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WWE News: Big Damo makes his NXT live event debut, matches for new WWE Network collection



- Newly signed WWE developmental talent Big Damo, who went by the name Damian Mackle on the indy scene, made his NXT live event debut on Friday night in Venice, FL by doing a promo in the ring.

- As we noted earlier on the site, the WWE Network will be adding a new collection to the streaming service this Monday and it will be a sequel to a collection that is already available on the WWE Network, which is titled Austin vs. McMahon Part II. Here are the matches and segments that will be including in the new collection:

WrestleMania XV – Stone Cold vs The Rock (WWE Championship Match)

Backlash 1999 – Stone Cold vs The Rock (WWE Championship Match)

Raw 04/26/1999 – Mr. McMahon’s Last Resort

Raw 04/26/1999 – The Black Wedding

Raw 05/10/1999 – Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Mr. McMahon vs Triple H, The Undertaker, and Shane McMahon

Raw 06/07/1999 – The Greater Power Revealed

King of the Ring 1999 – Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon (Handicap Ladder Match for control of WWE)

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- Speaking of the WWE Network, the streaming service will be adding another collection, which is titled "Randy Savage: Cream of the Crop.” Here is the synopsis, courtesy of WWE Network News:

“Get ready to freak out and let the madness begin with this WWE Network Collection celebrating the storied career of Macho Man Randy Savage. From unforgettable moments and interviews, to both rare and classic battles against Macho Man”s greatest rivals, there is only one place to find these eclectic moments from the Hall of Famer”s legendary run in sports entertainment!”