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WWE news on if Roman Reigns is really in trouble for what he said on Raw about Brock Lesnar



Brock Lesnar really threw everyone for a loop this week when he didn't show up on Raw. There is a lot of speculation regarding Lesnar's future especially after the Beast Incarnate and Dana White snapped a picture together on the same afternoon as Elimination Chamber complete with Lesnar sporting a UFC t-shirt.

Roman Reigns cut a promo on Raw on Lesnar where he said Brock hides behind a contract and he is using WWE. It was a rare occurrence of someone coming in getting boos and leaving to cheers because that promo really did a lot of favors for Reigns due to its skillful assembly.

Reigns alluded to the fact that his promo would get him an "ass chewing" when he got backstage presumably from Vince McMahon at the Gorilla Position. But Dave Meltzer noted on the Wrestling Observer website that although it was supposed to give off the appearance of an unscripted promo that it was all in the plan so Roman Reigns won't be getting any backstage heat for cutting this promo on Lesnar.

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