doing his dance in the ring. Booker T got Mark Henry, Teddy Long, Sheamus, and others to do the Spinaroonie.

The Wrestling Observer noted that the company will be doing a renewed hard sell for the WWE Network around the holidays. After Thanksgiving they will push hard thqat the network is the best gift possible for the wrestling fan in your house.