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WWE News: Goldberg in great shape (photos), Cody Rhodes on his Stardust character

– Goldberg was training this week in Seal City, CA at Affliction Headquarters to prepare for his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar at next month’s Survivor Series PPV event. Here are some photos of him training:

The infamous, iconic, legendary Bill Goldberg – WWE Universe training at the #Affliction Headquarters. #WWE #AfflictionSport #AfflictionClothing #win

A photo posted by Official Affliction Instagram (@afflictionclothing) on

– Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes has written a new article for about his career in WWE and being the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

In the article, Cody commented on his WWE departure and portraying the Stardust character. Rhodes explained that his father did not like the character because he felt that Cody should not cover up his face. He also stated that after his father passed away, he believed that he did not need to return to WWE TV as Cody Rhodes as he felt it would have been cheap and too easy despite the fans wanting him to change gimmicks. Cody said that there was a big disconnect with the Stardust character despite how hard he tried to like the character. Towards the end of his run in WWE, Rhodes revealed that the company once again wanted him stop playing the Stardust character and return as himself on TV. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Leaving WWE was a decision I had to make. When you have problems in your personal life, you do not need them in your business life. Contrary to reports, when my father passed, I did not want to return on-screen as Cody Rhodes and rally behind the Rhodes flag. That would have been cheap, too easy, and would not have lasted. I also did not want to be Stardust, either. The fans, to this day, chant ‘Dusty!’ I just did a show for House of Glory in New York, and they were chanting ‘Dusty!’ I did another show for Smash Wrestling in Toronto, and the people were calling out my father’s name throughout my match. The fans are in on it—they are mourning, as well. So there was a big disconnect with Stardust, no matter how hard I tried. There was a big part of me that liked Stardust. My dad hated the concept, because he didn’t want me to cover my face. He’d always say, “If I was in charge, I’d never cover your face.” But it was the first time I’d ever been lied to by WWE in terms of what I could do to better my stock. The character had run out of time and it was time to change. That is not WWE’s fault. I take the blame as a performer. However, I knew what I had done years prior, and I knew I was losing the fans in terms of their memory of that. Wrestling is about “What have you done for me lately?” and I hadn’t done anything of significance since SummerSlam with Stardust versus Arrow in 2015. When WWE told me I was going to be Cody Rhodes again, I was very ready. That’s why, as soon I hit the indies, I already had my gear. I was long prepared for it because that was something we were supposed to do in WWE, but they didn’t see it.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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