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WWE news on one of the WrestleMania main events featuring Roman Reigns

Last month, I noted that Roman Reigns’ current feud with Baron Corbin is just a placeholder and they have purposely cooled him off before he gets a bigger push heading into WrestleMania.

The idea behind cooling him off was to reverse some of the negative fan reactions he was getting before he took time away last year before he received his leukemia diagnosis. That appears to be working because he is receiving mostly positive fan reactions at the live events.

I also noted that Reigns’ name has been talked about as a potential opponent for “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a Universal Championship match in one of the main events for the show. The WrestleMania line-up usually leaks out around this time but they’ve been taking steps to keep the leaks from getting out this year. Dave Meltzer discussed this on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“We’re in December and usually right around now, you kind of know the WrestleMania card,” Meltzer said. “I know a little bit but I don’t know much. I know what’s not gonna happen but I don’t know what is gonna happen but there’s a couple of matches that I kind of know. The Fiend and Roman Reigns, there’s been not a hint or anything in that direction but that [match] wouldn’t shock me at all.”

I asked a WWE source again about Wyatt vs. Reigns and I was told that this is the leading candidate to be the main event on the SmackDown side of things and the goal is to get Reigns back into the slot of being the top face of the company.

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